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If the intention is to kill us, they are doing a good job!

If they think this is healthy food, God help us all!

Robynne wrote:

"I took one look at that in the paper yesterday and thought same as you.

Our world standards have dropped: we need to go back to 30/40yrs before all the processed "food" arrived. Why do they not promote how cheap, easy and fun it is to grow a small vegetable plot, especially in our summertime?"

The following article contains some of the worst nutrition advice you would ever expect from officially anointed experts. So for who are these nutritional experts working? Big Food? Big Sugar? Big Agriculture? Uber Eats? Oh, the Food and Grocery Council? Themselves? Whatever! In the end, it is the message that cries out for scrutiny.

Hey, Nikki and Helen, how about a public debate with me about nutrition?

Talk about setting the bar low!

Here we go:

"If you and your household have to go into sudden self-isolation, do you have what you need in the pantry to go the 14-day distance?

Even if you don’t fall sick, you’ll have to stay put for at least another 10 days after your family member or flatmate with Covid-19 gets released. So it’s worth giving a little thought to how and what you’ll eat now.

We asked nutritionists to draw up a household shopping list for 21 days of self-isolation, so you don’t have to rely on UberEats for every meal."

Read the rest of the article, including the links, then come back here.

Here it is:

They seem to be promoting a carbohydrate (sugar) soaked diet that is largely devoid of vitamins, minerals, and fresh, unprocessed fats and oils. If we stick to their list, there is no way that we will reach the daily optimum for nutrients other than sugar in abundance and excess.

Check this Emergency Food List if you haven't already.

Download PDF • 173KB

Crikey: They recommend two kilos of sugar!

Sugar is the food of yeast, viral, bacterial and viral infections. Cancer cells love sugar. Excess sugar drives up unhealthy cholesterol prof