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Reading Support for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

(Updated 12th April, 2024)

Hair tissue analysis report

If you recently completed a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) with us, here are some of the articles and websites we usually recommend for background reading, research and support:

Swallowing Pills

For some people, swallowing pills can be an issue, especially for youngsters (swallowing pills is a skill that has to be learned), so here are a few tips to make it easier.

By the way, the problem with swallowing pills is usually confined to hard tablets, rather than gel capsules.


Just one point: In case you have wondered why pills made of "natural" supplements are so bulky, its because their ingredients are almost exclusively from natural as opposed to synthetic sources. Using synthetics, you can squeeze everything from A-Z into a single pill, whereas this is impossible when using healthy, effective natural ingredients - nutrients that are derived from sources such as plants, herbs, and yeast.


Wash them down!

Make yourself a thick smoothie, place a pill towards the back of the tongue, then take a generous sip of the thick, creamy smoothie. It'll grab and lubricate the pill, pulling it down the throat.

Break the tablet in two

Being smaller, two-halves are easier to get down a tight throat, especially when aided by a thick smoothie.

Dissolve the tablet

Put the tablets in a little warm water so they soften, mix to reduce it to a paste, then add the paste to your smoothies. Some tablets may alter the taste of the smoothie, but it should still be delicious — give it a go!

Open the capsules

Capsules can be pulled apart and the ingredients added to a smoothie.

Questions about Labelling and Expiry Dates

Products imported from the U.S.A. and elsewhere may have labelling requirements that differ from N.Z.'s.

So, they may display the date of manufacture but not the expiry date. Here, most companies have an expiry of about two years, but it's pretty much an educated guess on their part — including factoring in a few additional years for safety. So, if they are sure the product is good for at least four years on a shop's shelf, they'll say two years on the label, rather than four.

There are many factors at play such as the quality of the packaging and how the product is stored. Most end up on a shelf in bright light and warmth. The ones we supply have been in a cool, dark storeroom.

Sometimes the seal lifts when you first open the cap, but that's fine.

Some of the products may have a strong smell. This is normal because natural vs synthetics are derived from sources such as herbs and yeast. The smell can be quite strong in some cases. Contact us if you have any concerns about the quality of your product.

Natural supplements tend to be a lot more bulky, by the way. They're harder to squeeze into a single pill. Hence why you may have to take multiples of one to get the best dose.

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Bruce Dickson
Bruce Dickson
Feb 07

Gary, another way to get pills down, a hospital protocol for getting elderly people to swallow pills: 1) Get the pill(s) in your mouth, probably with water or anything liquid.

2) Stand up and bend over so your head is at knee level.

3) Swallow. This eliminates many of the throat issues with swallowing pills.

If it does not work, you head probably was NOT LOW ENUF 😊

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