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Another shameful Hit Job on conscientious Doctors by Stuff Media and Radio NZ

Updated: Mar 15

(Updated 20/07/21)


Read this article first:

And read this as well:

Here's the Rabbit Hole he's gone down:

And, now you must read this:

And please read this article which I happened to be working on over the weekend:

You do not have to agree with me on anything, but I'll defend your right to openly and freely disagree with me, or anybody else for that matter, and I will do so to the very end!

I wrote and sent this email to the author of the latest hit job article, Cate Broughton. Will she reply? Her email:



This article of yours is yet another appalling hit job by Stuff on a small group of very brave hard-working, and conscientious health professionals. What you are doing is intimidation.

If there is misinformation, how about you be really clear about what that misinformation is?

I have a background in human physiology. I have watched some of Dr Sam Bailey's videos. All that I could find was a whole lot of outstanding science that actually proved to be a great refresher of what I learned during my studies at Otago University. Boy, oh boy, she sure knows her stuff! Where is the misinformation? I challenge you to show your readers exactly what you call misinformation and back it up with evidence.

I am 99% sure that I got COVID while at a medical conference before the first lockdown early last year. Despite my advanced age, I was over it after three days. Having been infected, I assume I have naturally acquired immunity which is more robust and enduring than anything that the mRNA vaccines can provide. But I can't get tested to prove I have immunity. Not being able to prove my immunity is frustrating, to say the least.

Can I ask you some questions about New Zealand's Pandemic Response?

My questions are these, and you must answer them, assuming you are a reporter with integrity - you can't write an article like this then fall silent:

  1. Why is there no mention or discussion of the value of naturally acquired immunity?

  2. Why can't heroes like myself be recognised for the contribution we have already made towards the goal of achieving herd immunity?

  3. Why is there no antibody testing to identify the thousands of Kiwis like myself who are already immune (yes, there will be thousands)?

  4. Why vaccinate people who are already immune and potentially risk their health?

  5. Why not save the money and free up the vaccine shots for the people who actually need them?

  6. Why is there no discussion allowed about the vast differences in fatalities between the elderly and the young, and what this means?

  7. The mRNA vaccine is hurting people. I know of cases, but where is the additional funding and personnel to properly investigate every alleged case of harm for this unprecedented roll-out for a partially tested drug? Where are the coroner investigations where death is alleged?

  8. Why is there no discussion allowed about the numerous treatments now available other than vaccines (yes, there are now many)?

  9. Why is there no discussion about the many contributors to COVID infection vulnerability, such as poverty, vitamin D deficiency, glutathione depletion and malnutrition in general?

  10. Why did the Government not remove GST on fresh produce and introduce a sugar tax last year during the first lockdown?

  11. Why has there not been at least one medical conference to bring together the best scientific and medical minds in New Zealand to discuss and debate every aspect of our Pandemic Response?

  12. Why is it that the decisions affecting just about every aspect of New Zealand's way of life are being made by a handful of experts behind closed doors and all singing from the same songsheet?

  13. Why does anybody who questions the official narrative become hunted down, censored and publicly shamed which is what your article doing?

When I was in secondary school many, many years ago, I participated in debating competitions. I even had to argue for positions I strongly disagreed with, but I did it. You see, robust debate is what makes for a strong democracy. Debating often unpleasant and uncomfortable topics as a teenager taught me this. You do realise that New Zealand is still a democracy, don't you? So, where is the debate about this Pandemic?

I am awaiting your reply with keen interest.

Wishing you good health.

Gary Moller


Just who is spreading misinformation, plus attempting to get their way by resorting to censorship and fear - sorry - terror!

Dr Sam is entertaining!

"TrialSite, a media and social network hub dedicated to transparent and accessible research, asks the question: Who among academia, government and industry is monitoring this initiative objectively and candidly with an eye for transparency directed to what should be the correct public health policy and action decisions? Pharmaceutical companies are critically important, but they are also driven by economic considerations—not by choice, but by the very logic of the market system".

More reading:

Stay safe out there, folks - stay informed!

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Jul 17, 2021

A reader, wishing to ensure her anonymity, asked me to cut and paste this comment:


Totally agree with you Gary. Except for doctors on this list, I wouldn't want to visit a GP because they are no longer free to honour the patient/doctor relationship. Instead, it is patient/government relationship. Doctors are restricted, from what I've seen. Their orders are now from the government. The few doctors on this list are giants among us. They have the guts and the courage to put their names on the line to honour the Hippocratic Oath and their Code of Ethics as well as adhere to the Nuremberg Code. This experimental gene-therapy injection (for the name vaccine in this case is a misnomer)…


Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Jul 17, 2021

Thank you Hilary


Hilary Butler
Hilary Butler
Jul 17, 2021

Except there is an antibody test which anyone can get. My son has and many other people have. it came out in June. You request either IgM or IgG. However, that is NOT the test you want, because anyone who has mild or asymptomatic covid may not have a strong blood antibody test. The real test we want which isn't in New Zealand, is the "Adaptive" (or similar) T-cell test, which tells you what your front line immunity is like, because that's the immunity that really matters when the rubber hits the road.

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