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About the Horrific COVID Deaths in India

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

OMG: The scenes coming out of India are horrific: people are dying in the streets, desperate relatives are commandeering precious supplies of oxygen. There is panic in the streets. There is mayhem.

COVID-19 is a terrible killer virus that we must fear. Move over all other health and societal problems, move over ISIS, we have corona virus!

We must believe the greatest health experts in the world when they tell us that pandemics have nothing to do with stress, pollution, food degradation, poverty and over-crowding. Malnutrition and vitamin D deficiency are now apparently good for us. Believe what you are told. The anointed experts know everything. Thinking for yourself is not good for your health. Do not think.


Thousands of health professionals are pleading for investment in the basics of health, such as improving housing, alleviating poverty, introducing a sugar tax, removing taxes on fresh produce and so on. Get it right - they are ALL deluded, deniers and very dangerous people. They must be silenced and marginalised. they are all crazed conspiracy theorists.

The collapse of the Indian health system with this surge of COVID infections is not because of their chronic, historic under-investment in health. It has nothing to do with the decades of exporting their best medical graduates to Western nations.

The Grim Reaper Virus is sweeping through India. Millions will die. It is mutating, preparing to come and get us again in the next deadly Wave. We are right to cower in terror. Better get that vaccine. Better get that booster. Only the vaccine can save us now. Hand over your money. Hand over your privacy. Hand over your passport. Hand over your children.

Whatever we do, we must not invest in the basics of health. I urge you to listen to the experts: we must put all of our eggs in the vaccine and lockdown baskets and do nothing else.

Read more about the Indian Pandemic here:

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