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Are those who refuse the jab selfish freeriders?

Updated: Mar 29

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When is it the right thing to stand out from the crowd?

"If you are healthy and refuse to take the vaccine when your chance comes, you are a free rider. You are gaining the benefits of living in a community without paying the minimal cost. And, in the middle of a health emergency, this is shameful."

As efforts to vaccinate the entire population of the world ramps up, so is the public shaming of anyone who questions the safety of the programme. This includes media hit-jobs on highly qualified health professionals who dare to question the science in favour of the pandemic response, which, may I say, looks flimsy and dodgy at best.

Here is a rational and science-based response to this shameful piece of character assassination:

Dr Bailey is a brave doctor. As with many health professionals who are questioning the official narrative by who is best described as a gang of self-congratulating sycophants, she is being subjected to censorship. You will realise this when you watch this video: Dr Bailey has been forced to take her videos off mainstream platforms, including Youtube, due to censorship. Her videos are found here:

Here is another very respected and experienced doctor, Dr Damian Wojcik, who I know personally. These people are being either ignored or shut down completely. Listen to what he has to say:

Surely one of the first rules of a democracy is the Government must listen to those who oppose them? We are not Belarus. We are not China. We are not North Korea. We are not Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Not yet anyway. Democracy is a fragile system that we must jealously protect at all costs. Censorship on the scale now being experienced is anathema to a free and open society.

Should we have concerns about the safety of the vaccines? My answer is a big "YES!" Are people who are reluctant to take the jab freeriders? The answer is "NO!"

Over some 45 years of working full-time in the health system, I have seen many cases of alleged and actual vaccine injuries, some resulting in brain damage, paralysis and disabling autoimmune conditions. While these may officially be "rare", only about 1% of cases are reported. Rare they may be, but they are a 100% reality for the individuals and their families and a life sentence. Little or no support is available to these unfortunate casualties, sacrificed for the Greater Good. To suggest these new vaccines are safe just a few months into their rollout after having leap-frogged safety studies is either lying or gross disregard for public safety.

Of great concern is the possibility of an upsurge in chronic diseases, autoimmune conditions such as Parkinson's and cancer and even infertility. These may not be obvious for some years to come and may even be intergenerational. We just do not know because these vaccines have been rushed to market. There is already growing evidence that these concerns may be valid.

Sure, go ahead and vaccinate those who are at greatest risk of dying, the elderly, the obese, and the over-medicated but please leave young people alone! Stop calling them and others freeloaders. If a person is past child-bearing age then the risks of a catastrophe lessen if we vaccinate them, but leave the young people alone. We must take great care with these vaccines until the evidence is clear that the risks are absolutely minimal and less than if one was to catch the disease.

Just how serious is COVID-19?

The first piece of advice: ignore the media hype. It is propaganda intended to scare you! Look at the evidence instead.

The WHO estimates the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for COVID is 0.2% across the world. (IFR represents the proportion of deaths among all infected individuals, including all asymptomatic and undiagnosed subjects).

"Most locations probably have an infection fatality rate less than 0.20%"

"Ioannidis included 61 studies (74 estimates) and eight preliminary national estimates. He reported that the infection fatality rates ranged from 0.00% to 1.63% and that the median rate was 0.27%"

By the way, if you are a healthy young person, your risk of dying is probably about the same as getting hit by lightning! And you have to catch the infection first.

But let's not downplay the seriousness of the infection once an elderly or weakened person has caught it. My beef is with the offering of only one solution, the vaccines which are not proven safe while clearing the decks of everything else.

What I and many others worry about is there has been a gross over-reaction to a single disease while ignoring and actually worsening the root causes of all infectious diseases including COVID-19, influenza, measles and many others. These are factors such as poverty, stress, overcrowding, pollution, lack of clean water and sanitation, ramshackle health systems, nutrient-poor food, obesity, vitamin D deficiency, obesity and excessive medication. The Pandemic Response has made matters worse - not better - for hundreds of millions of people. Then there is one thing we have to accept and that is the Tsunami of ageing Baby-Boomers coming upon us now. Every one of them is going to die soon and many of these deaths are and will be from infections. Unless they are immortal, they are going to die. Even the Common Cold kills when it is time to leave this life. Deaths are going up for at least the next 30 years and we can't stop it from happening. We are not Gods.

I have said several times in articles over the last year that not one person needed to die from COVID-19 if only we had addressed the root causes of illness and allowed doctors to use the medicines available to treat those infected. I have not felt compelled to change this at all. Actually, the majority of research since March last year has only served to strengthen this opinion. I was right and I still am. Not much has changed.

What about those millions of people who have already had the infection and now immune?

These people now have natural immunity which is assumed to be superior to the immunity gained from vaccination. They do not need the vaccine and probably should not have it, since a vaccination may, in theory, cause a catastrophic overreaction of their immune system. Far from being freeriders, these people are heroes who are contributing to the goal of herd immunity.

Why isn't antibody testing being offered?

If a person is already immune to COVID, they are not freeriders.

I'm pretty sure I caught COVID-19 last year:

I am not a freeriders: I want an antibody test to find out if I am already immune. My partner, Alofa, is probably immune as well, as might other members of my family. Until I have an antibody test I sure don't want the vaccine. Why is antibody testing not available yet?

You would think this would be given more urgency - warp speed in fact so we can open our borders sooner and do so with confidence.


People who refuse the vaccine are not freeriders. It is a propaganda term that is laden with nasty implications. In the context of the pandemic response the term, freeloader, has no place in a civil society. If a person wants to have a vaccine, then good on them. With their newly acquired immunity, they have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated, be they selfish freeriders or not.

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