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Degrading Democracy


A letter of concern written by Paul Mulvaney, journalist and historian

Hi Gary,

The question is: How do we reinforce this truth in an atmosphere of authoritarianism, fear, media capture, and politicised education? Our universities have been "captured" to the extent that coercive "inverse acculturation" is now endemic? What are the options (short of violence & revolution?). Who, when and how will any formal, non-violent resistance movement arise? I encourage others to think about how to stop this slide into separatism.

My concern is in regard to the total control by the present government of issues related to the Covid 19 pandemic and the vilification of anyone who dares to disagree. Whilst I do support stringent measures to try to ameliorate the spread of Covid, (I am triple vaccinated and practice sanitising, manual contact tracing and social distancing) it is abundantly clear that the strategies of elimination and now containment are not going to work, as evidenced by many countries around the world. My particular concern is the autocratic and illegal (?) seizure of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) at the border and the strict control over who may or may not access them. The science of RATs is not in question and friends in London have had free access to them for almost 2 years. The production of a negative RAT test surely must be as acceptable as the production of one's vaccine pass? Air NZ accepts both the vaccine pass or a negative test 72 hours before boarding, allowing vaccinated, non-vaccinated and maskless passengers to all share the same confined space of an aircraft cabin. So, one must ask why free access to RATs tests by anyone for any reason, including self isolation or deciding to get a more thorough test, is being denied the unvaccinated as well as those of us who decide whether or not to engage in gatherings for good reason? Either, the government never planned to introduce RATs and did not bother to source them, or once it became aware of the value of RATS, then decided to commandeer existing orders and to tightly control their accessibilty.

You might consider taking some action on what is clearly an anti-democratic approach which is having a huge impact on the lives of ordinary New Zealanders-health, businesses, family separation, and an imminent economic decline.

Just a few more examples of the degrading of Democracy in New Zealand 2022:- -Prevention of New Zealand citizens returning to New Zealand for deeply sad, including death, or personal reasons, yet the seemingly- free admission of entertainers, sports teams and partners of politicians.

  • Three Waters mandating with no real consultation with the public. Local Government Reform, again no public input.

  • Establishment of a separate Maori Health Authority with veto rights over the new proposed Health New Zealand-just concerned about the veto.

  • Centralisation of Polytechnics.

  • The coercive, inverse acculturation now firmly established in our universities.

  • Constitutional reports He Puapua and Makite Mai Aotearoa being circulated amongst our Maori people but no public discussion or debate.

  • The petition presented to Parliament to retain a Children's Commissioner.

  • Surveillance of political commentators, journalists and bloggers opposed to the coalition government.

The almost complete politicisation of the mainstream news media-MSM who omit legitimate news, coupled with a vicious use of social media. I could provide you with more examples of the degrading of Democracy in New Zealand today. You may be aware of Chris Trotter's recent posts on the same issues? If a socialist of Trotter's standing is worried, alarm bells should be ringing across this land.

No, I am not some kind of "nutter", but having spent my whole life in the service of my country, including 50 years in freelance journalism, I am dismayed at what we seem to have become.

If you have read this far, thank you for at least that much. I do hope you might consider speaking out more on these subjects. Feel free to circulate my concerns.

Kind regards,

Paul Mulvaney



Paul is one of many New Zealanders who, regardless of their views about COVID, vaccinations, social distancing and so on, are deeply concerned about how our leaders are degrading our democracy. A good measure of this growing undercurrent of concern was the meeting we had last night in Wellington with a special guest from North of Auckland, Dr Guy Hatchard.

The meeting was impromptu, intended to be a casual "meet and greet" with a few friends from within the Wellington freedom movements. We were expecting maybe a dozen people to turn up, but it was standing room only in the church hall!

While it may appear the protest movement died on that last day at Parliament when the police violently cleared the grounds, rest assured the Freedom Village was only the beginning. The number of citizens who worry we are losing our precious democracy is growing.

So, take heart, be strong, and stick up for what you know is right.

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