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A heart-warming progress report

Updated: May 15

(Updated 24 August 2022)

Until the mRNA jab came along, the HPV vaccine for young girls was the most hazardous of all jabs to be currently administered to people of all ages.

This is an update of Brianna's story, and, gosh - what a remarkable and brave young woman she is! Please read on:

Brianna crocheting - she made the bunny
Brianna crocheting - she made the bunny

After being paralysed with profuse nerve damage by the HPV vaccine a few years ago, Brianna continues to make steady progress. It has been an incredibly tough journey for all involved: the stress on Brianna and her family has been intolerable and constant. It has not helped that she has been medically hung out to dry by them, inferring that her illness is due to an eating disorder and hysteria. Brianna suffered a terrible vaccine injury and should have received assistance from ACC, but without the cooperation of the medical profession, no assistance, including meaningful and beneficial assistance, was forthcoming. Thankfully, one of my clients has a small charitable trust which has provided financial assistance with her treatment and recovery.

Brianna has written a brief update which follows:

"I'm so much better than I was even three months ago - I can walk with my walker standing very straight, I'm not so breathless now when I do it. I don't have brain fog, tremors or a cough anymore, and I have gained over 10kg in weight. I'm enjoying school, although it's hard to make friends, as I'm still in a wheelchair. I spend most lunchtimes alone, but I'm so grateful to be in the school environment again, keeping up with my schoolwork, and being with my peers.

I can once again shower myself and do some cooking in the kitchen. I can manage so many more things on my own, and I love being independent once more!"

Brianna sketch of dog

Considering the severe damage to her nervous system, her recovery, though not completed, is truly remarkable. Watch the videos below, taken last year. The fact she is now drawing, crocheting and writing so beautifully these days, she is truly remarkable and an inspiration!


What follows is the article written last year.


Brianna beginning to take her first steps to recovery.

She continues to make progress using a walker.

An indication below of the nerve damage (This is not an eating disorder!).

Brianna wrote: