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Vaccine Injury: what tests should I order?

Updated: Apr 1

Updated 26/01/22

Important: this is an essay by Gary Moller, reflecting upon what he has observed in the Clinic. I do not and can not diagnose health problems or give treatment recommendations. The intention here is to help guide nutrition and lifestyle to support medical treatment: consult your doctor).

blood test

Readers will be aware that our small clinic has experienced an increasing flow of distressed people who have suffered harm, allegedly from the mRNA vaccines. Only a handful have been appropriately diagnosed, in my opinion. While symptoms vary, most appear to suffer neuromuscular-related issues. Although their signs and symptoms smack of myocarditis or pericarditis, most are sent home after being told they have rib pain, anxiety or postural hypotension. More often than not, they are sent home with a pain killer, a beta-blocker or anti-anxiety medication. In my opinion, this is not good enough.

We are all in new, uncharted territory here, but we are finding our way. You can help by sending in feedback on your experiences and observations, including what seems to work and what doesn't. It all helps. We operate with open minds here!

Please take a few minutes to view the following videos carefully. You will notice these people have uncontrollable shaking, rippling, or twitching, indicating poor neuromuscular control. While considering these, think about what might be going on with the heart muscle and even the blood vessels, which are themselves muscles: is the same involuntary movement happening in these tissues? This squirming and twitching may explain why people report chest pain, thumping or weak heart, exhaustion, inability to exert oneself and so on.

Be aware that what we are assessing here with these "squirm and shake" tests may never show on a heart scan, ECG or blood test. However, what they can show is that something untoward is going on and consistent with what the patient is feeling.

Is this what we are seeing in these videos but as a subtle variant that is not attracting attention?

While attention is on the rare, "serious" injuries and deaths, what about the thousands of "lesser" injuries that must be there that form the base and the body of the "Pyramid of Death and Harm"?


For each casualty, such as Maddie de Garay, there must be thousands of lesser injuries.

My article which explains the pyramid of harm and death can be read here:

Assessing yourself

  1. This is important: Get an Omron wrist-type blood pressure monitor and follow the guidelines in this article, then send me the recordings and I will comment: In addition, take some readings while standing tall.

  2. Do the drink bottle test. Gently grasp the body of the bottle and hold it out straight for one minute and take a clear video. Do left and right hands. There may be a difference. Send the videos and I will comment.

  3. Open your mouth wide and poke your tongue out but do not strain - relax. Video the tongue for about a minute. Send the videos and I will comment.

Note: Alofa and I will not charge for our time for this initial advice: this is on the house as so-called Good Works.

When you visit your doctor, take the videos with you, better still, email them ahead of time so they can be studied before the meeting (most Drs are pressed for time during a consultation).

Keep the videos as a record of your starting position, whether they show anything obvious or not. The intention is to repeat them later to assess your progress, including the effectiveness of any interventions.

Laboratory testing

I asked a laboratory technician for advice about what tests appear to be the most appropriate for a patient who may have damage to the heart and other organs (liver, kidneys, nervous system) by the mRNA vaccine.

The technician replied, in the strictest confidence, with some fabulous advice which I am using here in my own words. Please be aware that health professionals are living in fear, including the fear that they may lose their jobs in an instant if they utter the slightest negative about the mRNA vaccine or the pandemic response, or cast doubt in any way. What has New Zealand become!

What follows is the list supplied, and guidance, with editing by myself. When you go to your doctor, take this list with you, but please do not insult your doctor by telling them how to do their job. Instead, be polite and respectful, while being confident and assertive (more about this shortly).

Tests worth considering

  • CBC - Full blood count. Checks your red cells, white cells, platelets

  • LFTs - Liver function tests

  • Na, K, Creatinine, Urea for Kidney Function tests

  • TNI - Troponin - indicator for heart muscle damage

  • D-dimer - indicates if clot, DVT or recent clotting in the body.

  • BNP - BNP levels are higher than normal when you have heart failure.

  • CRP - for inflammation. However - it's non-specific, just tells you there is inflammation, not where.

  • Ceruloplasmin to help determine copper status when compared alongside HTMA.

  • ANA (antinuclear antibody) - may indicate an autoimmune disorder. An autoimmune disorder causes your immune system to attack your own cells, tissues, and/or organs by mistake. It is possible the mRNA vaccine is triggering an autoimmune disorder and may explain the involuntary twitching and squirming of muscle tissue.

Bear in mind that all of these tests have their limitations and are best left to an experienced doctor to determine their significance.

Patients can and should keep all copies of their blood test results and make sure everything that is said about their condition and the significance of any testing is written down for future reference. The practise nurse can email the results to the patient, and at some labs, with proof of identity results can be released.

If the GP doesn't think it necessary for some of the tests, but for your peace of mind you'd prefer to have them - offer to pay for them. You still need the GP to write up the request, but you'd just have to pay at the blood test centre for the tests that your GP won't fund.

For some of those tests like CBC, LFTs, Kidney function you may be able to self refer and pay at the blood test centre. But others like TNI, BNP, D-dimer, would need a GP referral. I think it may be different in certain DHBs. Ring the blood test centre and inquire, if you feel the need.

Once you have your test results from your doctor or specialist, you are welcome to email them to me along with details of the medical diagnosis and treatment recommendations, including medications, and I will comment in confidence. I am not a doctor but I have experience with cardiovascular rehabilitation stretching back to 1972. I am here to help.

Be strong, be assertive, be optimistic!

When you arrive at the emergency medical clinic, complaining of jab-related chest pain or something similar, do not be surprised if, from the receptionist through to the specialist, you get the eye-rolling treatment and sense that there is a lack of urgency. "Oh dear, here comes another hysterical person!" Yes, you can expect everybody but you to think you have a head problem. Expect your treatment to include anti-anxiety medication which you probably do not need, but it may be a clue to what they are really thinking about you.

Of course, if you feel like your heart is not working properly, you are going to suffer anxiety, but that is not the real problem - it is your heart! Be polite but assertive and insist on getting the service and treatment you require and deserve. Got the idea?

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, then it is probably a duck!

Listen to your body: if you feel something is amiss, yet medical tests come up blank, it does not mean you are physically fit and healthy. If the medical advice is to go home, take a few antidepressants and painkillers and rest for a few days, that is not good enough. Heart problems are serious matters, even if supposedly minor, and not to be brushed off. You must believe in yourself: you must believe what you feel; do not ignore it, or try to override the symptoms. Insist on further testing, seek second opinions and be forever optimistic: tell yourself over and over that you will get over this because you are investing in your health from this point on.

One final point to be repeated: get everything in writing, record meetings, take videos of your signs and symptoms. If a verbal conversation is not recorded follow it up with an email or a diary note. Never attend a medical consultation or related meeting alone: take someone with you to take notes of the meeting and to give moral support. This is very important in case your recovery is slow or things get worse. You must have a paper trail. Anticipate court cases a year or two from now where you can seek justice and compensation for the harm done to you.

I'm writing more guidelines about what you can do to assist your recovery if you suspect you have suffered harm from mRNA vaccines. Keep an eye out for them. I'm onto it: it is just a matter of getting my head around the issues and finding the time.

Kia kaha e hoa!



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