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The Democracy Project: An interview with Gary Moller

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My friends at Resistance Kiwi have published an interview with me about the Democracy Project, and I want to share it with you because I think they have done a good job with it.


Think about this: When you go to a restaurant, you are presented with a menu. If what you want is not on the menu, then you can't order it. Regarding voting, the situation is similar: You are presented with a menu of candidates and policies, which are your only choices. The more recent addition to New Zealand politics is the hidden menu where Hate Speech laws, Three Waters and Co-Governance are rolled out after you have voted - we did not vote for these things.

I never believed anything like this could happen to New Zealand. Like most of us, I was complacent and far too smug.

The political parties don't want you to understand that the real power in a democracy is not just in your votes but equally in your involvement at the party level. Suppose you want to have a say in what is presented on the menu of the next election. In that case, you must get involved at the party level and have your say - join and get your party of choice to adopt your policies and put forward candidates who best represent you and your community. If ever there was a time in history to get involved at the party level of politics, it is right now!

I am recommending we concentrate our focus on the ACT party, which already has many friends who are passionate about freedom and democracy. While we must be careful not to split our influence or our votes, this does not mean you can't get involved in other political parties. I'd like you to since it is better than sitting on your hands and doing nothing during this time of national crisis. I feel like our government has declared war on us.

I do not care for debating any of ACT's policies on issues such as abortion or euthanasia. We must focus n owhat counts for achieving the central goal of restoring freedom and democracy. We can deal with those matters after we win the war that has engulfed us. Do not get distracted. Freedom and democracy - nothing else matters for now!

The Un's Agenda 2030 and the WEF's 4th Industrial Revolution are confirmed and open conspiracies and no longer theories - they are facts. The cabal of powerful interests running this macabre circus has almost every country complying in lockstep and operating outside the democratic processes.

They are all parroting "Build back better". But, first, they must destroy the Western democracies and culture before they can build back better and with fewer people - that's the plan. So, we now realise that pandemics, lockdowns, killer vaccines, wars, supply chain disruptions, bankrupting farmers, stirring up irrational fear of global warming, promoting woke gender confusion, weaponising the police, and causing fuel, food and water insecurity and shortages are all part of the plan to destroy democracy and build back better with a communist-style one-world government where we now nothing but we will be happy. But will we be happy, and who ends up owning what we no longer own?

Quote from Klaus Schwab
Yes, he really said this and he means to do it!

Comrades New Zealand is leading the way in implementing this insane agenda, but this is hardly a surprise; after all, our PM is one of the leaders of the international socialist movement and the poster child of Charles Schwab's WEF. Don't believe me? Then look it up - it is all there out in the open - it's no secret anymore.

Enjoy the interview linked below and please act on it by joining us to ensure democracy and freedom are restored to this land. We have the numbers to make a massive difference to the election results next year - but act now - not later!

Here is the interview:

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