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COVID19: You must read this!

Updated: Feb 28

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden

"So, to conclude: Covid is over in Sweden. We have herd immunity. Most likely, many other parts of the world do too, including England, Spain, Italy, and parts of the US, like New York. And the countries that have successfully contained the spread of the disease, like Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, and Australia, are going to have to stay in lockdown for at least another year, and possibly several years, if they don't want to develop herd immunity the natural way."

While the rest of the world returns to normal, we will remain isolated while facing ongoing lockdowns and this could go on for years. I don't know about you but this prospect horrifies me.

The above quotation is from a report published by Stockholm-based emergency medicine specialist, Dr Sebastian Rushworth. I have been receiving Dr Rushworth's reports for some time now and corresponding with him on occasions about various subjects, including the COVID pandemic.

And here is an update from Dr Malcolm Kendrick:

New Zealand: Prepare for hard times

Air New Zealand has announced that it is mothballing its Boeing 777 fleet for at least a year and inside word is that it is more than likely that these aircraft will not resume business as usual for two years or longer. This is a harbinger of doom for what is in store for New Zealand: economic devastation. New Zealand has lost its largest earner of foreign exchange, tourism, for the foreseeable future. With this will come a drop in our standard of living. This is now inevitable. In addition, we have borrowed and spent billions and billions without anything to show for it, other than debt. There is not a single additional asset, like a school, a hospital or a road to show for these spent billions. My children must pay for this. They will be paying for decades to come.

There is a solution for getting out of our isolation

Follow Sweden's lead and prepare to open our borders in just a few months from now. The difference is that we can do what Sweden has done, but without the loss of life. Unlike when the pandemic really hit back in March, we now know how to properly protect our most vulnerable people. We can do this with a combination of smart nutrition, care and medication.

Here it is, here is how to get out of the prison we have created for ourselves:

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