• Gary Moller

Do I recommend the HPV Vaccine?

Updated: May 4

"Gary, I've been asked by my daughters about this vaccine for their children at high school.

Your opinion would be much appreciated.


HPV Vaccine Flyer

Vaccination is one topic I've been doing my best to avoid but failing. No matter what one says, be it for, or against, it is going to attract a lot of unpleasant flack. It is one of those topics that has become so polarised there is no middle ground to occupy. I'm also doing my best to avoid unreasonable censorship. As I write I am dealing with my Facebook Page being "Ghost Censored" due to my recent posts about COVID-19 which I thought were reasonable.

To set the scene, here is what one of my clients write about the HPV Vaccine (I've cut and pasted it so she is assured of anonymity):

"With regards to the HPV vaccine, I would certainly say “DON’T HAVE IT”.

My daughter's life changed for the worst after one injection of the HPV (and I wouldn’t give her the other two) and caused PMDD and her menstrual cycle is so messed up.

I most certainly didn’t give it to my other daughter after what happened to my daughter.

Girls have died from it and beautiful high performing girls have turned into monsters. There's thousands of people online stressing what it’s done to their beautiful children.

What is does is it stops ovulation, causes PCOS and is deadly!!"

I know exactly what this mother and daughter are now dealing with and concur. I'm doing my best to assist this family. What they are going through is just awful, almost unimaginable.

Here is a question I usually put to the mothers of pubescent girls when they ask for my opinion whether to vaccinate their daughter(s) for HPV:

"Is she sexually active and with many partners?"

This question is mostly laughable, but is a good way of making the point: high-risk sexual activity is most unlikely for 99.9% of pubescent girls in NZ. If the child was being sexually active, I'd be getting the child services authorities involved and the parents arrested, instead of offering a vaccine.

If a child is sexually active in this way, she may want to have the vaccine right away, but the better action is to attenuate the sexual activity and practice safe sex. If not, then why have it and risk an adverse reaction, some life-changing? The better action might be to wait until puberty is well and truly done and dusted. Any kind of medical intervention around the time of puberty is best avoided, unless it is essential, since puberty is a time of extreme changes in her body, including her brain, hormones and immune system. It is better to wait until she is through this and well into being a robust, mature adult. Then she can decide for herself whether to have the vaccine.

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