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Study: two deaths from vaccinations to prevent 3 from Covid

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Vaccine vials

My friend in Germany, Ulf Martin, sent this email which is reproduced with his permission (I have tidied up the English a little).

Here is Ulf's blog which has a lot of interesting stuff:


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Gary, for your record, if you don't have this already. Peter Mayer reported this study which was published 2021-06-24. Mayer's conclusions: The "vaccinations" cost 2 lives to prevent 3 covid deaths. But the age profile of covid death and vax death is vastly different. Covid deaths lose a median of 9 years (people have an age median of dying above that of the average population), vax lose a minimum of 30 (the younger people are the higher the risk of dying from vax, see another article by Mayer). Thus the loss of life time ratio is covid : vax = 3 * 9 : 2 * 30 = 27 : 60 I.e. the vaccinations cost two times more life-years than the infection. And this may be a vast underestimate. 1) 1) This is based on "reported" data. Estimates are that there are 10 to

100 times more negative effects than reported, which may also be the case for deaths." 2) Long term damage is naturally not yet included. There are already reports of thrombocytopenia, myocarditis, neurological illness, antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). Thus the loss of life years due to vax vs infection may well reach a a factor of 1000 (i.e. if loss of life year is 40 years, not 30 and factors 1 and 2 are set only a little higher). Best, Ulf

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