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Where are the Conferences?

Updated: Mar 21


"Conferences are part of the scientific process. Scientists and physicians present their data, statistics and conclusions. Others review. This inspires others to then present data for and against what has been presented earlier. This is what the peer review system is all about. This is why the censorship that is currently happening in scientific journals is so deplorable.

It is also wrong that the government, through main stream media is picking winners and losers, in terms of what science is deemed worthy or even allowed to be presented. The media now presents data and public health policies, which our government approves of as fait accompli. No scientific discussion or dissent allowed. This is not how good science works. Let me restate that. This is not how the scientific process works. This is how “totalitarism” works. Dr. Pierre Kory did a great job presenting this topic in his presentation yesterday."

Dr Mark Malone

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