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Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Very Fit People

Updated: Mar 17

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Something unusual and disturbing is going on right now: fit, healthy people are dropping dead like flies. Many of them are world-class sportspeople:

Please take a few minutes to watch this video then read on:

Yes, let's ask this: what's going on?

I'll explain what might be the cause, but let's start with a little background for you about my interests in this topic.

What's going on?

In 2007, as an assignment for my post-graduate studies in sports medicine at the Otago School of Medicine, I devised a programme for coaches on cardiovascular disease in sport and how to prevent sudden death on the sports field. It is now dated and needs some work on it but have a read to get the idea of what I am on about. You will gather that these incidents were extremely rare.

In 2019 I wrote a blog article about sudden cardiac death in older athletes, also rare, and how to avoid suddenly dying while exercising:

Also, in 2019, I prepared a lecture on the topic after the sudden death of a friend, Tom, during a surf ski race. Here are a couple of slides from the presentation:

We had completed a hair tissue mineral analysis on Tom in August 2016 which sheds some light on his tragic and untimely death: Nutritionally, he was running on empty which is common among high-performance athletes, especially for those who are getting on in the years. The thing about Tom is he was at the extreme of depletion.

These events are infrequent; however, things seem to have changed dramatically for the worst over the last year. I've been in the health business for 45 years and, in just the last few months, one to two cases per day of cardiovascular-related injury are coming across my desk. In some instances, this involves death. Most of the cases are blood clot-related, cardiac inflammation, unusual fatigue, or unexplained wildly racing heartbeats and chest pain during mild exercise.

Previously fit and healthy people, mostly young, have unexplained blood clots or signs of inflammation. In some cases, blood tests such as D-Dimer, CRP, liver and kidney function have returned with evidence of damage. For others, there is no sign or explanation other than pain, racing pulse or fatigue. They are usually sent home with no helpful treatment.

It seems that many fit and very healthy people, some elite athletes, are now dying from heart attacks, blood clots and stroke.

Some have lost their lives, some have undergone surgery, one case I know of is facing the possibility of a heart transplant. Last week, I spoke to a young woman whose sister died a few hours after the mRNA jab. I struggled to hold back the tears. I wonder what might be the connection? It can't be the mRNA vaccine, could it? After all, there is no questioning about their vaccination history, so it can't be relevant. Or the doctors dismiss these incidents as merely coincidental with the jab. Besides, in some cases, the patient's last jab was three or months ago. So who are we to question them? They are the experts, after all. Despite this reassurance by the experts, I feel uneasy deep inside of me.

So, I'm wondering what is going on here? The situation is concerning me so much that I'm losing sleep over it.

We receive around 1-2 cases of alleged harm per day now, and we are just one small two-person clinic.

Some health professionals, including doctors I have spoken to, agree that there is something unusual going on, while others have not noticed anything. I guess I am a bit of a lightning rod for these things. Maybe, the main difference between myself and those who have not seen anything is I am looking and I'm asking the right questions.

I'm not going to speculate further about what is going on, but I will now offer some simple advice, with no downsides, that all of us can follow regardless of our age, gender, health status, fitness and how intensely we exercise.

When we study recent cases of cardiac-related incidents in fit men and women and bear in mind what we know about the physiology of exercise, there are a few lessons we can take from these, all interrelated (refer to Tom's case above):

  • Inflammation increases following intense and exhausting exercise.

  • There is acute and sometimes prolonged depressing of immune function.

  • There is a depletion of protective glutathione and other anti-oxidant reserves.

  • There is a depletion of protective minerals and vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, manganese, selenium and the B vitamins.

So, please be mindful of the information in this article, including when to seek medical help:

Then, if you have any vaccine for the first time, or as a booster, do these things:

  • Take what is in this package and follow the advice in this article:

  • Avoid any vaccine or inflammatory drugs such as those containing the spike protein or drugs with mRNA that tells your DNA to make this kind of protein.

  • Avoid all vaccines following intense or exhausting exercise. Allow several days of recovery before having any vaccines, spike proteins, or mRNA drugs.

  • Avoid intense or exhausting exercise during the six weeks following a vaccine or mRNA drug (it takes that long, if not longer, for your immune system to recovery).

Here is some advice to ensure your health and safety

If you feel pressured to do something against your inner voice of reason and self-preservation, my advice is not to do it. Be true to yourself: be true to your inner voice.

If in doubt, do nothing!

We are living in confusing and stressful times, and all of us are under enormous pressure to do the right thing to protect others, whatever that might be. Whatever you do, please do what is best for you and especially for your children. It is your duty, above all else, to protect your children. If you are uncertain and confused about what to do, there is a simple solution, and that is to do nothing, and continue to do nothing until the remedy is obvious, safe and effective. Got the idea?

It is your duty, above all else, to protect your children.

One thing I have learned to do better with each year is to listen to the quiet voice of reason inside my head. If I wake in the middle of the night and my inner voice says, "Gary, don't do it!" then I'll get up in the morning, and I won't do it, even if it upsets a lot of other people. Reflecting over many years, I conclude that this strategy has served me very well.

Listen to your Inner Voice and act on what it is telling you!

Keep strong and keep true to yourself. Thank you for reading this.

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Nov 13, 2021

Following an alert from a local pharmacist, I am warning GPs to more closely monitor all patients stabilised on warfarin following their Pfizer inoculations The pharmacist had found a markedly lowered INR necessitating the need for higher warfarin doses. This could indicate unrecognised enhanced clotting following the jab. It would also be yet another confirmation of the reportedly albeit rare known adverse cardiovascular effect.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 14, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for letting us know about this, Mike.

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