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Why are doctors and other health professionals so silent?

One of New Zealand's most respected doctors and highly qualified in his field of expertise wrote to me about what happens to doctors who do not follow the Government's dictates. With his permission, some of what he wrote is reproduced below so long as I guarantee his anonymity. While he is usually a calm and diplomatic person, you will sense his growing anger and frustration about what is happening to this country:

"The doctor you are talking to mandated out of work is correct re medical profession…there is no rational scientific reason for him/her not to be working especially with the medical manpower issues The NZMC is just a political arm of this communist government and is a disgrace to medicine…doing the govts bidding, politically correct garbage…not even acknowledging the wealth of information that is appearing re mRNA GENE THERAPY INJURY AND DEATH Guy Hatchard is a revelation and so astute with his writings. I am sure that there are plenty who have made large amounts of money from this so called pandemic however I don’t have any info re amounts…sorry I know that in the USA treating covid patients, ventilating them etc gained huge money to the hospitals/clinics involved All this when safe drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin are known to be very effective in reducing severity of illness and hospital admissions"

Please read this open letter from one NZ doctor to his fellow health professionals and a commentary with statistics about how the false narrative is crumbling:

Open Letter to Doctors
Download PDF • 193KB

Why does mainstream media ignore these things?

The False Narrative is Crumbling
Download PDF • 476KB

If the science is so clear that mRNA vaccines offer little to no protection against COVID while causing an upsurge in stroke, blood clots, nerve damage, heart attack, miscarriages, damage to people's immune system, and even intergenerational damage to DNA, then why is there not a resounding outcry from doctors and other health professionals?

The science is clear: Immense harm is happening to the extent that many scientists and doctors fear we are witnessing the beginning of what may be an overwhelming wave of health problems, including deaths (refer to Dr Hatchard's article below this one). Still, the silence from our health professionals is deafening. How come they are so silent if the science is now so clear?

Let me try to explain why there is silence from so many health professionals who have sworn an oath to protect us and to first do no harm.

It is complicated, but that is why I’m here: My job is to cut through the propaganda for you! So, let us get into it.

First, be encouraged that more health professionals are speaking out, but, sadly and tragically, their voices are not heard due to the corruption of our mainstream media (MSM). MSM committed the most egregious of crimes imaginable as agents of the 4th Estate by trading their independence and principles of fair and investigative journalism in return for millions of dollars of direct media funding by the government and receiving millions more to run wall-to-wall pandemic and vaccine media campaigns. Such massive funding bought the compliance of MSM, turning them into the machinery of Government propaganda. MSM has gone one step further: No longer are they our watchdog; they have become the Government’s attack dogs, being set upon any citizens who fail to comply. Health professionals have been receiving special attack dog attention. Here is one of many examples of how MSM has been used to not only silence the Government’s critics but to go the extra step of ruining their careers and sometimes also destroying them financially:

Here is an article I wrote defending my medical friends and associates:

Investigative reporting is dead while witch-hunting, tarring and feathering, and burning heretics at the stake thrive. All but a few brave people either look the other way or keep their heads below the parapet. As an aside, I sometimes feel New Zealand is now a nation of cowards and selfish people, but probably they are more scared and confused than anything else - and they want to do the right thing for family and country, but they have been lied to by those they trust. Fear and misinformation are powerful tools for control of the masses. I am encouraged that more people than ever, including doctors, are beginning to ask hard questions and push back. The US Drs in the following video mention NZ, by the way.

However, in New Zealand, doctors and other health professionals are being silenced by a two-pronged attack: MSM and their professional associations, such as the Medical Council, which enforces the professional standards for medical practitioners. Did you know there is a new professional crime for what is called "promoting vaccine hesitancy"? So, if, for example, a family doctor cautions a pregnant woman about the safety of the mRNA jab (let's not call it a vaccine since it is not), and the Medical Council gets to hear about it, that doctor may face immediate suspension. At the same time, an investigation drags on for a year or longer, costing the good doctor over $100,000 in lawyers' bills while losing their income. You could say the doctor is guilty until proven innocent while facing financial and professional ruin.

Billions of taxation and borrowed dollars buy the government many friends and a lot of silence. Your local medical centre, pharmacy and health trust are paid generously to vaccinate and treat COVID patients; the testing laboratories are raking in the dough, while funeral parlours and crematoria are flat out, as are the emergency services. They are all making a lot of money out of this emergency for a bug that is no worse than the seasonal flu. It is rumoured that one Maori trust has made over $100 million so far from jabbing their people, and it is said some people who do the jabbing are bringing home six-figure incomes. Just how much these organisations and individuals make is impossible to tell.

While the workers may not like being run off their feet, with many quitting in exhaustion or disgust, you won't hear their bosses, business partners or shareholders complaining, and they are not about to turn off the money tap. So, we have silence while the money does the talking.

This is money wasted. For what has been spent on buying people's collaboration and silence, and a vaccine that does not work but does harm; we could have built 50 more Transmission Gulleys, refurbished every hospital, built new clinics in every provincial centre, put dental therapists back into schools and trained an army of nurses and other health professionals. Imagine how much better off New Zealand could have been!

Please tuck yourself up in bed early this evening and watch the following video recording. It is the proceedings of the medical conference organised by the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society. In this video, one medical expert after another speaks out about the crimes committed by politicians, bureaucrats and professional associations against health professionals and the public at large (Bear in mind that what is happening in Australia is being replicated globally, with New Zealand taking the lead).

I sense the walls of lying and deceit are beginning to crumble, but we must not ease off: we must increase the pressure the closer we get to our goals, which is the restoration of freedom and democracy. We are up some evil and well-resourced forces, but we have the upper hand because we hold the moral high ground and the science and commonsense.

If you are wondering what to do, my plea to you is to act now: Read this article and take the recommended action:

Keep strong and keep positive: Despite us all suffering some bruising along the way, we will get through this and be all the better for the experience!


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