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What to do if you think something has harmed you, or a loved one

Updated: Mar 4

Please answer these questions while waiting on your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis report to arrive:

  1. When did you notice the first hint of symptoms? (You may have to go back years or even decades to answer this.)

  2. Was there anything out of the unusual during the weeks, or a few months prior to the first onset of symptoms? This could be just about anything. It might be a week off school because of a "flu", taking a medicine, running a hard race, working near or with a chemical, sanding down paint, bathing in a geothermal hot pool, a tummy upset while overseas - that sort of thing.

  3. Did you seek medical help? Elaborate: What was the diagnosis? What was the treatment? Was the treatment effective? Were there any lingering symptoms?

  4. What do you think triggered this latest round of symptoms?

  5. Is there anything that appears to give relief?

  6. Finally, what do you think is going on? You will no doubt have been thinking about this a lot and will have some suspicions.

Send your answers to me and make sure you complete the form here before we meet:

The process:

We will review this information alongside the hair tissue test to find matches. For example, we may see a hint of arsenic which may link with the onset of gut issues or fatigue following drinking bore water from a region that has arsenic-laced geology.



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