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Another shameful Hit Job on conscientious Doctors by Stuff Media and Radio NZ

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

(Updated 20/07/21)


Read this article first:

And read this as well:

Here's the Rabbit Hole he's gone down:

And, now you must read this:

And please read this article which I happened to be working on over the weekend:

You do not have to agree with me on anything, but I'll defend your right to openly and freely disagree with me, or anybody else for that matter, and I will do so to the very end!

I wrote and sent this email to the author of the latest hit job article, Cate Broughton. Will she reply? Her email:



This article of yours is yet another appalling hit job by Stuff on a small group of very brave hard-working, and conscientious health professionals. What you are doing is intimidation.

If there is misinformation, how about you be really clear about what that misinformation is?

I have a background in human physiology. I have watched some of Dr Sam Bailey's videos. All that I could find was a whole lot of outstanding science that actually proved to be a great refresher of what I learned during my studies at Otago University. Boy, oh boy, she sure knows her stuff! Where is the misinformation? I challenge you to show your readers exactly what you call misinformation and back it up with evidence.

I am 99% sure that I got COVID while at a medical conference before the first lockdown early last year. Despite my advanced age, I was over it after three days. Having been infected, I assume I have naturally acquired immunity which is more robust and enduring than anything that the mRNA vaccines can provide. But I can't get tested to prove I have immunity. Not being able to prove my immunity is frustrating, to say the least.

Can I ask you some questions about New Zealand's Pandemic Response?

My questions are these, and you must answer them, assuming you are a reporter with integrity - you can't write an article like this then fall silent:

  1. Why is there no mention or discussion of the value of naturally acquired immunity?

  2. Why can't heroes like myself be recognised for the contribution we hav