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Meet Gary


He deals with ill health or poor performance by implementing healthy, natural and sustainable therapies.

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Gary is a specialist practitioner in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).  HTMA is arguably the most useful forensic tool for:

  • Identifying the root causes of ill-health, injuries that fail to heal correctly and poor performance;

  • Determining a person's nutrient status;

  • Identifying any exposures to toxic elements such as mercury, lead and arsenic;

  • Guiding nutrition and lifestyle-based therapies.

HTMA and Food as Medicine Can Transform Your Health

Our area of expertise lies in forensic examination, specifically through modern Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). This method allows us to uncover and determine the root origins of poor health. Many conditions labelled as "incurable" can be fixed or improved by dealing with the root causes.


Our bodies can heal themselves, and food is our best medicine. We have known this for a thousand years, but lost our way horribly in recent times. We want people to be in control of their health by following these basic principles. In doing so, they see improvements in their overall health, and quality of life. Our aim is to help everyone, regardless of their health status or prognosis, in enhancing their quality of life through targeted interventions and customised dietary plans.


"Only those who risk going too far
can possibly find out
how far they can go."

-T.S. Eliot


With the assistance of his partner in life, Alofa Kosena, Gary runs a small, private clinic in Wellington and is available for consultations either in person or online, and will also give lectures upon request.​

Alofa, the engine room wizard, effortlessly ensures Gary's focus remains as sharp as a laser beam on the crucial matters, skillfully banishing distractions that wander into his realm

Gary's academic training through the University of Otago and Medical School is in the following fields:

  • Sports Medicine (post-graduate diploma - allied medical).

  • Physical Education (exercise physiology, biomechanics, coaching theory).

  • Rehabilitation (post-graduate diploma - allied medical).


In addition, he has numerous industry qualifications in human nutrition and the practice of using nutrition as medicine.  

Gary is a true champion in the world of mountain biking, securing back-to-back victories in the UCI Masters 60–65 and 65–70 age categories. He also claimed the title of UCI Masters 70-plus MTB Marathon World Champion and ranked 2nd in the UCI Cyclocross Masters 70-plus World Championships. Unbeaten for a decade in NZ Masters 60+ cyclocross racing, Gary's skills transcend cycling as he's also a proficient runner.

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