• Gary Moller

Are those who refuse the jab selfish freeriders?

Updated: Jun 9

Korean rally
When is it the right thing to stand out from the crowd?

"If you are healthy and refuse to take the vaccine when your chance comes, you are a free rider. You are gaining the benefits of living in a community without paying the minimal cost. And, in the middle of a health emergency, this is shameful."


As efforts to vaccinate the entire population of the world ramps up, so is the public shaming of anyone who questions the safety of the programme. This includes media hit-jobs on highly qualified health professionals who dare to question the science in favour of the pandemic response, which, may I say, looks flimsy and dodgy at best.


Here is a rational and science-based response to this shameful piece of character assassination:

Dr Bailey is a brave doctor. As with many health professionals who are questioning the official narrative by who is best described as a gang of self-congratulating sycophants, she is being subjected to censorship. You will realise this when you watch this video: Dr Bailey has been forced to take her videos off mainstream platforms, including Youtube, due to censorship. Her videos are found here:


Here is another very respected and experienced doctor, Dr Damian Wojcik, who I know personally. These people are being either ignored or shut down completely. Listen to what he has to say:

Surely one of the first rules of a democracy is the Government must listen to those who oppose them? We are not Belarus. We are not China. We are not North Korea. We are not Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Not yet anyway. Democracy is a fragile system that we must jealously protect at all costs. Censorship on the scale now being experienced is anathema to a free and open society.