• Gary Moller

The Pyramid of Harm and Death

(Updated 7/06/21)

When I worked for ACC as its National Coordinator of Sports Injuries, during the 1970s, one important concept was, for each death suffered, there must be many more incidents, ranging from near-misses to permanent and severe disabilities. We had a formula for calculating these, but I have forgotten this a long time ago. The calculation of injuries and deaths produces a pyramid like the one above. The width of a pyramid's base determines its height. Reducing the many near misses and minor injuries (the base of the pyramid) may, sometimes, eliminate deaths completely.

The Pyramid of Harm and Death

The plan is to inject all of humanity with multiple doses of vaccines, most using a new mRNA technology. Vaccines like these have never passed animal safety tests, yet they are being rushed to market. Many health professionals harbour deep concerns about the safety of these new drugs and the lack of safety oversight. Most are too frightened to speak out lest they suffer the destruction of their careers and professional reputations. Dissenting voices, even the most reasonable ones, are censored.

Here is an example of how speaking out can destroy a splendid reputation:


In this climate of fear, few health professionals are going to risk involvement with reporting an adverse event. In the best of circumstances, reporting adverse events in medicine is always sparse. It is a given that there is, and will be, gross under-reporting of COVID vaccine injuries.

"..fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported."


Any allegations New Zealanders are being harmed are already being dismissed, and said to be unrelated to the vaccine and coincidental.

“It is foolish to be convinced without evidence, but it is equally foolish to refuse to be convinced by real evidence." - Upton Sinclair

Where there is uncertainty over the cause of death, there is normally a procedure for determining the most likely reason a person died. This investigative process usually takes weeks and even several months to complete. Until the investigations into cause of death are complete, it is irresponsible for a bureaucrat, doctor or politician to dismiss any concerns as merely coincidental.

How many New Zealanders are being harmed?

Nobody knows. We will probably never know. The authorities are probably reluctant to report on these things because this may undermine public confidence in the programme which is already struggling to gain acceptance.