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Here's how Gary deals with respiratory viral infections

Updated: Apr 1

Let's do an article that focuses on positive action!


The following is not medical advice, I'm merely sharing with others what I do personally to keep one step ahead of the bugs!

The best medicine: fresh food, fresh air, being active, sunshine, relaxation, Mother Nature!

So, I get a phone call: "Sorry, Gary, we are going to have to reschedule. I have a sick child at home today".

"Is she in bed or up and about?" I ask.

"Up and about", is the reply.

"Then bring her in. I'm in good health right now, so I'd be delighted for her to share her bugs with me!"

You see, your immune system is like the skills, heart and muscles of a to-the-death gladiator - prepare them with frequent and challenging exercise so that when the real fights come, victory is assured. But, on the other hand, the immune system of a germophobe becomes weak and pathetic, and it will surrender with the slightest exertion, and we don't want that!


When facing the possibility of infection with an upper respiratory tract infection, here is how I will use this product in conjunction with the products here:

As I understand it, the way to weather a viral respiratory infection is not to avoid it but to first ensure you are in good health through good nutrition, some supplementation, exercise, fresh air, plus regular and refreshing sleep. The second step is to allow yourself to be exposed to a low viral load and do what you can to slow the spread of the virus from the nose, sinuses and throat and down into the bronchioles and lungs.

Much of what I'm saying here will be rubbished by the "allopathic" health experts and the ignoramus's masquerading as fact-checkers. My advice is to go with your gut feelings about what is right, what Grandma and Mother Nature says and give preference to the preventive remedies that do not come with a long list of nasty side effects!

By ensuring a low viral load with slow spread into the deeper regions of the respiratory system, a healthy, well-nourished person prevents their immune system from becoming overwhelmed by the virus while giving it time to analyse the invader and respond decisively. I'll now list the steps we can all take to ensure this happens.

Before you get infected:

  1. Take your special vitamins weeks, if not months before time.

  2. Keep outdoors and, when indoors, ensure the rooms are well ventilated.

  3. Do not wear a mask other than, perhaps, when in crowded rooms. Why bother unless the nappy is a high-grade surgical one and adequately fitting, it is probably next to useless and rebreathing stale contaminated air may increase viral loading if infected.

  4. If you feel fit, healthy, and well-rested, do not be afraid to hug an infected person. After all, the intention is to get "gently" infected, not paranoid avoidance!

  5. Practice good oral hygiene, including keeping your tongue nice and clean:

  6. Breathe through your nose other than when exercising hard (most important). If you are a habitual mouth-breather, you are mainlining bugs directly and deeply into the lungs. Mouth-breathing is unhealthy. Contact me to get a referral to a breathing specialist if you need assistance.

super foods



Once you think you are infected:

  1. Rest up for the next several days, and don't do silly things like all-night parties or running a marathon. It is time to rest!

  2. Get lots of fresh air, get out in the sunshine and don't coop yourself up in a dark, stuffy room.

  3. Do not wear a mask, so you blow the bugs out of your body and don't suck them in deep. The idea is to keep the viral loading low and the infection shallow, thus giving your immune system time to gain the upper hand and go in for the kill.

  4. Increase your special vitamins to the maximum doses.

  5. Drink plenty of fluids and keep your mouth pristine clean.

  6. Use Oh Beehave nasal spray as and when you feel, to keep your nasal passages open and clean. Blow your nose frequently to keep it clean and clear but do not over-blow or be too forceful and end up irritating the nasal tissues or forcing virus into your inner ears. Be gentle. It would be best if you emphasised nose breathing.

  7. Chicken soup (homemade) is perfect as appetite returns. It is perfect!

Most viral infections in healthy people have run their course within ten days of the first symptoms. So once you are feeling better, give yourself several more days of taking it easy to ensure you are completely over it while still using your nasal spray and taking your vitamins. Unfortunately, many people return to "business as usual" too quickly and suffer a relapse.

More about Oh Beehave but expect your mind to explode!

By the way, a health relapse following a viral respiratory infection is seldom the return of the virus but a secondary bacterial infection that may require antibiotic therapy. So, in such cases, typically, the fever breaks, recovery is quick, the person resumes activity then comes down with what may become a really bad secondary chest infection! In all likelihood, antibiotics will be required (if it's a bacterial infection). These secondary infections must not be ignored or treatment delayed.

Continue to practice your respiratory health measures for at least another three months, although at a relaxed level.

Be warned of the side effects of these health measures: they are boundless energy, looking good and feeling great! Shall I list more?

You now have natural immunity! This means you have a resistance that lasts for decades, if not longer, with the bonus of a broad spectrum immunity that gives resistance to any variants (offspring) of the bug that infected you and which you conquered.

A request:

Please share this article wide and far, and support this free service by buying what you need from our small online shop: Thank you!

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5 comentários

30 de jan. de 2022

Wow, Gary, Oh Bee Have sounds stellar dynamic! My Natural Practitioner, Shirley, in Paraparaumu, knows you, and we have been working on my reactions of chronic fatigue, respiratory issues, aches and pains (short description) since the first shot about 2 months ago. I shared your post, and she encourages me to try Bee Have, but is not familiar with the line herself.

I have perused the magnificent descriptions! Could you please advise me which ones I need...two different sprays for pain and respiratory?...or will one of them help both aspects? My work so far with Shirley has definitely reduced the effects to a manageable level, but I'm used to being energetic, busy and ridiculously cheerful, so am not happy feeli…

30 de jan. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thanks so much, Gary!...just sent a note through your "Contact" portal, too, when I realised I should have asked you there...sorry 😊


Kiwi Cam
Kiwi Cam
27 de jan. de 2022

Gary, there's no fear at all in your message. I'm afraid that I won't believe the government's narrative if I follow those suggestions. I'm told to take non-govt. suggestions with a big grain of salt. Will I die? I want someone else to be responsible for my wellbeing so I can be a victim if it doesn't work out and feel the comfort of knowing it wasn't my fault. 😂 😂

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
28 de jan. de 2022
Respondendo a

Cynical! You'll go a long way in life, Cameron.

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