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The consultation process with Gary Moller

Updated: Mar 11

(Updated 25th February, 2024)

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When you consult with me, the following is typically the process and what each step will cost. Please remember everyone, including yourself, will be a little different from others in what they need, so this will vary. Usually, this journey aims to find you in good health and independence from needing experts like myself or medications. For most of us, this is possible; it just takes time and persistent application of a few key strategies based on testing and drawing upon more than four decades of experience.

Ageing and chronic illness aren't synonymous. It's possible to have a long, robust, and fulfilling existence without the burden of chronic illness or the need for costly and potentially harmful medications to maintain it (which are often ineffective anyway!). My role is to guide you towards achieving this and equipping you for the future, so that you may lead a self-sufficient and vibrant life.

Please read this article carefully:

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

We usually recommend this test. It takes out most of the guessing about what is going on deep within your body. This test is very accurate and incredibly informative. It sheds light on the deep root causes of chronic illnesses and just plain feeling tired and off your game. It helps us slow, halt, and sometimes turn back the clock on chronic diseases. It helps us to stay 20 years ahead of the many diseases that typically lay us low and usually finish us as we age.

Please read this carefully and follow the guidelines:

If you have gone through the HTMA guidelines and feel that a consultation is necessary to fully comprehend the report and personalise the results according to your requirements and objectives, you can schedule a one-hour session. However, please wait until you have received the report before booking and paying for the consultation.

Supplements and various nutraceuticals

What we recommend depends entirely upon your health issues, whether to combat an "incurable" auto-immune disease, or training for the Olympics, and what we find in the HTMA. As a general rule of thumb, we like to keep to only half a dozen products at a time, and no more. This is because:

  • The cost. Each product may vary from $20–125 every 6–8 weeks, taken consistently for several months.

  • The complexity of not knowing what is doing what regarding effectiveness if more than half a dozen things are being taken, especially if some or all are from unfamiliar sources.

  • Pill fatigue. If too many things are taken daily, you may get sick and tired of popping so many pills and give up!

The cost usually works out to be around $150–250 every 6–8 weeks. Powders for drinks are usually better for children and infants who can't safely swallow pills.

Whether you take any supplements, how many, and for how long is up to you.

Where do I buy the supplements?

It's your choice, but we'd prefer you to purchase from us or our recommended source if we don't have what we need. This is for several reasons:

  1. What we supply is high-quality, with no wasted spending on flash packaging materials, advertising, paying for rent, shop assistant wages, etc. The money you pay goes into supplying the purest and highest-quality product that'll do its job well.

  2. We know the products well that we recommend. This is important when getting the combinations and dosages right, including matching them with what you eat and any special dietary considerations.

  3. Please remember that taking nutritional products from various places can be confusing, expensive, and sometimes counter-productive. I can end up wasting a lot of time looking up products, learning about their contents, and figuring out where to plug any gaps for you.

  4. Our products come with professional advice customised for you. Internet stores and supermarkets don't help you with professional advice for tailored nutrition based on your health history and test results. This involves carefully balancing what is being taken, including understanding any interactions with medications and medical treatments. While we do charge for formal consultations, we seldom charge when answering emails and taking phone calls. We rely on the modest income from these product sales to keep the cost of staying in contact with you low.

Please purchase from us if the price difference is just a few dollars here and there.

What about food?

We never allow supplements to replace a healthy diet. However, as all good farmers know, there are times for "supplementary feeding", such as during periods of stress, when food may be of poor quality, during pregnancy, and during breastfeeding. The same principles for the supplementary feeding of animals also apply to human beings.

The HTMA helps us determine what foods are best emphasised in a person's diet and what foods are best avoided or reduced. HTMA takes out a lot of the guessing about what to eat, and it helps us determine what supplements to take, the doses, and for how long by repeating the test after several months.

Many people have special dietary needs, such as managing allergies and food intolerances, because of ethnic and religious choices. They may be meat or dairy-free. Some may have chronic health issues that cause huge demands for certain nutrients. In contrast, others, such as athletes in hard training, may need supplementation of various nutrients to sustain performance and recovery.

Some people, including many children, can not or won't eat certain desirable foods. A supplement is usually our best backup option if this is the case.

This is an excellent addition to your diet:

The HTMA, especially when repeated, helps to guide what foods to emphasise and assess the effectiveness of our interventions since the earlier HTMA.

How long does it take to get results?

I might answer that question with a question: "How long is a piece of string?" We never know.

It is a journey that's best begun without delay while taking navigational bearings (testing) now and then to adjust your course. Depending on the person, their health issues, their enthusiasm, and even the size of their budget, noticeable results can be within a matter of weeks. However, most people can't expect much during the first three months. Your health may worsen temporarily if " detoxification " occurs, sometimes coming and going in waves.

Be prepared and understand that this is part and parcel of getting better. It pays to play a long, gentle game when investing in health and fitness. Quick fixes for chronic health problems, like drugs, surgery, extreme diets, and exercise programmes, usually fail.

Maintaining excellent health is a lifelong pursuit right up to the day you die. Health is dynamic. Poor nutrition, stress, pollution, radiation, excessive exercise, injury, infection and drugs constantly bombard us. We mustn't ignore the decrements in health and performance that inevitably happen with getting older by the day.

Few people realise that many ailments associated with getting old are highly preventable, and not necessarily ageing alone. The problem is that we are usually 20 years too late in responding to the gradual onset of disease. The HTMA helps us to intercept disease before there are symptoms.

Expect nothing significant for at least three months and be aware that there is no finish line. The pursuit of good health and its maintenance is a lifelong exercise that is forever changing.

The HTMA, when repeated, helps us to see how we are tracking and adjustments made so we can keep years ahead of any disease. It's one of our best ways to guarantee we have a long and healthy life and not die a slow, miserable death. Wouldn't it be great if you could exceed one hundred years with a sound body and mind, free of the need for any medication and die peacefully in your sleep for no cause other than that it is your time to depart?

How does a programme typically pan out, and what does it cost?

As your health and fitness improve, your reliance on my services and supplementation should gradually reduce. How long that takes depends entirely on your health issues or fitness needs, how well you respond to any interventions, and how keen you are to continue — of course!

If you are unsure what to do, why not meet with me and I'll help you to decide what is the best course of action for you:



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Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Jan 18, 2022

This will be happening in NZ very shortly...the beginning of the end for the entire debacle...

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