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How to Get the Most Out of Your HTMA Report

Updated: Mar 11

(Updated 25th February, 2024)

HTMA Chart

You've received your ARL Laboratories Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Report - either Profile Two, Three or Four. So, what do you do next to get the most out of it?

If you don't have complicated medical issues, you don't have to meet with me — just get into action with implementing the report's recommendations, including diet and supplementation — but here are some helpful guidelines that are additional to what is in your HTMA report.

Read these articles!

Supplement Recommendations

The report usually has you taking several supplements three times a day. I find it's more convenient for most people to take these twice a day with food, usually in the morning and later in the day or evening. Reducing it to twice a day is fine for most people, so long as they understand that they may need to go for longer to gain the same benefits.

Start low and go slow!

If you aren't well, or there are indications or suspicions there may be toxins deep within your body, it may be wise to start with the lowest dose, say, once a day, taking the supplements with your largest meal of the day to dilute and spread the absorption of the nutrients. Give it a week or two, then introduce the second dose of the day with another meal at the other end of the day. Given that there are no issues, continue nice and steady for at least three months (usually, one pot of the Endomet supplements - 180 tablets — is enough for three months).

Please read this article carefully before starting your supplement and dietary changes:

If, after around three months, you are chugging along well, get more of the supplements to complete another three months.

Repeat the test six months after the first HTMA

For most people, the first test is an indication of what needs to be done and, often, the report raises more questions than it answers. The repeat test often leads to important discoveries and breakthroughs. So, you need to plug patiently away for the first six months, then repeat the test to see how your body has responded to the therapies.

If you fall off the cart, don't worry!

We all have our good and bad days — we forget, we get too busy, we go on holiday, and we socialise to excess at times. We get ill or injured. Sometimes, we simply need to have a break! If your healthy habits, including diet, supplementation, exercise, and rest have taken a hit for any reason, don't beat yourself up — simply accept that these times that result in some back-sliding are all part of being a lively and dynamic person making the most of life!

The best response is to shrug your shoulders and get back with the programme. The pursuit of health and fitness is a lifelong and forever-changing goal — it never stops, and what you are doing over the months and years is of greater significance than the occasional and inevitable slip-up. You're human — accept it!

Cut the carbs!

If there is one thing just about everyone can do to improve their health, that is to cut or reduce carbs, especially those that are grains, and any kind of sugar, including honey, and especially any form of carbohydrate that's highly processed, and may include flavourings, colourings, emulsifiers, stabilisers, and preservatives.

Increase free-range animal-sourced fat and protein

In my 50 years of studying health and nutrition, I have never encountered anyone who's allergic to grass-fed beef and lamb.

Please read this article and watch the video by Professor Tim Noakes:

However, in contrast, I can think of many cases of people having allergies and intolerances to plants, such as nuts, grains, beans, leafy greens, and nightshade vegetables.

A guideline for improving health is to decrease carbohydrate intake and increase consumption of meat, eggs, dairy, and seafood. They tend to lose fat while preserving their lean tissue, and chronic health issues tend to get better and sometimes resolve entirely.

Just one thing: if you are changing your diet, such as introducing red meat, or eggs, it may take a while for your digestion to adjust. So, start with a little of the new food per day and gradually increase it over the next month or so.

Handy Tip: The HTMA report usually has recommendations for dietary aids to support the production of digestive juices, or to augment them. If this is the case, then take 1–2 of the digestive supplements with each of your main meals. If you've eaten something that's still sitting uncomfortably in your tummy some hours later, then take another 1–2 of the digestive support supplements with a glass of water.

Add in a daily Super Smoothie!

Here's how to supercharge your quest for excellent health and fitness, that's enduring for decades.

What I am encouraging you to have daily is a special protein smoothie that provides a dense range of essential nutrients while being relatively low in calories.

Please read this article carefully:

Given that you are following the supplement guidelines in your ARL HTMA report, these are the most important ingredients to have in your daily smoothie:

When you are taking this smoothie consistently for a few months and averaging five or more days a week, you may, at any time, reduce the HTMA-recommended supplements to one lot per day. Got the idea?


So, in conclusion, take your time, start low and go slow and the incremental and lasting improvements in health will delightfully come your way, often subtly. Be consistent with your supplements, introduce the Super Smoothie, and repeat the HTMA at regular intervals to guide your interventions.

The pursuit and maintenance of health is a never-ending challenge that only ends when you take your last gasp, and this will be at about 110 years of age, when you pass on peacefully while in your sleep. This is what to expect from the tireless and consistent investment in your health. It's a much better prospect than a life that's increasingly limited and miserable as one illness layers upon many others, and your final years are barely worth living.

So, invest in your health now and reap the rewards or enduring good health!

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