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Mainstream Media begins nationwide witch-hunt

Updated: Mar 27

Health has been hijacked for political gain and profit.

The hunt is now on to name, shame and ruin the heretics hiding amongst us who do not believe that the only path to the salvation of our tortured souls is via an unsafe and ineffective "vaccine". This includes health professionals, including doctors and nurses who have questioned the safety and effectiveness of lockdowns, masks and the safety of "approved" treatments. The hunt has ramped up several notches in the last week with the release of a documentary and several investigative articles, all paid for by you and me and best described as propaganda than journalism.

What stands out above the rest of the rubbish in these works of propaganda is the lack of fair play and balance: The first rule in journalism is to give those people being subjected to character assassination like this the right to reply to the allegations being directed at them.

Listen to this interview by Sean Plunket of Chantelle Baker, who had her reputation attacked in the "Fire and Fury" propaganda piece, which aired last week.

I think this all smacks of desperation on the part of the government and its collaborators, and it is doing the resistance movement a favour. Anybody with half a brain will surely be asking what is so terrible and wrong about what these people are alleging and be investigating further. Knowledge is the power in this battle for hearts and minds, which is why the government is going to such extremes to be the only source of the truth.

National Party meme

My friends at Resistance Kiwi wrote the following:

resistance kiwi banner

Media begins nationwide witch-hunt

Freedom of speech is under attack.

The media are circling their covered wagons around the Establishment and all of us on the outside with differing views are being derided and branded as “extremists”, “terrorists” or people spreading “misinformation”.

This week, we are witnessing an ongoing attack on freedom of speech by the established media.

Their objective is to smear anyone associated with groups like Voices for Freedom, Freedom & Rights Coalition, Counterspin and others.

Now, they’re singling out people running for Local Government in the October elections and trying to find any connection between freedom groups and their candidacy.

Candidates are having reporters troll through their online presence and turn up on their door-step to question their beliefs if they have challenged the job mandates, questioned the vaccine injuries, criticised the Government or supported any of the groups like Destiny Church, Voices For Freedom and others.

It is literally a nationwide witch-hunt! We do not say this lightly.

The media is trying to persuade their audiences there are sinister events going on in dark corners of New Zealand. They want the public to believe it has potentially violent ramifications. And that this evil is happening right under people’s noses.


Democracy doesn’t just happen in the debating chamber of Parliament.

The bedrock of democracy is “freedom of speech”, something our media – the so-called Fourth Estate – should strive to uphold, instead of manipulating the public that their version of it is the only acceptable one.

They want the version of Freedom of Speech that only permits the sugary sweet discourse that allows for rainbows and unicorns and ubiquitous acceptability.

Being Free to Speak is not always polite and full of daffodils – it is forthright and sometimes rude and often direct. It can be messy and confrontational. It can invoke strong colloquialisms and unfair comparisons, it can be angry and emotional and emotive. It can be many things.

Discontent with the way things are currently being handled in our country by “our” Government may “appear” violent, but that is the nature of free speech. It is hyperbole, to labour the point, to wake up a somnambulistic populace to the truth.

New Zealanders are generally pretty good people and we don’t believe that any of the groups that have been vilified by the media this week are actually pushing violence to achieve their ends.

The media want you, the public, to reject the growing anger in New Zealand that has fomented over the last two years of Labour’s handling of Covid because they conflate anger with violence.

They want you to reject what freedom groups say because they want you to remain fearful. Scared. And because it threatens their standing.

We say that now is the time for Resistance Kiwis to stand up and be stronger than ever! Continue speaking out. Continue marching and holding the placards. Stand your ground.

Don’t be corralled into a narrow world of what’s acceptable language and what isn’t, as defined by the media.

The mainstream media of New Zealand has been on a steady decline for the last two decades. Their attempts to silence people debating the state of our country is yet another nail in their coffins.

Kiwis are just witnessing the tail end of that demise.

Stand strong, join those groups that are being vilified, make a point and watch the rest of the Establishment media crumble. We will win this fight.

Check out our latest piece, The Decline and Fall of the New Zealand media and tell us what you think in the comments. We are grateful to have your support.

If you enjoy reading our website and know others who want to support positive change in our country, please forward this newsletter to them.

Parliament Protest - Tues 23 Aug

Is Tuesday 23 August in your diary? Take the day off, come to Wellington. Have a bit of fun!

Posters for resistance march

One march organised by The Freedom & Rights Coalition, starts 10am at Civic Square. The other march is organised by a group called NZ United, beginning at the Wellington Railway Station at 10.30am

Both marches end up at Parliament about 11.30am.

We hope that as many people as possible join either one of them, and end up at Parliament grounds for speeches and to show your support for freedom.

A huge thanks to Joanna & Fiona

Joanne and Fiona who came forward to Resistance Kiwi to tell their stories from working at Nelson Hospital’s ED when the Government began the rollout of the Covid-19 Pfizer “vaccine” wish to thank everyone for your support. “We were really nervous about speaking out, but when I saw the video after it was posted, I realised it had to be said,” Joanne says. “Thank you everyone. Let's hope the tide is moving more quickly now.”

Fiona says they’ve had great feedback on the video. “I was feeling very nervous. It would be wonderful if more frontline Emergency administrators came forward.”

We think Joanne & Fiona are courageous and we owe them our gratitude. As a result of the interview, we have more people coming out to speak up. Keep an eye on the website for further interviews. If you haven’t yet watched the interview yet click below image:

emergency staff

New-look Resistance Kiwi website

Those who have been members of Resistance Kiwi since we launched a year ago will have noticed a difference in how the website looks.

As we publish more articles, it’s important that topics are ordered and collated in a way that makes it easier for you to find them in the future. You can do this by clicking on the black topic badges to find all articles related to that particular topic, whether it’s related to the Pandemic, Local Body Politics, Globalism, etc.

Vive la Résistance Kiwis!


Please take a few minutes to read this article by Resistance Kiwi:

ACT now - Join the Democracy Project:

(The action I am asking of you is found at the bottom of this article).

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