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Heart problems in healthy, vaxxed people

(updated 23/12/21)

Articles like these never make the news due to censorship: please help me get this information out by passing it on to others. Thank you!


3rd WW.

Are these all just coincidences? When do we stop dismissing things as random coincidences and call a halt to this carnage?

This will blow you away:

Read this:


"Gary, I had and have still heart and lung problems since my first vaccine. Doc sent me to the hospital in an ambulance, and they said I was fine, which I'm certain that I'm not".

(Name supplied but withheld)


Here's a professional mountain biker, Kyle, who I have been following for years. With his partner, April, they produce excellent MTB skills videos. Unfortunately, Kyle is not looking the best; he has lost weight since I last saw him and looks drawn and exhausted.

Here's my earlier article about Karl:

People tell me, "but these are isolated cases, and a lot fewer than from the virus; so what's the fuss?"

Fair enough. My reply is that these incidents are mainly going unreported. If a patient asks if there was a connection with the vaccine, the unsaid policy of at least one NZ hospital is to dismiss the inquiry by saying it is a mere coincidence.

Here's the fuss:

So, an Auckland man shot dead is classed as a COVID death because he produced a positive PCR test a few weeks earlier:

In contrast, they dismiss as coincidence a person who dies a few hours after the jab. Therefore, the official statistics support the propaganda (yes, propaganda) that the virus is deadly and the vaccine is safe. Instead, it appears the opposite is true.

Here's Pedro Acosta, world champion motorcyclist (watch the first 30 seconds):

Yep, he just fainted, so what is the big deal? I don't think he should be driving, let aloner alone racing motorbikes.

Well, have a look at this video:

Here is another one of my clients, an extremely fit older athlete, had to say:


"Like a lot of people, I got talked into having the vaccine or, more correctly, the spike protein injected into my body, like an idiot not knowing enough and believing the government.

Well, guess what I ended up with a bad reaction, palpitations, heart rate 2-3 x normal as soon as I do exercise or anything other than sitting down. I am tired all the time as well, and this has also caused me to become hypothyroid, so much so I now have to have thyroxin to try to stabilise my thyroid, and I do not know when I will get better, which is ridiculous as I have an athletic heart with a very low resting rate as tested by my doctor on an electrocardiogram so much for my running. So my advice is this: do not take this vaccine; it is bad news."

(Name supplied but withheld)


I've been in the health business for about 45 years, including cardiac rehabilitation. Never have I seen anything like this! What is happening is deeply disturbing.


Roz wrote this:

"Since my 1st vaccination, I have had fatigue, soreness in my body, headaches and a scratchy throat. My main concern is the tightness in the chest that comes and goes.

Before vax, I mountain biked heaps and stayed fit did triathlons, a soccer player and pe teacher from way back, so I love my fitness but not currently.

Also, a worry:

The after-hours doctor said, don't have the second vaccination till I'm better ( I certainly wouldn't want any more pain in my body or chest at the moment), and so I asked my doctor's nurse for a temporary exemption. She said too much paperwork, and it's virtually impossible, almost implying don't worry re health get vaccinated. I am in a terrifying situation and frustrated, as without an exemption, I either get hugely restricted in what I can do ( no life, no passport), or I risk my health and have the second one."


What is clear and obvious from these videos and stories is this: many healthy men and women who have little or nothing to fear from this virus are suffering serious harm from the one-size-fits-all remedy - the vaccine.

Steve Kirsch Quote

The downsides of the medication outweigh any benefits (are there any at all?). Commonsense is all we need to understand this most obvious thing. It is time to halt the mass vaccination of healthy people.

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