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Are they trying to Conceal their Crimes?

Updated: Mar 27


This week is almost over, and I had another three people seeking my assistance with managing their severe heart problems (as far as I'm concerned, all heart problems are severe), plus two with neurological damage - all coinciding not with the infection but with the mRNA jab. The ambulances and helicopters are busy around the clock ferrying jab victims to Wellington hospital. We know this because the helicopter's flight path to the hospital is past our home, and we can hear the sirens of the ambulances as they rush yet another victim to the hospital. We were woken yet again around 4 am yesterday by the helicopter.

They can't hide the surge in deaths and injuries from the mRNA jab anymore; especially now the pandemic is officially over as we head into summer weather. I've lived in this house for over 40 years, and the frequency of these hospital emergency trips is unlike any other year, and this week has been a busy one for emergency services.

To get an idea of the death cult we are up against, take a few minutes to watch this video of MEP Cristian Terhes of Romania (I'm getting to like the Romanians because they have been coming across during this pandemic as no-BS people!):

One commentator said of the figures referred to by Terhes (edited):

"It's worse than just having a higher mortality rate. We should have seen a "reaper effect, " resulting in a lower-than-average mortality rate. Since many of the more vulnerable (mostly because of age) people had higher mortality in 2020-2021, and as such would not weigh so much in 2022 mortality stats. That probably happened too, but is being swamped out by higher mortality rates in younger demographic segments."

(Remember that New Zealand is about one year behind Europe with this pandemic, so we can see what's coming - the good and the bad).

Paramedics, hospital staff, doctors and funeral directors know what is happening. Still, most remain silenced by fear of retribution or drunk on the money they make from the extra deaths, and, in true Orwellian Double-Speak fashion, MSM spews out lies fancifully dressed up as truth.

New Zealand now has historic all-cause mortality.

Yet, they are trying to hide these and their cause by labelling them as death by "natural causes" or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome": What a sick joke: These deaths are avoidable, tragic losses of loved ones, including an unknown number of miscarriages and stillbirths.

RNZ reported this on Monday:

Petousis-Harris said the population in New Zealand had immunity."The recipe for the best immunity that we have at the moment is having had your vaccine and then had the Omicron infection and that is the most superior immunity."If you've got that hybrid immunity, I wouldn't be running out to get myself boosted. I don't think it would be particularly useful."She said had not seen any evidence to suggest a fourth vaccine would help further".

Well, for starters, I had a fully vaccinated family contact me this week with confirmed Omricon, so it is obvious not all of the NZ population has immunity, and to suggest that there is such a thing as "hybrid immunity" is misinformation: where is the evidence for hybrid immunity with these vaccinations, and just what does this mean? I take it she implies that "hybrid immunity" is somehow superior to natural immunity, thus justifying poisoning over 90% of the population with an untested and unsafe drug. Yet, the evidence is clear that these jabs and their boosters interfere with people's immune systems, weakening them and making them more vulnerable to reinfection and all other diseases, including rampant cancers. The vaccinated can get Omricon over and over, so what does she mean by hybrid immunity? Again, in Orwellian Double-Speak, Hybrid Immunity means there is a loss of immunity.

More about this scandal here:

In Orwellian Double-Speak, Hybrid Immunity actually means there is a loss of immunity.

The perpetrators of these crimes know the public is waking up, as are the thousands of health professionals who were either asleep at the wheel or too chicken to speak out - until now.

If they were to have another wave of boosters now the pandemic is declared over, and while we supposedly have hybrid immunity, then they have no way of hiding the spike in injuries and deaths (mostly blood clots, heart disease, stroke, miscarriage, stillbirths, neurological disorders and cancers) that come with more boosters (More about this later).

They have been hiding in clear sight the carnage by blaming Omricon's infections and lying that the jabs protect people, which they certainly don't do. In addition, they have attacked anyone speaking out, in many cases defaming them and having them fired from their jobs. Media is now the paid Orwellian propaganda arm of the government, and the parliamentary opposition is the government's controlled opposition. As depressing as this may appear, the good news is ordinary, decent Kiwis and people around the world, including the MP delegates to the European Union, are waking up. Our government knows it, as do their collaborators within medicine, so now they are trying to cover their tracks and minimise perceptions of the harm they have caused.

The pandemic may be over but the ambulances and rescue helicoptors are as busy as ever ferrying jab victims to hospital.

The recent coroner's investigation of the untimely and tragic death of Rory Nairn is an example of the "minimisation of perception" strategy they are employing. By investigating and accepting he was a vaccine death, they have cunningly taken this as the opportunity to trumpet far and wide that the vaccine is confirmed to be safe because there are only a few deaths, Rory being one of them.

"Safe and Effective" really means "Unsafe and Ineffective".

The people gaining profit and power and who are behind this insane pandemic response must be aware of the growing backlash overseas and know it is coming to New Zealand's shores, and they are right smack in the firing line. They were preparing us for a further round of boosters but suddenly called a carefully worded halt. I wonder why? I'll tell you what I think is going on:

With New Zealand entering summer and the pandemic declared over, they know it will be impossible to hide the cause of the surge in hospitalisations and deaths that come with a booster round. They blamed the virus and the unvaccinated people for the surge of deaths and injuries. But, if they did another round of mass jabbing coming into summer after declaring the pandemic over, then blaming the virus and the unvaccinated for the deaths would not hold water anymore. So, they must wait until winter is upon us, then resume the jabbing. They are playing a dangerous game because people, including the vaccinated, are waking up.

madness quotation

But wait, there's more: This insane death cult game to gain power and profit is only beginning: An mRNA factory is in Timaru, ready to fire up, while Auckland University has received a massive $40 million for mRNA research, and we and our once GE-free agriculture are the lab rats for their mad science antics:

Development of mRNA technology has taken a quantum leap during the COVID-19 pandemic, work that paves the way for further novel vaccines addressing challenging infectious diseases and other human and animal therapies. “This funding is a clear signal of the government’s willingness to invest in an exciting and powerful new science and to develop mRNA expertise here in Aotearoa. mRNA technology can be applied to many therapeutics, not just vaccines,”

Yes, discreetly tucked away in Timaru, of all places:

The mad science genie is out of the bottle, and with no public consultation and debate on the ethics or safety of the technology: New Zealand can kiss goodbye any dreams of being the GE-free market garden of the world.

The COVD pandemic was the Trojan Horse by which genetic engineering was spirited into New Zealand.

Unfortunately, when we eat GE meat, milk and cheese, we risk incorporating these genetic aberrations into our DNA. So, to protect your genes, you will have to stop eating meat and switch to eating crickets and mung beans which Bill, Klaus and Jacinda are thankfully working on, and New Zealand's farmlands will soon be covered in pine trees. But this is not for my family, and how about you? We must halt this madness before it is too late.

By setting killer reductions for methane emissions, farmers are being railroaded into accepting genetic engineering to survive. Yes, they are preparing to coerce farmers to genetically alter their animals via mRNA jabs to reduce methane emissions, and they are already building the factories to produce the drugs.

And Vicotria, Australia, is also now captured and locked into the mRNA prison after two years of being softened up by the most oppressive totalitarian lockdowns and mandates:

Here's how they did it:

Read here to get a better understanding of how food and your DNA interact: You are playing with fire if you allow mad scientists to fiddle with DNA in plants, animals and people:

Your DNA is your most precious possession: It is your "God Script". DNA is sacrosanct. It is off-limits. Do not allow anyone, let alone a mad scientist, fiddle with it!

So, very soon, it will be mRNA drugs for everything with trillions of dollars to be made by a few already obscenely wealthy people. Hence, there is a massive and overwhelming drive to force acceptance of this technology upon all of humanity, plus layering totalitarian control upon us. Unpleasant as it is, it all makes sense now, doesn't it? New Zealand has been signed up by our leaders and scientists to lead the way, and they haven't told us. We did not vote for any of this. The people, animals and plants in New Zealand are the experimental and expendable rats.

You can see the tactics evolving with climate change and pandemic fear-mongering, shutting down the Marsden Point refinery, methane taxes on farm animals, etc.

How this death cult stuff has New Zealand so perilously close to running out of fuel is so evil it is almost beyond comprehension:

The COVID mRNA jabs will wait until next winter, and then they'll create a new pandemic, mass jab everyone with a "new and improved" drug, and then blame the virus for the complications and deaths.

This insane death cult stuff is unacceptable. So let's boot them all out, seek justice, and, instead of poisons, invest in real health and nutrition, clean and unadulterated food, and we must get on with putting things right before winter.


Are they really this stupid, or do they think we are stupid? You decide, but you must not watch this video that follows if you have a weak constitution or are prone to anxiety:

Please support this action project to restore freedom and democracy to New Zealand:

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Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
13 de out. de 2022

Top article Gary... BRAVO!!!

Petousis-Harris is attempting to backpedal and reposition as she knows this entire murderous debacle is unravelling big-time and globally... way too little and far too late lady. Pretty soon there will be nowhere for creatures like this to hide from their horrendous crimes against humanity.

The woman is a criminal disgrace with absolutely glaring and multiple conflicts of interest in her work that are scarcely even hidden. She has lied about everything from day one and continues to do so to this day with this latest complete and utter nonsense about "hybrid immunity". She was one of the many blatant liars trying to pass off the toxic jab as 95% effective when this was based on totally…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
13 de out. de 2022
Respondendo a

Well, thank you for the heads-up and the fabulous contribution, Colin. With your expertise in animal breeding I thought this article would appeal. Farmers need to organise and resist. If not, they will be forced to mess with their animals' DNA and you know better than anyone that this is not on!

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