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How to take Athlete Nutrition and Performance to the Next Level

Updated: Feb 23

Revealing just a few of my secrets for producing awesome physical performance regardless of age

Please take a careful look at this 15-minute video by Margeaux Kruger of Cell Logic Integra Nutritionals. Give special attention to the pyramid of "Primary and Secondary Antioxidants" slide which is 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the presentation.

While this presentation is directed at supporting the immune system, the principles apply equally to how the body responds at the cellular level to exercise stress. Understanding what happens at this deep level during exercise is generally very poorly understood and appreciated by sports nutritionists.

The focus for sports nutrition is generally on macronutrients such as protein, fat and carbohydrates, electrolytes, some nutrients such as creatine and on performance-enhancing substances such as caffeine and other forms of "speed". If attention is paid to immune-support it is on a few vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and magnesium which are at the base of the pyramid and not the "super nutrients" that are found at the top 3rd of the pyramid.

The importance of antioxidants during exhausting and often damaging physical activity is generally very poorly understood. The current prevailing idea among exercise physiologists and sports nutritionists is that it is better to starve the body of antioxidants before, during and immediately after hard exercise and competition and to only take these protective nutrients well away from the exercise and only during recovery. I think they are very wrong. They are going down the wrong path. They are limiting and shortening the careers of the athletes they are caring for and potentially making these athletes prone to health problems later in life. These experts will eventually be proven to be wrong. It is just a matter of time. I'm already proving that they are wrong but I do not mind. I like that. It gives us the "edge".

I say, "Good on these misguided experts, go for it because it means that the athletes I am assisting will continue to forge ahead, keep the edge and they will keep on winning!"

First and foremost a great and enduring sporting champion is a very healthy person!

You do not have to be a talented and ambitious athlete to benefit from what we do with an elite athlete who may be preparing for the next Olympics (whenever that might be!). What works for an elite athlete generally works well for anyone regardless of age who is simply wanting to be healthier and to have more energy. Same principles apply.

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