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How to be a human-being

Updated: Mar 4

Hold hands

Holding hands


Boy smiling


Couple embracing

Be friends with Mother Nature

At one with Nature

Being human means refusing to live in fear and isolation. The cost is too high. Our Government wasted at least 50 billion dollars last year alone on its response. There are souring rates of mental illness and poverty that we are barely hearing about. The "V" rollout is another billion, this year alone and ongoing, but nobody is telling what the actual figures are.

Oh, what I could do with $50 billion to address the social and health problems that are pushing New Zealand to the bottom of the OECD for just about every measure of health (NZ was once near the top)!

It is time for those who profit from propagating fear, isolation and illness to naff-off.

Read this with what I write about how to live a long, healthy, enjoyable and productive life. This includes learning how to nurture an immune system that works to keep us healthy and safe for the duration of our allotted time, in harmony with this beautiful, but stressed planet.

Be strong!

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