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Alofa or Gary will then contact you within a few days to arrange a time for us to meet or you can book your own appointment here


Gary will assist you with getting a thorough understanding of your health or fitness issues with the focus on identifying often hidden, or poorly understood "root causes". This will include taking you through the results of the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, if you have completed one, then working out a plan of action to restore good health and fitness.

The consultation is by internet video, by phone, or in person, if you are in Wellington, New Zealand.


If we are to use Skype, please add "gazzamoller" to your Skype contacts now.  Please identify yourself when sending your contact request to us so that we know it is you.


Remember this: you are paying for professional advice, so there is absolutely no obligation to purchase any products such as vitamins and minerals, even if some are recommended.


Private Consultation with Gary

$160.00 NZD for the First Consultation only and includes our preparation and follow-up time which can add up.  Followup Consultations are usually half an hour ($60) but may have to be longer if you are a complicated case and/or if you have lots of questions ($110 for the hour).


We welcome and do not charge for brief emails or phone calls from you to tell us how you are because we want to stay in contact with you and to ensure you succeed.  We will reply and be as helpful as possible.  It's all part of our commitment to providing great service!


Your personal details are treated with absolute confidentiality and nothing will be published or divulged to a 3rd party without your written consent.

Download the PDF for more information about What to expect when you employ the services of Gary Moller and Alofa Kosena.

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