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At what point do we call a halt?

Medical Machine

There has been a significant surge in Myocarditis & Pericarditis cases reported to Australia's TGA Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN).

  • June 2021: 39 cases

  • July 2021: 121 cases

  • Aug 2021: 283 cases

  • Sept 2021: 519 cases

  • Oct 2021: 813 cases

Further, this alarming trend appears to be continuing, with a total of 83 cases reported for just the first two days of November 2021.

(Source: Cairns News)

I have some questions about this:

  • What is the explanation for this dramatic and alarming surge? What does it coincide with, or is it just a random coincidence?

  • Is the same thing happening here in New Zealand? I think it might be because, in 45 years, I never came across a case of myocarditis myself, whereas, this year, I have already seen several instances.

  • Are there similar patterns for other conditions such as cancers, paralysis, shingles, blood clots, heart attack and stroke? I think so.

  • Are the authorities investigating the causes of this surge? What about medical researchers?

Is the cause of this surge in myocarditis the vaccine rollout? If it is, then how many healthy people are they permitted to kill to save one unhealthy person? Some experts calculate the ratio of people dying to save one is around 10:1. Is that permissible in a caring and civilised society?

How many healthy people are they permitted to kill to save one unhealthy person?

At what point do we call a halt to the suspected cause of this surge in myocarditis?

Should we also consider deaths from other causes such as suicide, alcohol, and delayed medical treatments?

Should we also consider the social and psychological harm such as family discord, business collapse, homelessness, shattered dreams, and social isolation?

One vaccine expert told me we face at least another two years of the same. So my question is this: is this sustainable at personal and societal levels?

Where is the line in the sand when we say, "Enough!" and take a new approach?

Is there a better way out of this quagmire? Yes, of course, there is!

At what point do we call a halt?

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