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When is the best time to repeat Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)?

Updated: Mar 27

HTMA Nutritional and Toxic Elements Chart
HTMA Nutritional and Toxic Elements Chart

One of my clients asked this question about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA):

"When do you think the retest should happen?"

My answer to his question is as follows:

Repeat the test every six months when there is action happening that you want to keep track of and for adjusting your programme. Once you are stable and happy with where things are at, then once a year, or even every couple of years. Repeat the test if there has been a significant change in health or fitness, such as an illness, a severe injury, or when transitioning to a new phase in athletic training.

Keep twenty years ahead of any disease.

The repeat test is always the most valuable, and the more tests completed over the years, the more valuable they become when repeated because you can pick trends in health and vitality, thus keeping ahead of ageing and illness. If you have been ill, repeating the test 2-3 months after recovery will be a record of what impact the condition may have had deep within your body. The repeated test may even enlighten us on why you may have become ill in the first place or were hit unusually hard by it. In doing so, the repeat tests will guide you in your quest to make a full recovery and be more resilient against future illnesses.

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