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I suffered a viral infection: was it COVID-19?

Updated: Feb 23

How a viral infection looks when monitored with an Oura Ring.

During early May, we attended two international nutritional medicine conferences. Immune health was mostly what they were about.

These events can be quite exhausting and they were for us because we had to drive several hours from Wellington to the venue in Auckland, drive back, catch up on work then drive back for the second three days later. This is immune-weakening. We stayed overnight in a backpackers during the final journey home. A backpacker sitting next to me at the dining table was ill and coughing and spluttering all over the place. He was quite gross. I fell sick a few days later.

While I was never able to confirm if it was COVID-19 that I had the symptoms were suspicious.

Whatever it was, it was intense but the immune response was quick and decisive as you can see in the video.

The take-home messages are these:

  1. Invest nutritionally in your immune system with fresh fruit, vegetables, berries and free-range meat and eggs (get a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis so that the guessing is taken out of nutrition).

  2. Do not take drugs for anything unless they are absolutely essential for health because most pharmaceutical meds interfere with immune health to some degree.

  3. Allow a fever to run its natural course and do not interfere with it by taking anti-fever drugs.

  4. Do not go to conferences, use video and don't let sick people cough all over you or your food!

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