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This is how we end the Pandemic

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

(Updated 17/11/21)

The societal and family divisions, stress and exhaustion are beginning to get us down

We're exhausted: two years of constant stress is starting to get to us and now and beginning to show as mental and physical illness. These illnesses threaten to overwhelm health services. It is time for us to return to normal: we have to. However, our only way out is for us to get to herd immunity, but the problem is, even with 90% or even 100% vax rates, that may never happen. Herd immunity seems as far away as it ever was because it is becoming apparent the mRNA vaccine technology does not prevent infection, mutation, or spread. Although the vaccine may reduce hospitalisations, the evidence is mounting that this is also doubtful. We still do not know enough about the mRNA vaccines to place all of our eggs in that basket.

So it stresses me that there is no end in sight if we continue the current strategy. If we do not introduce a more comprehensive, health-based strategy, we can expect even more restrictions to travel, border closures, quarantining, access to facilities etc, including the need for six-monthly boosters of the entire population.

Just how many boosters can a human tolerate? We don't know, but we might find out soon enough!

Compliance will require the digital tracking of everyone. We can't afford this imposition, nor should it be allowed for a free society. These impositions are causing untold stress, which is now showing as mental and physical harm.

Why elimination is a pipe dream

Elimination is not possible because this virus is of a kind that mutates rapidly and it is evident the immunity gained from the mRNA vaccine is too short-lived and narrow to contain it. In contrast to the vaccine, naturally-acquired immunity looks like it is long-lived, broad and better prevents transmission. Being broad means immunity is more likely to capture more harmful mutations as they happen.


Do the risks of mRNA vaccination outweigh the benefits?

All vaccines come with risks, usually low. The benefits of a vaccine should be such that they greatly outweigh the risks. We are only just getting an idea of the risks versus benefits of the mRNA vaccine and it does not look good to me. We're a small operation, but 1-2 cases of serious harm come to us for help each day of people who have had a bad experience with the vaccine. It is unprecedented what we are experiencing, and we can't be blind to what is happening before us. Because of under-reporting, the drug appears to be safe, according to official figures. For example; in the best part of 45 years working full-time in health, I can't say I have ever dealt with a case of myocarditis until this year. This year, I would say we have seen 8-10 cases either suspected or confirmed. None, as far as I know, none have been reported to CARM, so this confirms there is underreporting.

Herd Immunity: our way out

The only way I can see to get us out of what we have created is for the healthy people to get the infection in the wild and create broad and lasting natural immunity and do this while protecting the vulnerable, including limited vaccination.

There are effective medical treatments, such as those developed by Dr Shankarra Chetty, so that no one ever needs to die while we gain herd immunity this way. In addition, if people receive the proper medical support, Long COVID will be prevented. This comprehensive approach, combined with a massive programme to get Kiwis healthy, is our way out. Yes, we can do it!

Let's get rowing!

We are all in this fragile and leaky boat together. Whether a person is jabbed or unjabbed is irrelevant. If we do not come together and row in unison, the stormy seas we are in will engulf and drown us all. The way forward into calmer waters is now very clear. Our way out is to follow the science, come together as the Team of Five Million and row like hell! We must not give in to the storms of division and hatred.

Please watch this Voices For Freedom video presentation by Dr Shankarra Chetty, a brilliant South African Doctor who has "cracked Covid": yes, the pandemic could be over in next to no time!

More about Dr Chetty:

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