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Home Made: the best sports drink in the world!

Updated: Apr 5

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There is nothing like a refreshing drink when exercising hard!

Sujon blackcurrant, or any NZ blackcurrant, has been shown in several studies to improve performance and recovery. I have even met Professor Mark Willems from the UK, who did the original research. It may have something to do with how the berry adapts to the berry to high UV in NZ. Here's a quick summary:

So, I use it daily in my sports drinks when training and in recovery. Everyone will benefit but best when combined as follows:

Mix the powders, then store them in 2-4 jars in a dark place. They combine perfectly when you mix them all because each packet and pot is 6-8 weeks' worth of regular use. However, because of their synergy, you need less of each for the same benefit, so the mix will last longer than a few months, depending.

Take 2-4 heaped teaspoons daily in a water bottle, whether it is an active day or not. The winning strategy is to dribble a small dose of each formula's ingredients into your body rather than with irregular dollops or big doses of a single ingredient.

Add a dash of this to your bottle, give it a good shake, and you are good to go:

It works well for all-day or multi-day activities: carry the powder and add it to your bottle and water as you go!

This combination is excellent value and superior to any other sports performance and recovery drink. Despite improving performance and recovery, this mixture contains only a tiny amount of sugar from blackcurrant, and there are no stimulants like caffeine. Despite caffeine being heavily promoted as a performance enhancer, I do not recommend it since it is highly addictive. One of the keys to longevity is keeping a clean machine.

Try this formula, and you'll notice the difference with your first workout.

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Paul jackson
Paul jackson
Jan 09, 2023

i see you are out of the Bioceuticals ultra Muscleze Energy Advanced Magnesium Blend. When do you thin you will have stock again.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Jan 09, 2023
Replying to

Paul, thank you for asking.

We expect a shipment tomorrow or the following day.

If you need anything, email us and we'll put together a package for you.

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