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Rob Martin - Vaccine Injury

(updated 26 April 2022)

I was going to write an article about Rob, but Liz Gunn did such a great job interviewing him in the video below that I no longer need to. Rob is one of the thousands of vaccine-injured people who the medical system and the Government are trying to ignore. The thing about Rob is he is not hiding away but being present where it counts and telling his story. Despite his misfortune, Rob is a hero.

Gary with Rob
I'm with Rob, a real gentle man who our Government calls "filth" and "vermin".

Here is Liz Gunn's website and other interviews:

Rob's medical treatment is as good as nil, and the little he has is essentially ineffective. He is eligible for a substantial ACC handout and assistance with proper treatment and rehabilitation, but they won't let him or help him get what he is entitled. So instead, Rob is facing losing his home and living in their car.

Please note that Liz's interview is on Rumble and not Big Tech MSM such as Youtube. Sadly, stories like Rob's are "misinformation".

The following video is age-restricted. It is restricted because it tells the truth but does not quite qualify for being banned outright by Big Tech censors.

My friend, Film-Maker Alastair Harding, made this inspiring video: "What happens next?" I'll finish with Alastair's words and images (Once again, this video is not on MSM Big Tech platforms):

Here are Alastair's Rumble videos:

More on this topic:

Please share this article. Thank you.

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