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A professional mountain biker's experience with the Jab

I've been rather quiet on the "jab" front lately, partly due to workloads.

The possible adverse effects on the hearts of fit people interest me. In only the last three days, I have urged two very fit men to get urgently checked medically, after they displayed unusual fatigue and excessive heart rates relative to effort. In the weeks prior I have been contacted by several fit people or their families, two of who have been hospitalised with heart problems. Of course, I can not say that these are, one or all, caused by the jab, but what can be said, is in 45 years working full-time in the health sector, I am experiencing an unusual cluster of rare heart problems in otherwise healthy people.

I won't say more, nor speculate about this, but have the following video interview by Dr John Campbell with professional mountain-biker, Kyle Warner. Kyle comes across as intelligent, well-informed and reasonable. The information you will garner from this interview is valuable.

Kyle's website:

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