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HPV Vaccine Damaged our Beautiful Girl!

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Vaccine being prepared for injecting

"I would like to acknowledge to people that when my daughter had the first HPV vaccine she had a bad reaction and I never took her back for the other two injections (thank god.)

After the initial injection, at 14 years old, our daughter became a totally different person. We couldn’t get her out of bed at all. She wanted to get drunk (had never ever wanted alcohol before in her life) and we couldn’t get her back to high school.

From there she ended up in PMH day care where they tried getting her back to two more schools but to no avail. She was then home schooled.

After many years of tests and trials she was diagnosed with many things, PCOS being one of them with high androgens (which I believe the HPV vaccination stops ovulation and caused her PMDD also) with massive mood swings, self harming, alcohol bingeing until she’s comatose and many other awful reactions. Our beautiful girl had a side to her that was very ugly that wasn’t there before she had the HPV vaccination.

8 years on and we are still battling to keep her alive.

A hair test this month has revealed very high aluminum, and it just confirms to me that the HPV vaccine is in her body causing havoc!

Our daughter has not been able to work, has a support worker and struggles to live a good life.

The HPV vaccine is evil to people who have a bad reaction to it and this should be made public so people know what it can do and then can choose wisely when deciding whether to vaccinate or not".

(I have permission from this mother and daughter to publish this and other details that follow)


Notes from her Mother:

1: POTS - we took her to a specialist to diagnose this

2: We also took our daughter to Australia who saw Professor XXXX who wrote in his letter “her history is strongly indicative of a Neuro inflammatory process possibly triggered by HPV vaccine and mitochondrial dysfunction.

3: PCOS (Diagnosed by a scan) - ovulation failure

4: Autism (diagnosed by Psychologist XXXX) - caused by high levels of aluminum

5: Hair Test showing high aluminum which impairs cognitive and motor function

6: High histamine (L-Histidine is in HPV Vaccination), her histamine showed histamine was off the charts

7: Gluten Intolerant (my guess XXXX is in fact Coeliac) which no doubt is from the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae that is in the HPV causing an autoimmune disease!

Dr. XXXX said, “HPV DNA in Gardasil is not ‘natural’ DNA. It is a recombinant HPV DNA (rDNA), genetically engineered, to be inserted into yeast cells for virus-like-particle (VLP) protein production. rDNA is known to behave differently from natural DNA. It may enter a human cell, especially in an inflammatory lesion caused by the effects of the aluminum adjuvant, via poorly understood mechanisms … Once a segment of recombinant DNA is inserted into a human cell, the consequences are hard to predict.”