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Oh Beehave Nasal Spray

Updated: 02.02/22



The following article is not medical advice, I'm merely sharing with others what I do personally to keep one step ahead of the bugs!


Look at this: in the USA they are talking about the antiviral properties of New Zealand Manuka honey:


Please read this carefully and think about how to incorporate the general ideas of "nasal hygiene" into your life. You do not need to go hard out with these things. I like the idea of going gently and also being a bit like the tortoise and not the hare with these things. A gentle Manuka honey-based nasal spray may be the way to go.

This is interesting:

The nasal spray we have here (details below) is unlike anything else on the market: read the following and be blown away!


For nasal spray delivery.

50ml $28

You must take a few minutes to read this article:

With regards to viruses, here is what Quantum Biologist, Dr Keryn Johnson, has to say about his New Zealand Manuka Honey-based product :

The product generates hydroxyl radicals that turn biological molecules back into CO2 and water. The oxidation process has the potential to inhibit MPro a cysteine active site thiol protease required by the virus to process the protein transcript into the viral proteins as part of the viral replication process.

I have previously shown inhibition of cathepsin B which is another cysteine active site thiol protease by Manuka honey active ingredient.

Natural complementary apitherapy healing technology. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and switches off inflammation by inhibiting macrophage phagocytosis. This has the potential to modulate the issues with cytokine storms if the immune system gets out of control.