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COVID: Our New Escape Plan - Introduction


I can't tell you how many articles I have written on the Pandemic, but it sure is a lot. However, I am most proud that I have yet to feel compelled to retract a single thing I have written on the topic. Long may that continue!

I am updating my Escape Plan for New Zealand in the articles that follow this Introduction. This latest national lockdown confirms that the ill-conceived strategy of elimination is a failure. I am doing this update now because we now know an incredible amount about the virus, prevention, treatment, etc. It is now glaringly evident that the vaccine will not save us: We will not be returning to normal anytime soon. The vaccine is too narrow in the immunity it confers, it does not stop transmission; any immunity does not last long enough; it encourages dangerous mutations and has many nasty side effects. The vaccine roll out this year is costing an estimated one billion dollars. Poor nations can't afford this kind of annual cost, nor can we. By the time we are fully vaccinated, do you really think the rest of the world will be as well? Of course not and this will never happen: Waning vaccine immunity and encouraging dangerous mutations means we are doomed to forever playing catch-up. Meanwhile, the rest of the world, by way of most people gaining naturally acquired immunity - by default - and with many unfortunate and unnecessary casualties, might be returning to some kind of "normal". Perhaps I am being too optimistic about this last statement!

By closing our borders the way we have, New Zealand faces a future of being isolated from the rest of the world, under increasingly oppressive control and enduring never-ending lockdowns, and a never-ending assault of unsafe vaccinations that might be messing with our DNA. Just how many mRNA vaccine doses can a human being take before it kills them? Perhaps we will find out very soon the way things are heading.

This latest national lockdown confirms that the ill-conceived strategy of elimination is a failure.

The Government and its small group of self-selected experts promised the Team of Five Million that, if we behaved like good little sheep and went along with the Plan, we would be able to return to "normal", whatever that is now: I'm forgetting what normal is. But, unfortunately, the Plan was never clear what it was—a group of lightweight experts who do not understand the basics of health made it up on the run while ignoring, censoring and publicly ridiculing any scientist or health professional who has a differing opinion. These experts are also guilty of "cherry-picking" research to suit their ill-founded and defective narrative. Their actions are hurting countless people, killing many, ruining small to medium businesses and they will bankrupt the country before they are finished. You will gather that what little respect I had for these people has evaporated and is now replaced by contempt.

If it hasn't occurred to you yet, the Official Plan, whatever it is, has failed. Face the truth: You have been lied to, and they are continuing to lie to you. Worse than lying, they are covering their mistakes by coming down harder than ever on you and me! These are the actions of fools who are too cowardly to admit they got it wrong.

Look at it: the vaccine was going to save us, despite there being many safe and effective - and much cheaper alternatives. Yet, to box us in, the Government has suppressed or banned every option for prevention and treatment, other than the vaccine; any doctor or scientist who spoke out was silenced, with several publicly pilloried as examples to others who might be having second thoughts about the official Plan. I know I am taking the risk of becoming a target by the "attack dog" media by writing about this.

Where are we today? New Zealand is arguably the most isolated country, more isolated than North Korea. Not even our own citizens can easily get back in. The vaccine does not work very well. Actually, it looks like it's a failure: the evidence from countries like Israel is it loses 40-60% of its effectiveness within six months and does not prevent infection or transmission. Worse than being a failure, it encourages dangerous mutations! Let's face the truth: It is not doing the things a vaccine is supposed to do!

As we continue down this path of a singular, myopic, one-size-fits-all remedy, the vaccine, where is it taking us? In this case, we face a future of continuous lockdowns, border quarantine, forever vaccine boosters at the cost of around a billion dollars per year, and ultimately our social destruction and financial ruin.

Okay, that is all good, but we must offer a better way out: New Zealanders are so unhealthy that to throw our borders open without meticulous preparation will result in a swathe of deaths from the Corona Virus. Fortunately for us, there is a way out, which, by the way, includes a vaccine, but not a vaccine alone. So, I'll get writing the Plan, but it will have to be after my runs, bike rides, chilling out in the sunshine, being a family man and working to pay the bills. I'll post each step of the Plan as I get them done.

Chin up - there is hope - always! History tells us this is true.

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