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COVID - the Insanity Continues

Updated: Mar 15

Vaccines or Health Cartoon

I am aware of two possible deaths from blood clots following the vaccine, one elderly, one in 40's, but, of course nothing can be proven. It appears there is no investigating of these. I am in close contact with a number of health professionals, including Drs in my day-to-day work and we talk about this. There is a general air of fear of speaking out and those Drs who have in any way questioned the "Safe and Effective" mantra are now facing losing their licences to practice. This is just plain wrong. Why, on this, of all topics, is robust debate not permitted?

In a recent article I predicted that around 40 NZ'ers may have already died from the vaccine and many thousands possibly maimed for life. It appears I may have been right.

It will be at least 2 years before we really know the safety profile of these new and untested drugs, but this assumes there is robust monitoring of which there is not. Furthermore, the harm extends way beyond direct side-effects: oh, what I could have done with the $50 billion the Government has wasted on this Pandemic Response:

Vaccines are a wonderful tool but not on their own and, like antibiotics, not when overused and abused. If people think a vaccine, on its own, is going to save us and return us back to our comfortable pre-COVID lives, dream on!

I never in my lifetime thought we'd ever see such levels anti-science and anti-freedom behaviour by our leaders, let alone them encouraging the lemming-like rush to inject the entire planet with an untested drug, while ignoring the excellent and safe remedies, if only doctors were allowed to do their jobs.

Risk of COVID to children
Leave our children out of this!

It is outrageous that our leaders are, by their actions, pitting good people - family, friends and neighbours - against each other and driving people underground due to public shaming and censorship. This has to stop.

If this does not stop, where will it take us?


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