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Here's your Family Virus Protection Pack!

(Updated 20/02/2022)

I'm updating this article whenever there is new knowledge, so here is the latest.


Omricon is now in the community, which I'm very pleased to hear about. This is because Omricon is mild for most people and once it has swept through the population, the pandemic is going to be over and we can get back to life as usual. However, we have only a three to four-month window of opportunity before Winter is upon us. With Winter there comes the risk of higher casualties due to waning vitamin D levels and higher viral loading due to being confined indoors a lot more. We must let the virus go right now to build so-called herd immunity!

Do not go any further without reading this article first:

To safely achieve herd immunity, we need the first people to be infected to be healthy people while protecting the vulnerable. Our most powerful aids are fresh whole foods, sunlight, fresh air (the Great NZ Outdoors) and a few special nutritional supplements which are listed below.


Get them now while they are still available!

We are getting lots of inquiries about what to take to improve one's resistance to viruses and reduce the chances of having an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Bear in mind there are no guarantees when it comes to life and health, but there is a lot we can do to reduce risk factors for the entire family, including your babies. In this article, we talk about nutritional deficiency-related risk factors that are easy to remedy.

Bear in mind that what I am recommending here does not prevent or cure anything: what it is intended to do is to help you be robust and resilient in the face of all that life has to throw your way, including nasty infections!

However, before we get into the meaty stuff, bear in mind several things:

  • What is good for prevention is also good for surviving infection and aiding recovery.

  • Prevention is a long term investment that best begins many months ahead of a threat, if not years earlier.

  • Prevention that is attempted mere weeks away is better than nothing but will probably yield less pleasing results.

  • What is good for prevention, in this case of a virus, might reduce your chances of suffering an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

  • Prevention with nutrition and lifestyle measures is not prophylaxis and it is not medical treatment. We are not addressing medical prophylact