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How to make a health-promoting Citrus Peel drink

Updated: Mar 25

(Updated: February 2024)

Health-promoting lemons
Lemons - the health-promoting super-food!

A simple citrus drink recipe for supporting immune health and detoxification


  1. One lemon, preferably organic (most people can find a lemon tree nearby).

  2. Dandelion and milk thistle (Healtheries "Detox Teabags" will do the job) I prefer teabags because it makes it easier to eat the lemon peel later.

  3. Lemon and ginger (Healtheries again)

  4. Green tea (these should all be available in most supermarkets or organic stores, either as loose-leaf or teabags).

  5. Turmeric powder.

Optional extras:

  1. NZ Blackcurrant (1–2 rounded teaspoons per day). (You could mix several teaspoons into the water when preparing the jug of ingredients). This is a rich source of quercetin.

  2. A bottle of Nucell


  1. Freeze, then defrost a lemon (the freezing bursts the cells, releasing the lovely ingredients), then slice it up, and put in a jug or large teapot.

  2. Add one or two of each of the detox herbs to the jug. These herbs help the detoxification process.

  3. Add a half teaspoon of turmeric powder.

  4. Fill the pot to the top with boiling water.

  5. Leave it to soak overnight so that the herbs and defrosted lemon skins can infuse the water with their health-promoting oils and other goodness. Alternatively, use boiling water to dissolve the goodies in the detox herbs and lemon then add the following the day later for the final brew.

  6. As an option to give this formula a big boost, especially if you are an athlete or struggling with fatigue then, add a few scoops of this:

  7. Add a generous dash of Nucell to the jug of water or a spoonful per glass when serving. NUCELL (FORMERLY NZ FULVIC) 500ML

  8. Drink a few cups of this liquid throughout the day. I add it to my drink bottle when exercising. It's refreshing to drink when hot and thirsty.

  9. Eat a slice or two of the lemon now and then. (Soaking the slices for a day or two removes some bitterness).

Be sure to freeze the lemon (you can store a season's worth this way), defrost it, then slice it up. The freezing breaks the cells of the hard peel, releasing the wonderful nutrients contained within.

Do this about once a week, where you prepare the drink, then consume it all, including eating the peel, over 2-4 days. Then make up a fresh batch.

Tooth Enamel

This drink is a little acidic, so please don't sip it as it could erode tooth enamel. Guzzle down a few times a day. Or, swill a little baking soda or milk around the mouth to neutralise the acidity.

Enamel can and does remineralise if given the right environment. Brush your teeth twice a day. Use an alkalising toothpaste, such as one with baking soda in it. Make sure your diet includes calcium and other minerals so that there is plenty of calcium and other minerals in your saliva, even when sleeping. To be sure your nutrient and mineral status is within healthy ranges and balanced, purchase the HTMA test.

Read about some of the astonishing health benefits of citrus peel here. Why aren't you told about this cheap universal health measure? Why isn't this delicious drink served to every hospital patient? Why is it not served to the elderly in the rest homes?

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Linda Clement
Linda Clement
Mar 04

Hi Gary. I can't decide how much this makes. You say drink a 'few cups' a day but the picture shows only one jug. Should it be made as a jug then diluted to drink? Its unclear how much this recipe should make. I'm sorry to be so pedantic as I'm thinking it probably doesn't matter.


Unknown member
Feb 25

I just happened to have all the ingredients so I've made it up, I'll give a report in a few weeks.

Linda Clement
Linda Clement
Mar 04
Replying to

How long did one jug last you? Gary says make up a jug, drink several glasses a day over two-three days. I'm thinking two days?

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