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Heart Problems, Deaths, mRNA Vaccines and COVID

Updated: Mar 25

While I've seen an alarming number of people who have heart problems following the mRNA vaccine, I have yet to know of a single person who has not been vaccinated but caught COVID in the wild and consequently suffered heart problems. Gosh, we have had so many vaccine injuries to deal with that I have lost count, with the latest being three more young women this week! What on earth are we doing to people?

Most of the cases I have seen are young women, but few are reported accurately, with most of them diagnosed as suffering anxiety which is just a terrible thing to say to someone. Of course, they are suffering anxiety; after all, who wouldn't if their ticker is playing up and hurting, but anxiety is not the cause. Denying the link with the jab, then giving them an anti-anxiety medicine, aspirin and a beta-blocker before sending them home is irresponsible medicine. It is a sick version of the "Blame the Victim" game.

There is no such thing as a "mild" heart condition: All heart conditions are severe: If your heart stops, guess what happens to you?

I think we associate these inflammatory heart conditions with fit young men because they tend to exert themselves to the extremes more often and presumably more than most females, hence the appearance of more cases. I think these heart problems are more common in women than in men.

Please watch this video again:

Dr Sinatra, a medical expert in heart disease who I've been following for years, wrote:

"Heart inflammation—a blanket term for three inflammatory conditions: pericarditis, myocarditis, and endocarditis—has always been a relatively uncommon event. But recently, it has thrust its way into the spotlight due to its link to COVID-19.

Since it’s a timely topic, and there’s a lot of conflicting information out there, I thought it would be a good idea to give an integrative cardiologist’s perspective on heart inflammation and what can be done about it."

Dr Sinatra gives an excellent plain English overview of heart inflammation and outlines some remedies. Please take a few minutes to read what he advises:

Now, here's the thing: We don't know how to effectively treat these heart conditions other than to give drugs to relieve the inflammation, calm the heart, prevent secondary complications, say a few prayers and hope that time will heal. I've got some good ideas about what to do to assist recovery, but there are no effective treatments I know of other than time. Unfortunately, there has not been enough time to fully understand what is happening in people's hearts from this vaccine or what to do.

While these inflammatory heart conditions are still officially rare, they are far from rare in New Zealand anymore. There has been a surge in these cases beginning around October-November 2021 when NZ's mass vaccination ramped up and then another surge in December and another last month, coinciding with the peaks in mRNA vaccine shots and boosters. These heart problems are still officially rare heart conditions, and the few that are correctly diagnosed are unlikely to be linked to the jab or end up on the Government's database for adverse reactions. So, by not recording these adverse reactions, they do not exist. Therefore, it is incorrect to claim that mRNA vaccines are safe because they are not, and the body of evidence to support our worst fears is growing stronger by the day.

Do not forget that fewer than 10% of adverse medical events ever get reported, and, for vaccine injuries, it is probably nearer only 1%. So we are looking at the tip of the iceberg of vaccine harm. There are lot more injuries of harm and death that we can't see.


A common joke within medical circles where the treatment ends up being worse than the condition:

The treatment was a success: However, the patient died!

They are trying to hide the truth about these vaccines from us by misreporting and under-reporting these severe side effects. They are also banning or discrediting effective treatments in favour of a dangerous and ineffective drug (mRNA). If the public knew the full extent of the deceit and carnage, many heads would roll.

Please halt this mass vaccination programme immediately, and call for an independent investigation!

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Philip Hayward
Apr 22, 2022

I came to the conclusion years ago because of the way the system deals with "mystery" chronic condition sufferers, that institutions show what they are not by the nobility of their over-arching claimed objectives, but in how much they are prepared to let humans fall through cracks and rebuff them and increase their suffering. All because some vested interests, somewhere, does not want the right research to be done and actual solutions to be found, especially if existing revenue streams are threatened or the solutions are not patentable.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Apr 22, 2022
Replying to

And, if there is not a patent medicine for the condition the condition is a mystery and there is no remedy. This may be despite it actually being well-understood and there being effective non-patentable remedies.

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