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Gardasil HPV vaccine and adverse health effects: A mysterious sheep illness gives a clue!

Please watch this documentary "Under the Skin":

I've had the parents of two teenage girls seek my assistance. Both girls experienced neurological harm, including paralysis, immediately following the HPV vaccine.

The video that follows is of one of the young women's hands following the Gardisil Vaccine:

Take note of the remarkable similarities of her body tremors with the video of Rob Martin's tremors in this article. Rob suffered harm following the Pfizer mRNA jab:

Rob Martin
The author, Gary Moller, with Rob Martin

We completed hair tissue analysis, and urine tests for neurotransmitters for the young women. These tests confirmed elevated aluminium and neurotransmitter disturbances. The close association with the timing of the vaccine and the concerning test results raise serious questions about the safety of such vaccines. However, the mechanism of harm is still disputed. The most obvious vector for harm is aluminium, which is a well-known neurotoxin.

Here are examples of laboratory testing for these young women, confirming elevated aluminium, and significant neurotransmitter disturbances.

Neurotransmitter chart

Neurotransmitter chart

HTMA Chart

Please note, while these patient testimonies are concerning, as is the research that follows, they don't establish a definitive causal link between the HPV vaccine and the observed neurological harm.


A Sheep Study Gives Us Clues!

Here's the article:

To save you time, I've produced a summary of the key points from the sheep study and its relationship to what may be going on with the Gardisil vaccine harming so many young women:

Executive Summary

This report discusses a potential link between the Gardasil HPV vaccine and adverse health effects, focusing on an ingredient found in the vaccine. It also highlights a parallel situation involving a mysterious sheep illness in Europe connected to a similar ingredient. The key points of this report are as follows:

  1. Gardasil and Health Concerns: The report suggests a connection between the Gardasil HPV vaccine and both severe injuries and deaths attributed to one of its ingredients.

  2. Bluetongue Disease Outbreak: Around a decade ago, a widespread outbreak of bluetongue disease, caused by the bluetongue virus (BTV), occurred in Europe, affecting primarily sheep. Symptoms included fever, haemorrhages, depression, and cyanosis.

  3. Mass Vaccination Campaign: In response to the bluetongue disease outbreak, a mass vaccination campaign was launched between 2007 and 2010 across European countries. This vaccine contained a new ingredient, aluminium (Al), as an adjuvant, in addition to inactivated BTV.

  4. Unexplained Severe Diseases: During the same vaccination period, previously unreported severe diseases emerged in France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and Spain, featuring various neurological symptoms and weakness among sheep. Veterinarians struggled to identify a known disease to explain these occurrences.

  5. Sheep Study Reveals Aluminium's Role: Dr. Lluis Lujan conducted a study involving sheep, which were divided into three groups: one group received sheep vaccines containing aluminium hydroxide. Another group received an equivalent dose of aluminium dissolved in water (Alhydrogel®), and the third group was administered a neutral saltwater solution. The sheep that received aluminium,

Either from vaccines or Alhydrogel®, both groups exhibited heightened aggression, stress, and aluminium accumulation in their lymph nodes in the lumbar spinal cord.

  1. Aluminium as a Potential Cause: The study concluded that aluminium, specifically added as an adjuvant in the vaccine, may have contributed to the observed adverse effects in sheep. Dr. Lujan suggested that the body's response to aluminium could be a key factor in these adverse health outcomes.

  2. Human Implications: The report raises concerns about potential parallels between the observed effects in sheep and human health, suggesting that further research is needed to explore any potential risks associated with aluminum-containing vaccines, including Gardasil.


My Concluding Statements:

  • Research and patient testimonies raise concerns about the safety of the HPV vaccine, particularly Gardasil.

  • Current evidence doesn't conclusively establish a direct link between the HPV vaccine and reported neurological problems.

  • Genuine worries exist regarding the safety of HPV vaccines and similar immunisations.

  • The belief that all vaccines are entirely safe and effective may not be realistic.

  • Parents should be provided with comprehensive information about vaccine safety, including a balanced assessment of their benefits and drawbacks.

  • Furthermore, parents should be educated about preventive measures and alternatives that may delay or reduce the necessity for vaccines.

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