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Here's your Family Virus Protection Pack!

Updated: Apr 6

(Updated 20/02/2022)

I'm updating this article whenever there is new knowledge, so here is the latest.


Omricon is now in the community, which I'm very pleased to hear about. This is because Omricon is mild for most people and once it has swept through the population, the pandemic is going to be over and we can get back to life as usual. However, we have only a three to four-month window of opportunity before Winter is upon us. With Winter there comes the risk of higher casualties due to waning vitamin D levels and higher viral loading due to being confined indoors a lot more. We must let the virus go right now to build so-called herd immunity!

Do not go any further without reading this article first:

To safely achieve herd immunity, we need the first people to be infected to be healthy people while protecting the vulnerable. Our most powerful aids are fresh whole foods, sunlight, fresh air (the Great NZ Outdoors) and a few special nutritional supplements which are listed below.


Get them now while they are still available!

We are getting lots of inquiries about what to take to improve one's resistance to viruses and reduce the chances of having an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Bear in mind there are no guarantees when it comes to life and health, but there is a lot we can do to reduce risk factors for the entire family, including your babies. In this article, we talk about nutritional deficiency-related risk factors that are easy to remedy.

Bear in mind that what I am recommending here does not prevent or cure anything: what it is intended to do is to help you be robust and resilient in the face of all that life has to throw your way, including nasty infections!

However, before we get into the meaty stuff, bear in mind several things:

  • What is good for prevention is also good for surviving infection and aiding recovery.

  • Prevention is a long term investment that best begins many months ahead of a threat, if not years earlier.

  • Prevention that is attempted mere weeks away is better than nothing but will probably yield less pleasing results.

  • What is good for prevention, in this case of a virus, might reduce your chances of suffering an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

  • Prevention with nutrition and lifestyle measures is not prophylaxis and it is not medical treatment. We are not addressing medical prophylactics or treatments in this article.

  • When you follow what I am recommending here, with the low doses daily, there is no downside. The long-term side effects are boundless energy, looking good and feeling great!

The foundation for a healthy immune system and health, in general, is, of course, a healthy diet and an active outdoors lifestyle. A healthy diet means eating primarily food prepared from fresh produce, preferably organic, then adding a few essential supplements on top to plug known gaps in our food supplies. This is preferably supported by accurate nutrient testing such as this service:


Many nutrients support a healthy immune system, but the most important include quercetin, astaxanthin (Algotene), N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, lysine and Vitamin D3, plus super-foods such as brightly coloured spices, berries like blackcurrant, and vegetables.


Please take a few minutes to read this article about lysine:

(One of the take-home messages, in addition to the benefits of lysine, is not to take too much, but a little of these wonderful nutrients most days)

There are, of course, many more essential nutrients such as all the water and fat-soluble vitamins, iodine and selenium. Assuming your diet is consistently rich in nutrient-dense foods, here are the supplements I recommend you take daily for resistance to minor and nasty viruses.

Here's your Family Virus Protection Pack

  1. NAC either in powder or capsule form: or or or

  2. Quercetin in powder or capsule form approx and or Algotene (ideally, a mix and match of both): or

  3. Vitamin C, magnesium and zinc in a powder form to make a daily drink: NATUROPATHSOWN DAILY C - 200G

  4. Vitamin D3: ORTHOPLEX VITAMIN D 1000IU - 200 CAPS

  5. Vitamin D3 drops for babies and children who can not yet swallow pills: BIOCARE BABY & CHILDRENS VITAMIN D3 DROPS 15ML

  6. Lysine: L LYSINE (500MG) - 270S

  7. A quality multivitamin for adults to cover all bases:

  8. A multivitamin for children:

  9. NZ Blackcurrant, a potent antioxidant and source of quercetin: or or if you want one designed for during your workouts

The prices vary depending on the size of the pot, the number of capsules and the brand—the larger ones generally have better value and last longer between refills. The price also depends on what is available. New Zealand is in the midst of a supply chain crisis. Consequently, as many as 30% of the products we use are out of stock. Therefore, we must take what we can get, which may vary from one week to the next.

Ideally, add a dash of this once or twice daily:

If your budget allows, here is how to take it to the next level: Carbon 60!

Before you purchase C60, please work your way through the research so you can make up your own mind. I like it, by the way.

Please read this:

Everything we have here is high-quality practitioner branding. The money you spend on what we supply has gone into the quality of the ingredients and not into advertising, flash celebrity endorsements, or excessive margins for the shelf!

There are, of course, more nutritional supplements that can be added. You certainly can add more if you like, but, first, ensure your diet is nutrient-dense from fresh produce that includes brightly coloured vegetables and spices. What I am recommending in the way of supplements can be considered the "foundational" supplements to be taken and the first to be spending your precious funds on.

You can see how the cost of these can add up, but what value can we place on our health, especially during these times?

Depending on the size, these will last a few months, if not longer. The key to good supplementation is not the volume but consistency with a gentle dribble over many months. There is no place in human nutrition for the Big Hit megadosing unless there is a medical reason for doing so. It is best to be the tortoise rather than the hare when it comes to nutrition.


How to take these supplements

The powders

On their own, each pot of powder, other than the large 500g Sujon, is about 4-6 weeks worth.

So, here is what to do:

  • Empty all of the powders (NAC, Quercetin, Daily C and blackcurrant or Blackmax) into a large bowl and thoroughly mix them all together. You'll find that the combo mix dissolves much better in water than some of the individual components on their own such as quercetin.

  • Store the mix in 2-3 airtight jars in a cool, dark place.

  • If there were three or four powders, have 2-4 teaspoons per day.

  • Rather than drink the entire mix in one go, it is better to have it over 2-3 boluses spread over the day. Your body prefers nutrients to be dribbled in, rather than all in one lot.

  • After the first batch, you may reduce to half the dose so your next mix of powders and ongoing batches lasts the best part of two months. Got the idea!

Ideally, make up your drink with the liquid from this recipe:

Make it up in the morning in a sports drink bottle and drink it over the day. It is perfect to have before, during and after exercise for performance and recovery. Bear in mind other benefits such as the role of these nutrients for things like handling stress and consequent anxiety, depression and mental exhaustion. Check out some of these research articles and commentary about NAC as an example.

For the pills

For vitamin D3, take four capsules per day during winter and two during the summer months, and none on the days you get full sunlight on most of your body, including your torso. If a person weighs less than 60 kg, reduce proportionately so that a 30 kg child has two capsules. You will need to account for the D3 in a multivitamin if you or your child takes one and reduce the number of pure D3 accordingly. Got the idea?

With any adult and child multivitamins, you may take the higher recommended doses for the first month then reduce to about half, assuming there is the foundation of a wholesome nutrient-dense diet in place.

Children and teenagers may have nutrient needs equal to or greater than a mature adult. Their proportionately greater need is because they need nutrients for growth which older people finished a long time ago. What this means is you must not neglect the nutrient needs of children. More than anyone, a child will benefit from a nutrient-dense diet, plus some supplementation as outlined in this article.

Start low and go slow!

Some people may be sensitive to certain nutrients, usually due to poor detoxification processes, toxic exposures to chemicals such as glyphosate, various medications and metals such as arsenic and lead. Please read this article before commencing supplementation:

Another possible cause of sensitivity is where are person is deficient in one or more nutrients. This may be akin to a person who is rescued after being lost for days in the desert. While they may need several litres of water to rehydrate, we start with a teaspoon of water and not litres of it. We might be wise to do the same with nutrients where they are thought to be deficient: start low and go slow and gradually ramp it up to the ideal doses over several days.

Unless advised not to, it is usually best to take supplements with your main meals, especially if you have a sensitive tummy. Most supplements work best with food and there is the additional benefit of the food diluting and slowing the uptake of the ingredients.

If you or someone else does not have relief from these measures, stop taking them and contact me and we will figure out what is going on.

Some interesting background information of relevance

Please look at this video from El Salvador. In the package she opens, there is a mix of prevention and medical products. What I am recommending in this article is similar, minus the medical ingredients.

This article has some interesting information about vitamin D and magnesium (there is a lot of magnesium in the package I recommend):

When it comes to nutrition and health:

Be the tortoise
Be the tortoise - not the hare!

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Feb 22, 2022

Hi Gary! Do you sell any vaccines in your shop? I've heard they help build immunity to the virus but I can't seem to find them anywhere


Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Mar 09, 2022
Replying to

Patrick, I have better, of course! The problem with these vaccines is they don't work and may actually be of negative benefit. I only stock products that work as claimed on the label.


Dec 05, 2021

Extremely helpful advice thanks Gary!


Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Oct 21, 2021

Here's more proof that inflation is coming at you with spikes on. Between the first purchase of Vitamin D, I made in Bangkok in July and the second in September the price doubled.

Now, when we were recommending Vitamin D to Thai people, many of them said they could not afford it. Once again from the Great grotesque reset poor people get hit hard and those better off not so much.

Imagine having the chance to meet Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates and having the time to prepare for the event.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Mar 09, 2022
Replying to

Paul, I'd say about 30% of the products we would normally have on hand from our suppliers are now out of stock, and things look like getting worse.

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