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The Pyramid of Harm and Death

Updated: Mar 9

(Updated 7/06/21)

When I worked for ACC as its National Coordinator of Sports Injuries, during the 1970s, one important concept was, for each death suffered, there must be many more incidents, ranging from near-misses to permanent and severe disabilities. We had a formula for calculating these, but I have forgotten this a long time ago. The calculation of injuries and deaths produces a pyramid like the one above. The width of a pyramid's base determines its height. Reducing the many near misses and minor injuries (the base of the pyramid) may, sometimes, eliminate deaths completely.

The Pyramid of Harm and Death

The plan is to inject all of humanity with multiple doses of vaccines, most using a new mRNA technology. Vaccines like these have never passed animal safety tests, yet they are being rushed to market. Many health professionals harbour deep concerns about the safety of these new drugs and the lack of safety oversight. Most are too frightened to speak out lest they suffer the destruction of their careers and professional reputations. Dissenting voices, even the most reasonable ones, are censored.

Here is an example of how speaking out can destroy a splendid reputation:

In this climate of fear, few health professionals are going to risk involvement with reporting an adverse event. In the best of circumstances, reporting adverse events in medicine is always sparse. It is a given that there is, and will be, gross under-reporting of COVID vaccine injuries.

"..fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported."

Any allegations New Zealanders are being harmed are already being dismissed, and said to be unrelated to the vaccine and coincidental.

“It is foolish to be convinced without evidence, but it is equally foolish to refuse to be convinced by real evidence." - Upton Sinclair

Where there is uncertainty over the cause of death, there is normally a procedure for determining the most likely reason a person died. This investigative process usually takes weeks and even several months to complete. Until the investigations into cause of death are complete, it is irresponsible for a bureaucrat, doctor or politician to dismiss any concerns as merely coincidental.

How many New Zealanders are being harmed?

Nobody knows. We will probably never know. The authorities are probably reluctant to report on these things because this may undermine public confidence in the programme which is already struggling to gain acceptance.

In the absence of any official enthusiasm to do so, we can do some rough estimates of our own. Refer to the chart below from the US Government's vaccine adverse event reporting system (known as VAERS):

Of 192,954 reported cases, there were 4,057 deaths. Let's be generous and assume a 10% reporting rate, so the actual figures for harm are at least 1,929,540, with at least 40,570 deaths.

This gives us a ratio of one death for every 47,559 less serious events.

If it were 1% reporting or less, the estimates are 19,295,400 cases of harm and 405,700 deaths!

Australian Deaths from COVID Vaccine

Let's now turn to New Zealand. We are barely into our national vaccine rollout. It is behind schedule, allegedly because of supply and logistics issues, but probably more because of reluctance by many New Zealanders, including many health workers; doctors, nurses dentists, etc to have the jab.

There have been four alleged COVID vaccine related deaths at the time of writing, although these were quickly and wrongly dismissed by the authorities. For the sake of this exercise, let's assume there have been just two deaths. Using the ratios that come from VAERS we can assume there have been so far:

20-200 deaths from the vaccine and 95,000-950,000 total injuries, with most of these minor and for which there was full recovery.

It is a fact that vaccines cause harm. They always have, but, hopefully, the benefits outweigh the harm by a huge margin. I don't think the costs vs benefits stack up favourably. We are carrying out the most ambitious and most aggressive vaccination programme in human history, using for the first time, a new drug technology that leap-frogged normal safety protocols. To claim there is no risk of harm is lying.

For a start, it is too early to say it is safe and, besides, there are many worrying reports of adverse events coming out of other countries that are further ahead with their vaccination programmes. The other point to make is it may be decades, or even a generation from now before we know the real safety profile of this new drug technology. To throw all caution to the wind with this one is unforgivably cavalier.

Medicine is littered with disasters: blood-letting, Thalidomide, Vioxx, toxic breast implants, and the current opioid scandal, are examples off the top of my head.

At the very least, one would expect close safety monitoring of the rollout of this vaccine. There is not. To prevent harm, we need far more monitoring of adverse events, especially the minor one - the ones that form the base of the pyramid.

If you have had the jab and suffered anything more than a slightly sore arm, report it. If you experienced excessive pain at the injection site, a fever, headache, fatigue, unusual bruising, breathlessness, or anything else, you must report it. If you suffered a stroke or Bell's Palsy report it. If you noticed heavier periods, or suffer a miscarriage months later, report it. Report anything unusual that happens to your health during the months following the jab. If your doctor refuses to report your concerns, do it yourself. Go here to learn how to file a report:

By self-monitoring and self-reporting, you are doing everyone a favour.

Be vigilant - be strong!

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Philip Hayward
Jul 29, 2021

"...At the very least, one would expect close safety monitoring of the rollout of this vaccine. There is not..."

There is a Dr Robert Malone who was involved years ago in the creation of mRNA technology, and only recently he went public, in a podcast that went viral, with a number of concerns he has. He said he has been indicating his concerns to his contacts inside the system (CDC, FDA, etc) for months, and has been ignored.

One of his concerns, is that when an Emergency Use Authorization is granted, there is a provision within the existing regulatory framework, for the establishment of an independent system for event reporting, pro-active follow-up, and data collection, for any new treatment granted…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Aug 01, 2021
Replying to

Phil, like you, I share great unease about what is going on. Many, if not most of the people who share similar concerns feel alone and isolated, partly due to the outrageous censorship.

I want every one out there to know, if they have doubts or concerns about what is going on, rest assured they are far from alone. There is a groundswell building, including a growing number of doctors and scientists. It is only a matter if time before the dam bursts and people realise what is going on.

By the way, this is one queue that is best to be at the rear of. We need to have about 2 years of data before we can begin to…

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