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Cancel Culture Strikes Voices for Freedom

Updated: Mar 15

I got this email from an organisation that we support. The brave women who set up Voices for Freedom have been publishing interviews about the Pandemic with a wide range of scientists, doctors and other health professionals. We think they have been doing a great job to bring the science to the people and they have attracted a huge following. Sadly, it appears they have been too successful for their own good. Facebook has cancelled them.

I'm experiencing the power of Cancel Culture via Big Tech myself, with my Facebook page being as good as a dead duck and my Google rankings are now abysmal and this is despite all the writing I do these days. This Shadow Censoring includes sending my email broadcasts to you directly to your spam folder. It is only a matter of time before I am taken completely off line. Facebook has already placed me on notice that this is coming. It is coming because I am daring to express my considered opinions. This is not my idea of a free society and it is getting more restrictive with each week that passes.

Let me make this clear: you and I do not have to agree on anything, but I will defend to the end your right to express your views and to decide what is done with your body.

If you care about freedom of expression, including sovereignty over your body, please join Voices for Freedom - get on their mailing list and give them a donation no matter how small. Now is the time to stand up and speak. If you feel you can't, then that is even more reason to support organisations like this one: they will speak on your behalf.



Hi Gary, It happened.. Facebook cancelled our Facebook page Wednesday, with our page following growing by over 1000 fans a week, thousands of comments, and a monthly reach of nearly half a million people.. We're not surprised, but it's definitely a significant blow to both ours and your voice of freedom, and everyone should be outraged... But the reality is – there's no use crying over spilt milk.. The good news is, our think tank has been hard at work, and we've got another ace up our sleeve. This attack on free speech, combined with the Govt's plan to roll out hate speech legislation (giving them carte blanche to do what Facebook did to us – and you), means we need to act NOW… We've put a plan together to roll something out next week.. The media and Government are going to hate it. And it could be big, really big.. Currently, that's all the details we can give you before Monday – the day we plan to roll it out… This is because we have a bunch of media and Gov moles lurking in our email list reading these emails, and they'd gleefully try to sabotage it.. So our discretion before next week is of the utmost importance before we reveal the plan.. Right now, we need your support to help fund this counter-attack. If you're able and have the means to support our covert counter-attack on censorship and the removal of your right to know the truth… Please Donate to Next Weeks Censorship Counter Attack (The Media/Gov will hate it ;)… Support The Covert Campaign Here. Thank you for standing with us, the fight is certainly heating up, and we’re just getting started. P.S. If we reach the funding goal of $50,000 by Sunday night, we’ll press go on Monday-Wednesday and let you know exactly what’s happening. P.P.S We have so much going on right now from doctors' events and local group meetings, to regular pop-up events, and silent protests up and down the country. Get involved! We need you! SUPPORT VOICES FOR FREEDOM TODAY WEBSITE TELEGRAM GAB ODYSEE BITCHUTE INSTAGRAM P O Box 47339, Ponsonby Auckland, AU 1144, New Zealand

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