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Move over Neil Young!

Out with the old and in with the old!

Neil Young
Neil Young, now in his late 70's. Source:

When I was a student, during the early to mid-70s in Dunedin, Neil Young was the rocker with the message, in the band Crosby, Nash Stills and Young, along with another balladeer, Bob Dylan. With their protest songs, these and other musicians led the revolutions of the late 60s and 70s. Throw in Carly Simon, CCR, Rod Stewart and Carol King, and we had music heaven, with messages, in our messy student flat! I loved Jefferson Airplane. I didn't get into Hot Chocolate, fronted by Erroll Brown.

Neil Young has gotten into a heated battle with Spotify in recent weeks. In a nutshell, this ageing folk-singer turned rocker is asking for the censorship of Joe Rogan for podcasting one or more interviews with experts who are revealing the science and the politics behind the global pandemic and the associated power-grab. You can read about it here:

It's funny, isn't it, how love and hate are like the two sides of a coin: there is no in-between. I used to love Neil Young's music but, as of this week, his music grates on me: it reminds me of a strangled cat wailing away under my bedroom at two o'clock in the morning!

As I am in awe of Neil Young's achievements, the downsides of his Rocker lifestyle are now showing. One of those downsides is fried brains. Give it a break, mate! What happened to you? If it is not dementia, then what else? How can an iconic rocker-protestor get it so wrong? Has he been brought off?

Too bad, it is time to move on: Out with the Old, in with the New, I say! Let's get into some alternative music to annoy Neil. Let's also stick it up those who suck up to the likes of him and what he now stands for, which is censorship, oppression and division.

Neil Young

Move over, Neil; here are some really Cool Cats: Hot Chocolate!

This song is for you and me: we are the winners (I love the guitar riff!):

Hey, toss the mask - you're beautiful (I love their fashion sense, by the way!):

This song, "No Doubt About It", is unique, brilliant and so relevant to what is happening today! There is no doubt about what you see going on before your eyes today is for real! But what are you doing about it?

When those responsible for ruining so many lives are brought to justice, this is their song to sing while rotting in jail:

Let the nasty and divisive stuff of the psychopaths and their sycophants that are flying at you brush over your head and not enter you. Let's get back into life, loving, laughing and hugging each other once again (Dig the rhythm and the clothes!):

Do not hesitate or delay; go hug someone now!

For better audio, here is Hot Chocolate on Spotify:

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