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It looks like Jab-Related Bodies are Stacking Up in New Zealand!

Updated: Mar 25

(updated 26 April 2022)


As I write, the rescue helicopter flies past our home yet again on its way to deliver a critically ill patient to Wellington Hospital. We have lived in this house for 40 years, and never before have these helicopters been so busy. Do we imagine this? If it is for real, where are the statistics to support what we see and why they are so busy?

If people die from the jab, then where are the statistics? Where are the coffins? Perhaps it is still too early to know since there is always a delay in gathering and sorting out the data. So I've been trying to find out from workers at the endpoint of the chain: New Zealand's funeral directors. However, that has not been easy. Is there a wall of silence? I get the impression there is. Here is what one funeral director in the UK has been saying:

"John O’Looney has been a funeral director for 15 years and has his own business Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services in the UK. John shares his alarming pandemic experience starting in late November 2019 when he saw a “blow-up pandemic mortuary” in a local hospital which was set up in preparation for “something really horrible coming!”

In 2021, as the vaccines rolled out he has been witness to a spike in unusual deaths which he says other funeral directors have also witnessed but are too scared to speak out."

Deaths and injuries affect healthy young people, but the press does not report them. I know the vaccine is hurting many people because I am getting several messages a week like this one:

"She reacted poorly to her first injection back in late October. She is still suffering from some blood issues, gets shortness of breath along with the heart issues (pericarditis)."

And reports are coming from all over the place but hardly a peep of publicity from within New Zealand.

At least one funeral director overseas has blown the whistle, but how about New Zealand? What's going on here behind the scenes?

Guess what: A canary is singing! The owner of several New Zealand funeral homes and crematoria gave me a quote, and here's the shocking thing he wrote"

"They are booming. Blood clots are getting bigger. Sudden deaths are the new norm."

While he may be an anonymous and a lone anecdotal voice in the funeral business, there are too many reports coming from people at the frontlines of health for these to be dismissed as misguided and alarmist. Here's what one of these people wrote me:

"I don’t have any stats, but I see a different trend in cardiac issues; it was normally 60yrs plus, now it’s any age, even in the early 30s. So there is an obvious problem that the ‘medical professions’ will not admit. It’s absolutely disgusting."

Pfizer stats

What is this country coming to when frontline health workers remain silent about these injuries and deaths or speak only with the guarantee of anonymity?

The carnage is for real and not imagined: Finally, St John Ambulance Service hints at the shocking surge of injuries and deaths coming our way. This chart is of their ambulance callouts 2020-21:

The data in the chart above is for the last two years. It reflects the number of emergency ambulance service incidents received, not the number of patients, and therefore actual patient numbers are higher.

Please remember that there was no community COVID in New Zealand last year. These St John figures are the first indications of the shocking consequences of mandates for New Zealanders' physical and mental health, plus the beginning of the mass vaccinations late last year and the harm they are causing, including stroke, heart attack, and nervous system damage.

No one knows how many people the vaccines are killing – or how many they will kill, and there are fears that they are triggering diseases, including cancer, which may not emerge for several years.

When there are vax-related deaths, mainstream media seldom makes the connection. Where there might be a connection, they dismiss these cases as being merely coincidental. However, less than 10% of all medical mishaps get reported, and for vax-related incidents, including deaths, we can assume it is much less, perhaps just 1-2%. So, the statistics grossly understate the cases of harm and death. Please take a few minutes to read this article I wrote last year about the Pyramid of Harm and Death:

On this matter of complications, including deaths from the mass vaccinations in New Zealand, there can be no doubt there is gross underreporting.

Is this the biggest scandal in New Zealand’s history?

"These doctors and health practitioners across the country have been seeing and dealing with unprecedented and truly shocking numbers of serious heart problems, blood clots, neurological issues, and numerous other serious adverse reactions from the COVID vaccine, and they have not been allowed to say anything to the New Zealand public other than to reinforce the COVID vaccine as ‘safe and effective. Any doctors that have attempted to speak out and raise any kind of concerns about the COVID vaccine have been swiftly dealt to and suspended, and demonised by the mainstream media."

If you quietly ask the nurses, a few may privately confirm that our hospitals' cardiovascular and stroke wards are overflowing with cases. Health officials tell us that these hospitalisations are almost entirely unvaccinated people and primarily due to "stress". But is this true, or just more of many lies perpetrated on a confused and frightened population?

The evidence is growing by the day, confirming the vaccinated account for disproportionally more hospitalisations and deaths than the non-vaccinated. Example:

UK Gov. quietly published data confirming the Fully Vaccinated accounted for 92% of all Covid-19 Deaths in March:

"Official data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms the fully vaccinated population accounted for a shocking 92% of all Covid-19 deaths across England throughout March, but what’s even more shocking is that 82% of those deaths were among the triple vaccinated population.

But something even stranger than this is also occurring. Covid-19 is currently on the rise again across the UK, but the data confirms cases, hospitalisations and deaths are only rising among the triple vaccinated population, whereas they are declining significantly among the unvaccinated population."

The shocking conclusion: The vaccine does not work; actually, it makes the recipients more vulnerable!

One essential thing to bear in mind about statistics from the "Single Sauce of Truth" is that their baseline data for reporting on COVID and vaccines is dirty and corrupted. If the baseline data is messy, everything else coming from it is misleading: misinformation, you like. Let me explain:

First, there is a widespread reluctance or fear to report a vaccine-related injury. The Government and their operatives for control threaten medical staff who dare to acknowledge there may be a safety problem. Some have been fired and publicly ridiculed to strike fear in others who might have thought about blowing the whistle. So, there is gross underreporting, as explained earlier in this article. Then there is another factor, which is a biggie, and it is the definition of who is "Fully Vaccinated". I find it confusing when trying to understand when a person is fully vaccinated and when they are not, but here is my best take of it as it applies to the mRNA jab:

  • When a person has their first shot, they are not fully vaccinated until they have their 2nd shot several weeks later.

  • When they have their 2nd shot, they are fully vaccinated two weeks later.

  • About six months, sooner or later, or whenever it is determined they need a further booster shot, the person is not fully vaccinated if not boosted by that date.

  • Once they have their additional booster, they must wait two weeks to be fully vaccinated.

Got the idea? While I may be a little off the mark with this interpretation of who is a fully vaccinated person and who isn't.

So, if a person gets jabbed and suffers complications, are they a vaccine injury or not? (Please bear in mind most cases of vaccine-related injuries and deaths appear to be in the first few weeks following the jab). We argue they are more likely than not recorded as an unvaccinated case, even when the jab is the apparent cause of the injury!

If they have returned a positive test for COVID, and then get shot in the head, this is recorded as a COVID-related death!

When there is tremendous reluctance to report vaccine complications or vaccine ineffectiveness, combined with how they define being fully vaccinated or not, there is consequently a gross corruption of the baseline data. So, we have gross underreporting of vaccine injuries, whereas there is gross over-reporting of COVID infection injuries and deaths!

With this being the case, all else that flows from this data is rubbish. The only thing we can conclude is there are a lot more injuries and deaths from these jabs than are being reported. Frontline health workers who are both awake and brave confirm this is the case. I see it with my own eyes.

Many people are being injured and many maimed for life and a whole lot of people are dying, many well before their time.

I fear we are on the cusp of a humanitarian disaster deliberately manufactured by a small number of evil people who seek power over humanity and depopulate the planet and re-engineer society as per the WEF's New World Order. But, unfortunately, our PM does not work for us; here is the man she works for:

Meanwhile, a growing list of medicines and nutraceuticals work against COVID. This list includes Ivermectin, artemisia, vitamin D, monoclonal antibodies and zinc ionophores. Yet, the Government and its officials will not dare mention these remedies, and in some cases, these are either banned or severely restricted. For example, I know several people who have used Ivermectin when infected with Omricon and with dramatic benefits, alleviating symptoms within a few hours of taking the first dose.

Read all about it here:

and here:

Or how about this Google Search?

Unless a person is due to meet their Maker, nobody ever needs to die from COVID; if only doctors were allowed to do what they spent a decade training to master. Politicians, bureaucrats and failed health professionals who act as their advisers need to stop interfering and let your doctor decide what is best for you as their patient.

Unless a person is due to meet their Maker, nobody ever needs to die from COVID


(we have the same kind of people running NZ)

The Cone of Silence

I am far from alone in having grave concerns about what is going on and fear we may be about to experience a surge in deaths over the next few years. But unfortunately, little to nothing about this surge in deaths is getting into the mainstream media. Sadly, those who hear the whispers and cries of concern coming from frontline health workers cannot comprehend what is said, either because of brain-washing or out of fear of censure, ridicule or losing their jobs.

If it weren't for people's deaths, this would be a comedy, and I'd be laughing my head off at how ridiculous things have become.

In conclusion

People are dying needlessly, and we may only be seeing the beginning with much worse to come. There is a growing iceberg of harm and death. It is time for us to say, "Enough!" We must halt this criminal behaviour before it is too late. Each day the Government refuses to admit their mistakes, more people die.

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