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Gardasil HPV vaccine and adverse health effects!

(Updated: 3rd July, 2024)

Is it the aluminium?


Now, please watch this documentary "Under the Skin":

And read this:


This article reports on two teenage girls who sought our assistance following vaccine harm. It's a warning to all parents of the need to take great care when deciding what chemicals they'll allow Big Pharma and their agents (doctors) to inject into their precious children.


As outlined in the documentary above, "Under the Skin", many adolescent children worldwide have experienced catastrophic neurological harm, including paralysis, immediately following the HPV vaccine. New Zealand has its own cases.

It may not be the "vaccine" alone that's the problem — these drugs contain aluminium (Al), which is a neurotoxin and carcinogen, and chemicals such as polyethylene glycol (PEG) that are concerningly similar to the antifreeze found in a car's radiator.

This article by health researcher Maryanne Demasi reveals how the manufacturer of the Gardasil vaccine concealed the dangers of this vaccine by including aluminium in the placebo used for the vaccine's safety trials. Thus, it was, that there was little difference between the vaccine and the placebo for adverse reactions!

Is it acceptable for substances such as aluminium, known to be linked with alarming disorders like cancer and brain diseases, to be injected into the human body, particularly in children who are experiencing the physiological upheavals of puberty? It isn't - full-stop!

A heart-warming outcome!

(But with no thanks to the doctors involved).

Let's get to some positive news. The video that began this article is of Brianna's remarkable journey from paralysis to recovery' Brianna became wheelchair-bound following the HPV vaccine. She went from a promising athlete to paralysed, dependent on her parents. While her GP ran away and medical specialists refused to see her, while her parents were labelled child-abusers — no kidding! It was nothing short of a nightmare. Without a proper medical examination, she was labelled anorexic based on her alarming weight loss (an obvious consequence of paralysis, I'll add!).

With funding assistance from an amazing private charity, set up by one of my clients for this purpose, Brianna began her long journey to recovery, which you can see in the heart-warming video that follows:


Brianna made her school's indoor basketball team this year (2024)!

I'll say huge congratulations, Brianna, but, again, no thanks to the medical system that not only failed her, but also turned their backs while blaming the victim and her family.


The video that follows is of Brianna's hands following the Gardasil Vaccine:

Take note of the remarkable similarities of her body tremors with the video of Rob Martin's tremors in this article. Rob suffered harm following the Pfizer mRNA jab:

Rob Martin
The author, Gary Moller, with Rob Martin

We completed hair tissue analysis, and urine tests for neurotransmitters for the young women. These tests confirmed elevated aluminium and neurotransmitter disturbances. The close association with the timing of the vaccine and the concerning test results raise serious questions about the safety of such vaccines. However, the mechanism of harm is still disputed. The most obvious vector for harm is aluminium, which is a well-known neurotoxin.

Here are examples of laboratory testing for these young women, confirming elevated aluminium, and significant neurotransmitter disturbances (I've never seen results as chaotic as these!).

Neurotransmitter chart

Neurotransmitter chart

Take note of the extremely high aluminium content and the chaos in the Nutritional Elements chart.

HTMA Chart

Please note, while these patient testimonies are concerning, as is the research that follows, they don't establish a definitive causal link between the HPV vaccine and the observed neurological harm. However, there's more than enough evidence for there to be deep concern about the safety of these drugs, and to mandate their recall.


A Sheep Study Gives Us Clues!

Here's the article:

To save you time, I've produced a summary of the key points from the sheep study and its relationship to what may be going on with the Gardasil vaccine harming so many young women:

Executive Summary

This report discusses a potential link between the Gardasil HPV vaccine and adverse health effects, focusing on an ingredient found in the vaccine. It also highlights a parallel situation involving a mysterious sheep illness in Europe connected to a similar ingredient. The key points of this report are as follows:

  1. Gardasil and Health Concerns: The report suggests a connection between the Gardasil HPV vaccine and both severe injuries and deaths attributed to one of its ingredients.

  2. Bluetongue Disease Outbreak: Around a decade ago, a widespread outbreak of bluetongue disease, caused by the bluetongue virus (BTV), occurred in Europe, affecting primarily sheep. Symptoms included fever, haemorrhages, depression, and cyanosis.

  3. Mass Vaccination Campaign: In response to the bluetongue disease outbreak, a mass vaccination campaign was launched between 2007 and 2010 across European countries. This vaccine contained a new ingredient, aluminium (Al), as an adjuvant, in addition to inactivated BTV.

  4. Unexplained Severe Diseases: During the same vaccination period, previously unreported severe diseases emerged in France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and Spain, featuring various neurological symptoms and weakness among sheep. Veterinarians struggled to identify a known disease to explain these occurrences.

  5. Sheep Study Reveals Aluminium's Role: Dr. Lluis Lujan conducted a study involving sheep, which were divided into three groups: one group received sheep vaccines containing aluminium hydroxide. Another group received an equivalent dose of aluminium dissolved in water (Alhydrogel®), and the third group was administered a neutral saltwater solution. The sheep that received the aluminium, Either from vaccines or Alhydrogel®, both groups exhibited heightened aggression, stress, and aluminium accumulation in their lymph nodes in the lumbar spinal cord.

  6. Aluminium as a Potential Cause: The study concluded that aluminium, specifically added as an adjuvant in the vaccine, may have contributed to the observed adverse effects in sheep. Dr. Lujan suggested that the body's response to aluminium could be a key factor in these adverse health outcomes.

  7. Human Implications: The report raises concerns about potential parallels between the observed effects in sheep and human health, suggesting that further research is needed to explore any potential risks associated with aluminium-containing vaccines, including Gardasil.


My Concluding Statements:

  • Research and patient testimonies raise concerns about the safety of the HPV vaccine, particularly Gardasil.

  • Current evidence doesn't conclusively establish a direct link between the HPV vaccine and reported neurological problems.

  • Genuine worries exist regarding the safety of HPV vaccines and similar immunisations.

  • The belief that all vaccines are entirely safe and effective may not be realistic.

  • Lack of informed consent — Parents must be provided with comprehensive information about the vaccine's safety, including a balanced assessment of its benefits and drawbacks, before consenting in writing to the injecting of their child.

  • Furthermore, parents should be educated about preventive measures and alternatives that may delay, reduce, or remove the necessity for these vaccines.

  • Call for an immediate cessation of this vaccine due to safety concerns.

More About Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness:

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Oct 16, 2023

DTK, Thank you for sharing this valuable information regarding Professor Exley's work and his expertise on aluminium. I'm familiar with his research and his advocacy on this subject, and he's emphasised practical approaches for managing aluminium exposure.

The idea of using mineral water high in silica to bind with aluminium, creating a harmless compound that the body can excrete through urine, is fascinating. It underscores the importance of synergy and antagonism between elements in the universe, as well as the geological chemistry at play in our daily lives. Silica, along with minerals like calcium and iron, acts as an antagonist to aluminium, as does vitamin C.

But, first, one should always test, then prescribe. Is there really Al in the body,…


Oct 16, 2023

Hi Gary, I have a book which I consider to be most valuable to have in my reference library entitled " Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies - 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers " by Neil Z. Miller. After reading your blog post above, I've pulled it off the shelf and looked at the chapter covering Aluminium's use as an adjuvant.

# It mentions a study by Lujan L, Perez,et al.autoimmune/ autoinflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants ( ASIA Syndrome ) in commercial sheep,July 2013.

The condition appears in some sheep 2-6 days after they are vaccinated. Symptoms of the acute phase include poor response to external stimuli and acute meningoencephalitis.The chronic phase causes muscular atrophy, neuro-degeneration…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Oct 16, 2023
Replying to

Hi Marian,

Thank you for sharing insights from "Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies." Your email confirms the importance of comprehensive vaccine information and the potential risks associated with adjuvants and HPV vaccines. I'm here to support informed decision-making and appreciate your dedication to the cause.

Children are parents' most precious things, and they should never hand over responsibility for their care to those who may profit without exercising extreme due diligence before doing so.


Oct 16, 2023

Prof Exley (aka Mr Aluminium), formerly of Keele University in the UK is an acknowledged expert on aluminium and has written extensively about it as well as having many Youtube videos on the subject. I recall one thing he recommended - using mineral water that is high in silica. The Si combines with the Al to form a harmless compound which is excreted from the body via urine. This is basic geological chemistry - a lot of the earth's crust is made up of rocks containing SiAl. I guess that's the basis of his suggestion. If you'd like a document of his that was published in "Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology" titled "An aluminium adjuvant in …

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