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Welcome to the New World of Never-Ending COVID!

Updated: Mar 15

The New Zealand Government, while ignoring the underlying drivers for the vulnerability of our people to viral infection, is in the midst of a billion-dollar vaccination programme. But is this strategy going to get us out of our self-imposed prison, or are we adding more bars to the doors and windows of our cells?

Let's answer this by first reading the article below:

Chart showing waning immunity

Correlation of SARS-CoV-2 Breakthrough Infections to Time-from-vaccine; Preliminary Study

Barak Mizrahi, Roni Lotan, Nir Kalkstein, Asaf Peretz, Galit Perez, Amir Ben-Tov, Gabriel Chodick, Sivan Gazit, Tal Patalon

"The risk for breakthrough infection was significantly higher for early vaccinees compared to those vaccinated later."

My friend, Ulf Martin, wrote:

"Otherwise put. You need to repeat the "vaccination" with all its damages every few months to lower your chances of severe covid to some extent if you are young enough so that your immune system is still intact in which case you actually don't need a vaccine because natural infection protects your better."

Here is Ulf's website:

You might like to also read this "pre-pandemic" article while you are at it:

The question asked and partially answered in these articles is this:

"Once everyone is vaccinated, will the virus be eliminated and will things return to normal with our borders opened?"

The answer is, "most probably not!"

This is a virus that can be very nasty - lethal to some - but to rely on a single, incredibly expensive, untested one-size-fits-all remedy is sheer madness!

As I understand it, the immunity bestowed upon us by the mRNA vaccines is narrow and specific to a single spike protein. Therefore it may encourage the proliferation of dangerous variants of the virus. In addition, the immunity from the mRNA vaccines, as per the study above, appears to be short-lived. In contrast, naturally acquired immunity is broad and long-lasting. Unfortunately, however, naturally acquired immunity is being completely ignored by those in charge of the Pandemic Response. We all know why, don't we?

It looks like we are all going to need regular mRNA vaccine boosters, possibly several per year and this requirement may be never-ending.

This scenario of requiring continuous boosters raises some serious questions:

  1. Can New Zealand afford this?

  2. Can poorer nations afford this?

  3. If we can't, let alone poorer nations, is the goal of elimination, therefore, a fantasy?

  4. For how long can the human immune system tolerate the constant assault by vaccines without it either going haywire or simply giving up?

The article refers to the following COVID risk factors:

"Obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, cancer, COPD, IBD and immunosuppression".

These risk factors have become worse, not better, over the last year, due to neglect on many levels, including the impact of the Pandemic Response on factors like stress and poverty. Health care services have been disrupted by the wholesale diversion of medical resources into testing and other distractions from primary services.

While the Pandemic ensures there will be a proliferation of billionaires taking joy rides into space, for the rest of us, all I can foresee is us being dug into a bottomless hole of serfdom-like bondage and increasing ill-health.

There is a way out of this mess, and it is found in the cartoon that follows:

vaccines or health?

In the population chart below, the bottom 10% risk getting very ill from COVID. Those in the bottom 1% risk dying.

In the chart that follows, what would happen if we had taken the $50 billion thus far spent on the Pandemic Response and invested it in improving things like:

  1. Housing.

  2. Infrastructure.

  3. Reducing poverty.

  4. Access to medical care.

  5. Removing taxes on fresh produce.

  6. Introducing a sugar tax.

  7. Addressing widespread population malnutrition such as zinc, selenium and vitamin D deficiency.

  8. Decent and better-paid jobs for all.

  9. Purpose, community and life satisfaction.

If there were the political will, it would be quite an easy exercise to reduce all COVID risk factors, other than age, by 10%. For example, see what a 10% shift does to the population graph below:

In theory, all of those at risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID will disappear!

Nobody ever needed or needs to die from COVID unless they were already about to leave us. To further protect those most vulnerable, there is now an impressive suite of safe and effective prophylactics and treatments to protect those most vulnerable better. These, when combined with the public health measures I listed above (reducing poverty, etc.), plus a much more modest and targeted vaccination programme, are our way to escape from prison. The virus can be managed such that it gently wafts through a healthy and prepared population, while we protect the vulnerable. Robust and real herd immunity is achieved, not the facade that comes with the mRNA vaccine.

Think about it: if we were to improve the health of all New Zealanders by a mere 10%, in theory, we would wipe out most cases of diabetes, heart disease and most cancers for a start. And how about dementia and Alzheimer's? We would save the country billions while improving all measures of quality of life. And, we would not have to vaccinate anybody other than the most vulnerable, thus saving many more millions of dollars per year. With naturally acquired immunity which is robust, we can reopen our borders, bringing in billions of visitor's dollars, while protecting our most vulnerable!

The natural course of viruses like this one is to become progressively less lethal over time. We need a strategy that facilitates this process while protecting those who are most vulnerable. The current strategy is producing the opposite effect: it is increasing the lethality!

But, here's the problem

The time will come when our leaders will be held responsible for every needless death during this pandemic, including our fellow Kiwis who have taken their own lives or suffered the lethal consequence of delayed medical treatment. Some of our leaders and their advisers may already know this day of reckoning is coming. This accountability now extends to the people being harmed and dying from the mRNA vaccine, which, the evidence shows, is unsafe and obviously of limited effectiveness. Whether these people are evil, cowards or fools is beside the point. What matters is accountability for the harm being done to ordinary Kiwis, our easy-going way of life and our economy. Those responsible for this harm and damage must be held to account.

Talking about holes, these people have dug their own (and ours), and I doubt they will ever admit to being wrong. Instead, I think they will dig harder and deeper with measures like even more censorship and other Orwellian police-state measures. It takes a big person to stand before others and admit they got it wrong. I doubt we will see any honourable admissions of having gotten it wrong from the current crop of leaders, but you never know.

The best we can do for now is the following:

  1. Don't be at the front of the vaccine queue. This is one queue you are best to avoid for as long as you can, if not completely. Let others go first. It will take about two more years before we have an accurate idea of its safety and effectiveness. Right now, these do not look safe. Exercise extreme caution.

  2. Instead, invest in improving your health and that of your family.

  3. Support the brave NZ organisations who are fighting back on your behalfs, such as COVID Plan B, Voices for Freedom and SOS Doctors. Even if you can't be active within any of these, give them a donation.

  4. Speak to friends and family about your concerns. Do not remain silent.

  5. Lobby politicians and challenge them to take a more comprehensive public health response to the pandemic, including to do more to address the root causes of population ill health.

  6. If you ever feel uncomfortable about anything, simply refuse: say, "No!"

Rest assured that you are not alone. Mainstream media and censorship on social media might give you the opposite impression, but rest assured that you are far from alone in having concerns about what is going on. This includes having the support of wonderful doctors, some of who are risking losing the licence to practice medicine by speaking out.

Here' one Kiwi Dr worth listening to:

And explanations don't get much better than this:


A request of you

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