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mRNA-driven Autoimmune Diseases explained

This article proposes the root cause mechanism for the proliferation of autoimmune conditions associated with mRNA vaccines, including those affecting the heart muscle. This mechanism explains why some women, some physically fit men, and some people with pre-existing autoimmune disorders may be more vulnerable to an autoimmune reaction to these vaccines. Furthermore, it raises serious concerns that we may be exposing our children, including the unborn, to lives plagued by autoimmune diseases. Therefore, I call for the immediate end of the mRNA vaccination programme.


Important: this is an essay by Gary Moller, reflecting upon what he has observed in the Clinic. I do not and can not diagnose health problems or give treatment recommendations. The intention here is to help guide nutrition and lifestyle to support medical treatment: consult your doctor).


First, read these articles so you get the background to the problem while also getting an idea of my journey to figuring out what is the underlying mechanism:

Felicity Leahy, BBMedSc, BNatMed, MNZAMH, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist sent me the following articles, which help explain the autoimmune connections with mRNA vaccines (Thank you, Felicity). Please read them carefully, then proceed:

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