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Pop the Corks - the Coalition Agreement has been Signed!

Updated: Apr 6

(Updated 27th November 2023)

"Many small parts make a fabulous whole - I am still buzzing with joy. "

I've been inundated today with messages of thanks. Here is a sample:

Marie said:

"New Zealand First can be very proud of being one of the partners in today's deal with Chris Luxon as part of the government. Your idea worked Gary, despite the many people who were not prepared to follow your ideas. And, I think that Winston will be a strong break, on the rampant ideas that were brought to the table for the next 3 years. Too many people voted just to get rid of the last party without looking at what was ahead with the new. Thank Goodness for Winston."

Winston Peters

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The list of people to thank for our success is too long and most are individuals who have preferred to work quietly behind the scenes and who want to keep it that way. You know who you are, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Special thanks must be extended to the following organisations and the teams of brave and dedicated people behind them (this list is far from complete):

And a special shout-out to my friend, Glenn Inwood who made this all possible. Thank you to my sister, Lorraine. And, finally thank you to my partner and love of my life, Alofa, for her undying support during what have been extremely stressful times.

Sure, I did my part, but many others contributed much more. I became part of a small group of smart and very practical, goal-driven activists who are mostly based here in Wellington. I'm deeply honoured to call them my friends. Together, everyone's actions piled up to a great achievement - SUCCESS! Yet, there's more work ahead. We've got a challenging journey ahead of us. If each of us rolls up our sleeves and chips in, no matter how small the contribution may appear, the collective outcome will be VICTORY!

Shock and Awe!

A Marxist-style revolution, executed through strategies involving the deliberate creation of conflict and confusion, including outright war, is underway targeting Western democratic societies. This article is worth reading:

This now full-on assault aims to dismantle democracy's fundamental pillars of societal stability, including the family unit, and institutions like the church, schools, and universities. They're even managing to confuse the distinction between what is a man and a woman. The strategy is intended to generate maximum unrest and discord, to the extent of civil war and genocide, thus destroying a democracy from within. The victors' utopia will arise from the ashes of destruction. The few survivors will own nothing. That's the plan, but they are now revealed for all to see and know. They're exposed and, despite appearances, they are weak cowards. We won't let it happen.

Our enemies, the Kleptoglobalists, have been working on this for many years, then three years ago, under the guise of keeping us all safe, they launched a full-scale bioweapon attack on New Zealand and the rest of the free world. It was then we began to realise that our institutions had been infiltrated by our enemies, their sycophants and their unwitting supporters.

Here's an example:

And Dr Dooley explains it more in his video here:

Veteran journalist and historian Paul Mulvaney expressed what we faced:

The Fight to Take Back Our Country!

The fightback began on many fronts with the formation of organisations such as Voices for Freedom. I'll focus here on what our small team got up to. I'll begin with a shout-out to my brother Bruce. He came up with the idea, in late 2021, of backing an existing political party rather than attempting the almost insurmountable task of starting a new party from scratch, let alone getting into parliament.

Although its leader, David Seymour, was going to be a challenging hurdle to leap, we initially went for the ACT Party. This was because its constitution looked like it had been written with us in mind:

Then, at the beginning of this year, the government introduced its latest iteration of the Therapeutic Products Bill. Winston Peters and NZ First had prevented this from becoming law since 2007. Each time, he saved the natural health sector from being hijacked by Big Pharma and other multinational interests. Therefore, upon having confirmation that Winston was back in the game, we felt obliged to return the favour and support his party. So, with the brave and generous support of the Natural Health Alliance, we swapped horses.

Under the banner of the Natural Health Alliance, we organised an extremely successful public meeting in Wellington to oppose the Therapeutic Products Bill. Winston Peters was invited to attend and speak and, henceforth, the marriage was agreed upon and consummated.

The rest is history, however, the fightback has only just begun.

Bye Bye, Therapeutic Products Act!

The hasty railroading of the Therapeutic Products Bill into law, despite the overwhelming opposition, proved to be an own goal for the government and whoever is pulling their strings. The Therapeutic Products Act (TPA) has proven to be an issue for many previously divided groups to agree upon and rally around. It became the single most credible issue for NZ First to hang its hat upon. It worked.

We had to get rid of the TPA because it is the Trojan Horse for the fast-tracking of the widespread approval of dangerous gene-altering mRNA and similar technologies for plant, animal and human applications, beginning early next year. I explain the threat of the Trojan Horse here:

Our main focus was to have the Therapeutic Products Act thrown out: We achieved that and a whole lot more as a bonus!


Here are just a few of the things that were agreed upon (key ones we campaigned for are highlighted):

  • No Foreign Buys Ban repeal

  • Keep the superannuation age at 65.

  • Ensure publicly funded sporting bodies support fair competition that is not compromised by rules relating to gender.

  • Legislate to make English an official language of New Zealand.

  • Ensure all public service departments have their primary name in English, except for those specifically related to Maori.

  • End all Covid-19 vaccine mandates still in operation.

  • Ensure, as a matter of urgency in establishment and completion, a full scale, wide ranging, independent inquiry conducted publicly with local and international experts, into how the Covid pandemic was handled in New Zealand.

  • Stop all work on He Pua Pua

  • Remove co-governance from the delivery of public services.

  • Confirm that the Coalition Government does not recognise the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as having any binding legal effect on New Zealand.

  • Repeal the Therapeutic Products Act 2023.

  • Fund Gumboot Friday/I Am Hope Charity to $6 million per annum.

  • Upgrade the Super Gold Card and Veterans Card to maximise its potential benefit for all Super Gold Card and Veteran Card holders.

  • Refocus the curriculum on academic achievement and not ideology, including the removal and replacement of the gender, sexuality, and relationship-based education guidelines.

  • Commit to training no fewer than 500 new frontline police within the first two years.

  • Investigate the reopening of Marsden Point Refinery. This includes establishing a Fuel Security Plan to safeguard our transport and logistics systems and emergency services from any international or domestic disruption.

  • Establish a Regional Infrastructure Fund with $1.2 billion in capital funding over the Parliamentary term.

  • Ensure a national Interest Test is undertaken before New Zealand accepts any agreements from the U and its agencies that limit national decision-making and reconfirm that New Zealand's domestic law holds primacy over any international agreements.

Free Speech

And we'll add that Work on Hate Speech Laws by the Law Commission is canned and Universities are to draft free speech policies - wow! I suppose that puts a spanner in the works of Jacinda's Christchurch Call, or does it not?

I suppose the Coalition Agreement will mean bye-bye Hannah the Confuser, Sanjana the Know-it-all and the rest of their Disinformation Project's spreaders of mis and dis-information. While we're at it, let's also prepare the way to say goodbye to the "useless eaters", who are manipulating science for social engineering and political purposes. Let's start with getting rid of lockdown and mandate misinformation enthusiasts like Ashley Bloomfield, Michael Baker, Siouxsie Wyles and Rod Jackson along with their many sycophants. It is time to remove these parasites and misinformationists from the teats of taxpayer funding.

I'd like to think this is now a goner:

Talking about "useless eaters" and why we've been hearing this offensive term a lot lately:

Egos before Unity: Offers of Regret, Please!

Although we have done remarkably well, and we got more than expected, we could have done better, if it was not for the leaders of several minor political movements who allowed their egos to override good sense. In doing so, they split the votes, costing several excellent candidates from becoming Members of Parliament, thus bringing us perilously close to complete failure to gain political power. At the very least, they should offer their regrets to their supporters, to the candidates they let down so profoundly, and to the rest of New Zealand. After all, it is putting things right that counts, so long as it is done in a timely manner.

Here are some of the articles I wrote on this topic, leading into the election:

Here are the Reality Check Radio interviews on the challenges we faced leading into the elections:

A few Items to Highlight and Keep an Eye on:

Public Interest Journalism Fund

It is time to end the Public Interest Journalism Fund that has compromised and ruined journalism in this country. I say good riddance if any media outlet goes broke and journalists lose their jobs. The many journalists and their bosses who twisted the truth lied and actively set out to ruin people's careers and reputations while hiding the maiming and killing have no place in media within a democracy. It is best they exit journalism and, preferably, leave the country as well.

Royal Commission COVID-19 Lessons Learned

The current Inquiry into the COVID Response is a farce due to who is on the panel and its narrow terms of reference. Instead, we need a broader inquiry that has the teeth to ensure the truth is uncovered, justice served and those who were harmed and killed are acknowledged and compensated. While the Coalition Agreement promises to broaden the inquiry we must watch this one carefully, lest it becomes a whitewash.

We need a thorough public investigation into outrageous scandals like this one:

Invest in Primary Public Health Programmes and Infrastructure!

While the Coalition is on the right path with its health policies, we can still do far better. There is extreme urgency because we must improve the health of all New Zealanders in anticipation of the next pandemic, be it from natural or laboratory bioweapon sources.

I have written many articles on the topic of investing in our health. Here is a selection of them:

Take a close look at NZ First's Sport and Physical Health Policy which you'll find two-thirds of the way down the page about the party's pre-election policies. This portion of NZF's policy owes much credit to former cricket international, John Parker, for his extensive work. While we did not get as much of this across the line as we hoped for, we are still off to a promising start, and we'll be working to build on what we've got out of this Coalition Agreement.

Protecting Women's Spaces and Undoing the Sexual-Confusing of Our Children:

Bravo, Winston and Team for getting this into the Coalition Agreement, but let's see how things pan out because there will be much opposition from several quarters including gender fanatics who are embedded within our public services, including the education system from preschools to universities and the Ministry of Education.

My sister, Lorraine, bravely spoke out on this emotionally charged topic:

Thank you, Lorraine, but, unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the pushback.

Concluding Statement:

As we celebrate these unexpected achievements, let's remain vigilant, realising that our enemies are powerful and ruthless. The fightback has barely begun, and considerable harm has been done that may take decades to recover from, and things may get a lot worse before they get better. Our success is just the beginning of our journey. Looking ahead, let's stay united, determined, and focused on our shared goal of safeguarding democracy and ensuring a brighter future for New Zealand where freedom, justice, and prosperity thrive for all.

Once again, thank you, everyone, for your undying support. Celebrate then let's roll up our sleeves and get on with the job of taking back this country!

I'll be writing a lot more on these many and varied topics to do with health, fitness, lifestyle and freedom, so watch out for them. Thank you for your support and please forward my articles to other people who you think might benefit from them.

Have a great day!

PS: While the Coalition Agreement was being announced, we had far more important things on our minds yesterday: The celebration of our daughter, Mary-Anne's graduation with a Master of Science with Distinction, in Sport and Exercise Science.

Graduation photo
Gary and Alofa with three of their beloved children

More Reading:

NHA - Media Statement TPA Repeal - 26 Nov 2023
Download DOCX • 24KB

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Nov 27, 2023

God bless you Gary and Alofa. It would have been difficult and heartbreaking at times, but you persevered and conquered. Victory is yours. Thank you so much!


Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Nov 27, 2023

Hi Gary I'm afraid there is a monumental problem with the #4 point in the coalition's Health policy statement... quoted... "Require Medsafe to approve new pharmaceuticals within 30 days of them being approved by at least two overseas regulatory agencies recognised by New Zealand. " This one clause is a debacle and a sellout - we all know that there are literally dozens of regulatory agencies around the world that carry water for the genocidal Big-pharma, WEF and WHO - and we would be obliged to accept their idiotic approvals just as we did with the deadly Covid jab toxins. The fact that the criminal Big-pharma wants to move all 'vaccinations' onto a mRNA platform is of huge concern to the health an…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 30, 2023
Replying to

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your detailed outline of some of the issues we face as a country. I'm doing my best to work with what we have. Thankfully, we now have a good deal of power and influence and we have three years to prepare for the next round when even more gains will be made in our favour.

Like you, I agree the 4th point is a mistake that we must now rectify. I've been working hard on a work-around and have now circulated my solution to my small team of advisors. I may be able to publish it in a few days. We'll see.

Colin, between all of us, our small contributions can add up to be significant.…


Unknown member
Nov 25, 2023

Thanks Gary for your tireless efforts to educate and inform. Done at the expense of ridicule, sabotage and loss of friendships. I have met many strong men in my career. You are one of the strongest and toughist with resilience and thrown in too. Thankyou

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 25, 2023
Replying to

Hahahaha - thanks for the compliments!

I have a strong woman supporting me, by the way but I must agree with you.😎


Ian Allen
Ian Allen
Nov 25, 2023

Well done for your and everyone else's efforts. I am certainly not unreasonable sceptical but we are talking politicians here, but I think this outcome is beyond almost anything else we might have hoped for realistically. Of course an appealing agenda is one thing, the execution of it is quite another, so time will tell how well that comes together. Too bad there is no mention of the WHO power-grab and canning the ludicrous climate narrative circulating the globe - but hey, I'll take what is on offer with both hands just now. Winston did make horrifying statements earlier on during the mandate game but it might be fair to say that he has 'seen the light' since? And even…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 25, 2023
Replying to

My thoughts as well.



Nov 25, 2023

Hear, hear Gary !

Thank you for all your hard yakka.

Naturally, more CO2 in the atmosphere would be good - the world has visibly greened in the last 20 years, urrent concentrations of CO2 are at near historical lows, it's a plant nutrient, that CO2 levels are preceded by warming and not the other way around have been well proven by real scientists, solar cycles (some are 100,000s years long) and the earth's cycles are responsible for climate change and it has always been thus, The way I see it is that the problems are we are polluting our planet as well as killing and maiming each other in huge numbers. We have to stop this behavior but I…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 25, 2023
Replying to

Totally agree! Meanwhile, some teachers are telling our children they are all dead in 10 years unless we decarbonise!!!

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