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COVID Crimes - A witness Testifies

(Updated 9 April 2022)

This is one of the most important videos of our times because it exposes crimes against the world's people. Unfortunately, New Zealand's leadership is embroiled in these crimes against humanity, whether by deliberate plan or unwittingly. These crimes are ongoing and must end now, and for us to begin the process to seek justice for all affected parties.

Colin Maxwell has spent many hours compiling a detailed summary and transcript of Dr Fleming's testimony. Here is the video of Dr Fleming's testimony, plus Colin's transcript.


The Testimony

Dr Fleming describes an utterly sinister laboratory-based Gain Of Function [GOF] project to develop a deadly synthetic/chimeric virus. Furthermore, he outlines the equally disturbing response to the pandemic that followed this bioweapon's release upon humanity—an utterly sinister process of up to 30 years in development.


AN EXPERT WITNESS TESTIFYING UNDER OATH... and consenting for this material to be used globally.

[a 54 min interview]



  1. By no stretch of the imagination should these products be referred to as 'vaccines'. No aspect of these chimeric and toxic genetic serums remotely fits any traditionally accepted definition of a vaccine or what its function should be. The word 'vaccine' is used simply because Dr Fleming used this terminology. I can only surmise he did so highly begrudgingly.

  2. I am not trained in the sciences, but I feel I have the necessary knowledge to recognise the enormous importance of this extensive testimony. Therefore, I have provided both a summary and a complete time-marked transcript to make this wealth of evidence more accessible and aid in minimising the time left before a court injunction puts an immediate and permanent ban on these products.

It is only a matter of time before the first country in the world leads the way in this no-brainer. So why can't this be NZ?

The Oath and his Credentials

  • Medical Doctor - MD degree

  • Areas of speciality - Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine

  • Fellow of American College of Physicians

  • Fellow of the American Society of Internal Medicine

  • PhD in Physics

  • Law Degree - AKA as a JD

  • Inventor in the Medical field - in the area of imaging the body and determining what sort of disease processes are going on by looking at metabolism and blood flow. Dr Fleming holds patents for his invention.

  • He can interpret medical patents.

  • Author of 400-500 medical papers

  • He serves on the editorial and review boards of medical journals. The obligation of these boards is that when someone submits a paper for publication for reviewers to take a look at that material to determine if it is scientifically valid, to determine if it makes a difference in the field and makes recommendations back to the editorial board as to whether the paper should be accepted or revised or rejected for publication.

Is Dr Fleming a target for character assassination?


I've added this section because there is what can only be described as a nasty below the belt campaign to destroy Dr Fleming's reputation: This is the classic "Playing the man and not the ball" tactic. Please watch the video here to learn more about Dr Fleming and his response to the character assassination being directed at him:

Here's Dr Fleming's written response:

It looks to me that Dr Fleming became a target for authorities who were going to get him no matter what it took, and they got him with a couple of technical slip-ups on his part and some nefarious tactics on behalf of others, including the authorities.

Jesus: So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her".

We have seen similar tactics used here in New Zealand where the characters of good doctors and public figures who have spoken the truth about COVID had their careers ruined after speaking out. Here are two examples I have written about but there are many more:

There's something comforting to the soul about the truth: Plus, it naturally rises to the top.

My conclusion is Dr Fleming is a good doctor who has ruffled some feathers: He's a good man and we need more people like him.

How and when to use Dr Fleming's Testimony

Dr Fleming's sworn testimony is for a wide range of settings, for the layperson and the legal experts, right up to the highest levels of Government. Dr Fleming had this express purpose in mind when giving this testimony. So, you have his permission for its use in any relevant situation.

Use Dr Fleming's testimony as supporting evidence if you, your business, club, society, family, or community are in dispute or have been burdened or harmed by pandemic mandates or laws.

If the mandating party cannot refute every one of Dr Fleming's claims with convincing evidence, your claim will hold that their actions are unfair and probably illegal.

Applications that come to mind:

  • When challenging vaccine mandates for businesses, employees, and travel.

  • When challenging mask-wearing rules in the workplace, schools, public facilities, public transport, and workplaces.

  • When making claims for Accident Compensation for vaccine harm, including the death of a loved one or appealing a decision.

  • When applying for a vaccine exemption or appealing a decision (Dr Fleming's evidence is sufficient for every person to receive a vaccine exemption by the Director-General of Health - please apply for one).

  • When seeking reinstatement and compensation for losses following unfair dismissal as an employee or as a business.

Colin's summary outlines the key messages with an overview of each section. However, it may be helpful to have a qualified person on hand to explain some of the more complex points in the main body of the transcripted interview.

Summary of Dr Fleming's Testimony

KEY to the acronyms:

  • ACE2 cells - Angio-converting enzyme 2 cells ARR - Absolute Risk Reduction

  • RRR - Relative Risk Reduction...

  • FDA - Food and Drug Association [USA] GOF - Gain Of Function

  • T cell - a type of lymphocyte. They are one of the essential white blood cells of the immune system and are distinguished from other lymphocytes by a receptor on the cell surface.

  • T-helper cells - also known as CD4 cells... a type of T-cell that plays an important role in the adaptive immune response. They aid in the activity of other immune cells by releasing cytokines.

  • T-helper 2 cells [Th2] - important regarding humoral immunity and allergies


  1. Dr Fleming exposes the grim reality that no aspect of this project was ever about working for the benefit of humanity. Indeed, the evidence proves that the intention was precisely the opposite all along. This macabre Mengele-like lab experiment involved the development of a lab spliced chimeric bioweapon virus, which would prove to be merely a precursor for the main event.

  2. The key bioweapon was never going to be the virus at all. It was always the so-called 'vaccines' themselves. It was known by these researchers early on that the main killer would be the 'vaccine' rather than the virus. This shocking reality is exposed comprehensively by this evidence.

  3. This was why the Covid death rate had to be so severely manipulated to hike the apparent mortality of the virus to panic and coerce populations into submitting themselves to this 'vaccine'. We now know that the real Covid mortality rate would have been somewhere between the common cold and the seasonal flu if we had been allowed access to a host of proven prophylactic protocols and products deliberately withheld from our citizens.

  4. This deliberate withholding of proven safe products and the subsequent foisting of ineffective, toxic and exorbitantly priced drugs known to be lethal is an outrageous crime against humanity. In terms of litigation, this brings to the table the question of intent and multiplies the victim's monetary claims exponentially to the degree that these Big-pharma corporations will undoubtedly be financially wiped out. They will be unable to pay any more than 'pennies on the pound' to compensate the likely billions globally, of potential claimants and their families.

  5. The fact that trial results were serially misrepresented amounts to blatant fraud and internationally completely negates any waivers of liability that these companies imagined they could hide behind.

  6. There is simply no other plausible explanation for these lethal bioweapons' existence apart from population control and genocide attempts. Yet, this is the tragic reality that Dr Fleming walks us through.

A quick Reference Summary of the Transcript


  1. The only animal studies that have been conducted are by independent scientists asking the questions that the vaccine companies should have been asking long ago, which is what are the consequences in animals of the vaccines?

  2. Independent animal research has shown that these viruses and vaccines damage the brain and other body organs, potentially including long term prion diseases.

  3. The vaccines are now known to affect the haemoglobin molecules of our blood and permanently change the molecules to no longer have the same shape or configuration. As a result, it can no longer bind oxygen, and it won't be able to pick up CO2.

  4. The fact is that the spike protein is a gain of function developed virus which by definition is a bioweapon. So, by replicating that same sequence and putting it into a vaccine, it doesn't matter how you get it into the body. It's still a bioweapon.


  1. This looks at the funding of the illegal GOF research, even after the whole process was supposed to have been shut down.

  2. It is an absolute shocker to discover that more than 50% of the funding came from the US Dept of Defence... so in essence US Mainstreet or the taxpayer.

  3. The attempted coverup and the deliberate and utterly transparent attempts to skew the science.

  4. The fact remains... there remains a huge paper trail of official documents that illustrate both the funding channels and the subterfuge.

  5. These are all direct violations of the US Constitution and as such these parties should all be charged with treason.


  1. ARR [Absolute risk Reduction] figures of between 0.8 -1.3% show conclusively that these products don't work, and that the Big-pharma companies grossly misrepresented the efficacy of the product using completely misleading Relative Risk Reduction [RRR].

  2. These products don't prevent people from getting infected.

  3. They don't reduce Covid cases.

  4. They don't reduce Covid deaths.

  5. They don't prevent transmission.

  6. Well-intentioned people only got jabbed because they were fearful due to being duped by a constant bombardment of misinformation.

  7. Variants have been pressure selected by shockingly ineffective products... they are a classic case of Leaky Vaccine Syndrome run amuck.

  8. These products are still part of a clinical trial that runs until 2023.


  1. If you understand that the spike protein of this GOF bioweapon is a dangerous toxin, then why on earth would you synthesise that genetic sequence and put it into a 'vaccine'.

  2. These products can be lethal because otherwise perfectly healthy people's immune systems react to what it sees as the biological equivalent of a nuclear bomb.

  3. There have been more deaths and injuries from these products than there have been from all combined vaccine products in the last 30 years. Add in the massive and deliberate coverup of adverse reactions and it is only the tip of the iceberg of the real problem. Underreporting historically runs at between 1-10% of actual events.


  1. No animal studies were done by the 'vaccine' manufacturers.

  2. The only ones that were done were by independent scientists. This independent research has shown that there has been damage to the brain and other body organs caused by these viruses and vaccines.

  3. Skipping the animal trials violates every treaty and code that ever existed.

  4. The 'vaccine' damages the blood it encounters.

  5. mRNA and DNA 'vaccines' affect the ability of red blood cells to transport both oxygen and CO2.

  6. The 'vaccines damage both critical components of your immune system.

  7. The s-protein is also a GOF bioweapon.

  8. The vaccination of children is in effect an experimental live human field trial.


  1. All the evidence shows that there is no statistical benefit to using these vaccines.

  2. The FDA has admitted that they won't know what the vaccines will do to our children until they do the live human field trial

  3. These vaccines have done nothing to solve the problem... they need to be stopped... the vaccine companies need to be held legally accountable.

  4. The gain of function research needs to be stopped.

  5. There comes a time for people to be held accountable for things that they do.

Time Marks for the Entire Transcript


  1. 00:30 Dr Fleming swears under oath that Covid-19 is a bioweapon and consents to this testimony being used in any appropriate proceedings globally.

  2. 03:05 Dr Fleming wrote a book entitled "Is Covid-19 a Bioweapon?... A Scientific and Forensic Investigation... the function of the book was to provide information that the public could look at and also provide evidence for the legal system and the medical system to understand the concept of Gain of Function.

  3. 03:10 testified that he believes Covid-19 was deliberately developed in a lab as a bioweapon.

  4. 03:26 Dr Fleming wrote a book that laid out clearly that the gain of function research was carried out over 2 decades. It showed where the funds came from, what types of GOF research occurred, as well as the patents involved.

  5. 03:40 Most of the funding came from the US although a few other countries were also involved too.

  6. 03:55 there is no evidence to show that the SarsCov-2 virus is naturally occurring, there is no animal model for this.

  7. 04:00 the research has been funded by the US NIAID [National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases]... NIH [National Institute of Health], and US Dept of Defense... also money that went to Peter Daszak of EcoHealth, Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, and Shi Zhenglia from the Wuhan Inst of Virology and to several other Unis in the US including in the state of Texas.

  8. 04:40 Based on Dr Fleming and Luc Motagnia's work they came to the conclusion that this was a bioweapon. Any adjustment or modification of a biological agent like this virus that doesn't provide a benefit for mankind is a biological weapon under the biological weapons convention agreement.

  9. 05:00 the amino acids that were inserted were very critical for the furin cleavage site for this virus to infect... the insertion of HIV and HIV equivalent viruses and the prion-like domain and the insert that Shi Zhengli put in, none of these are naturally occurring.

  10. · Covid-19 and especially its spike protein is not something that has simply evolved on its own in nature.

  11. 05:50 None of the coronaviruses on the planet have the PRR8 insert, none of them has this amount of HIV insert, and none of them has a regional binding domain that is a prion-like binding domain. These are abnormal proteins that cause other proteins to become abnormally folded

  12. 06:10 All the data shows that genetic changes were made in a lab to create what is known as Covid-19.

  13. 06:42 The book references work done by Shi Zhengli which was specifically to increase the ability of the virus to infect human cells.

  14. 06:50 Research also showed that the naturally occurring spike protein from the horseshoe bats was unable to bind to the human ACE2 receptors.

  15. 07:20 the research papers that Baric and Zhenglia published were very clear and somewhat proud of the fact they had been able to modify the virus and insert changes into it that made it more infective and potentially more dangerous.

  16. 07:40 Building a virus is like building a car... if you know what the parts are you simply put them together... they took bits and pieces of one virus and combined them with parts of other viruses.

  17. 08:00 They were very specific in inserting five nucleotide base pairs in there... they simply switched base pairs... which resulted in different amino acids being added and a different protein...Furin Cleavage site PRRA inserts are 4 amino acids that were put in... when this virus attaches, the HIV glycoprotein 120 insert is required to attach to a Cyclic acid receptor RAP which stabilises it and puts it in position... the virus then comes into contact with the H2 receptor... it then has to undergo furin cleavage which is the PRRA which makes it particularly infective for human cells and then it comes into contact with receptors which are found in the brain.

  18. 09:51 The PRRA cleavage insert is not found in any other Coronavirus that exists in the wild... there are 12 specific nucleotide bases to provide the 4 amino acids that are very specifically connected to the furin cleavage site which the US Govt owns the patent.

  19. 10:20 Since mutations occur in nature one nucleotide base at a time, you would have to come up with a phenomenal explanation as to why 12 nucleotide bases suddenly inserted themselves into a virus that none of the other viruses in that category has.

  20. 0:40 The original premise that was put forward and was published in the Lancet was that this was a naturally occurring virus with an animal host that got transmitted to people... and yet there has not been a single animal model found with this, nor has there been a single coronavirus found with this PRRA insert.

  21. 11:00 Sections of the genetic code for HIV glycoprotein were also inserted into the virus and Zhengli published this many years ago... she was actually very proud of the fact that she accomplished it and created an HIV pseudovirus in order to do it... we also know that HIV glycoprotein 120 is a prion... Zhengli actually admitted to this in her publications... the papers stated that the intent was to make the virus more infective... even more clear was that she was aiming for a prion type disease... it is even more challenging to deal with prion diseases in understanding how to treat them... they cause permanent damage unless they can be reversed... there is nothing about this research that could ever be advantageous for people... the ability to produce prion diseases is quite a weapon... people die from prion diseases.

  22. 12:50 Gain of function is anything that you do that changes a naturally occurring biological agent. The premise of GOF can have a good purpose behind it... the original idea being that if you could stay a step ahead of a potentially infective agent you could do a good job of providing treatments for people and knowing when and where it was going to spread... this isn't a step ahead because this is not a single nucleotide base... this has multiple HIV and SIV inserts... this is not something that evolutionarily evolves as with this many changes it would take 100's of thousands of years... making this has provided no advantage to human beings which makes it a Biological Weapons Treaty violation.

  23. 14:35 There is no science to show that there is a natural reservoir in animals for this virus to occur... in fact, science points to the fact with over 99% probability that this is not naturally occurring. There would have been no so-called pandemic if this virus had not been developed and released.

  24. 15:20 Over the last couple of months the NIH and NIAID have admitted that GOF research was funded by the US and that Fauci's statement that these agencies weren't involved in GOF research was false.


  1. 15:20 Dr Fauci testified in Congress that the NIH and NIAID had not funded GOF... this was a lie... there is a long track record of GOF continuing even when the program was supposed to have been shut down because of safety concerns... money still got funnelled around primarily through Peter Daszak who in turn funnelled it to Baric and Zhengli... they were denying that they were connected with one another which completely contradicts publications that show the funding... NIH has now come out with a statement that they had provided GOF research.

  2. 17:18 Part of this GOF work was to make these viruses infectious to humans when they were not before... they intentionally sought to make the virus more infective.

  3. The primary culprits are Peter Daszak at EcoHealth, Ralph Baric from Uni of North Carolina and Shi Zhenglia at the Wuhan Inst of Virology... other Unis were also involved including some in Texas.

  4. 18:38 Fleming looked at the Federal funding sources which gave him the actual grant reference numbers... this showed the amounts of money and whether it came from the DOD [which by the way paid for more than half of this research].

  5. 19:00 There were a lot of very poor attempts to cover this up. Daszak and others got together and published that this was obviously a naturally occurring virus and did everything imaginable to skew the science and literature to get people to ignore the fact that this could be a lab-created GOF bioweapon.

  6. 19:33 The Biological Weapons Convention Treaty is very clear... it states that any pathogen that does not have a benefit or humanity is a violation of the treaty... this is a treaty that the US signed and ratified.

  7. 19:58 Treaties are the supreme law of the land...#1 the signing and ratification of the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty... #2 the signing of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights... #3 the US participating in the Nuremberg Trials to establish the Nuremberg code and how patients should be treated... #4 the declaration of Helsinki that the US has committed to for research patients... #5 the American Medical Association Code Of Ethics on informed consent... NB If anyone has violated these treaties then they have violated the constitution. Anyone who has taken an oath of office and ignores these treaties, funds violations of these treaties, or refuses to allow patients to have informed consent... if you have done any of these things, then you have violated the US constitution and you have committed treason.


  1. 22:00 If you go to the EUA documents for Pfizer, Moderna and Jansen, there is no statistical reduction in Covid in the vaxed vs the unvaxed for any of these products.

  2. 23:39 These products don't prevent you from getting infected and statistically, they didn't reduce the number of Covid cases or deaths, and they don't prevent you from transmitting Covid.

  3. 23:50 No virus comes in just one flavour... just as if you look around a room full of humans there is a huge variance. In the past, the industry made vaccines by taking all the parts of a virus with all of the variances and weakening it. They then injected it into people... so if their immune system saw another variant or other parts to it, they would still have an immune response to it. However, with these vaccines, we very specifically said let's just look at the s-protein of the original variant only looks at the spike protein portion of the original variant, and let's make that genetic code and turn the human cells into a manufacturing plant to make just those s-proteins.

  4. 24:50 Of the people who got vaxed, many did so because they were worried about protecting other people. These people were well-intentioned, but they were afraid, they were fearful, and they didn't want anyone else to get sick because of them. They didn't want other family members to get sick. They didn't want the man or the woman down the street who has cancer or heart disease to become sick. As good citizens they were told... "you need to do this to make a difference"... however the vaccines don't prevent people from getting the virus or from spreading it.

  5. 25:30 By using this approach we injected this mRNA and DNA material into people for just one type of protein... not the rest of the virus... not the nucleocapsid, which turns out to be what humans make the best immune response to, not the envelope, not the membrane, and not the other types of spike proteins... just 1 type... if you track what is happening around the world, as these vaccines have been used fewer and fewer people have got infected with the Wuhan A21, or if they got infected they were ready for it, but they weren't ready for the other variants, the Alpha, the Beta, the Gamma, the Delta, the Omicron [21K]... these they didn't have an immune response to... so we have done a great job of pressure selecting out this virus to the variants so that we are spreading and shifting it... now the spike protein of Omicron is so different that the ability of our immune system to respond to it just isn't there... so we are seeing more and more people with this variant coming down with symptoms and spreading it to other people.

  6. 27:10 If you ask... have the vaccines done a good job of reducing this... all you must do is look at the science and the numbers in order to answer that question. Israel vaxed most of the country and their cases of Delta escalated right off the charts... in the US they have done the same thing where they have seen the Omicron and delta variants being pressure selected out by this vaccine program... this has not helped reduce outbreaks, it has simply shifted the variants, persisted the problem, and stressed people and made people more afraid.

  7. 24:40 If you look at the data and the difference between vaccinated and non-vaccinated on an ARR standard, it was statistically insignificant. The ARR is somewhere between 0.8 and 1.3% and this was known by the FDA and the drug manufacturers before these vaccines were rolled out. Fleming watched the FDA meeting for the EUA and not one of the people there asked the question of what is the ARR which is the goal of actually vaccinating people.

  8. 28:20 Fleming watched the FDA meeting for the booster shots and one of the manufacturer's heads of their vaccine project said that t-cell response was unimportant... however the t-cell response is critical... you have t-cells and b-cells, this just refers to where they come from... t-cell response is called innate immunity... this is critical and is the first thing that happens to people... the b-cells, the antibody responses occur several days later... but for the antibody response to occur the t-cells have to be working... we know that the mRNA products suppress the t-cell response... not only does the count of those cells go down but the chemicals they produce, interferon [which simply means it interferes with the production of viruses] and what are called t-helper cells [a type of t-cell that is critical to help make the right type of antibody response]... all of this is suppressed in individuals who are vaccinated.

  9. 29:50 Fleming is seeing an awful lack of scientific integrity and interrogation of the science. The data is very clear, the science is very clear... the vaccines have not done anything to prevent covid cases or deaths.


  1. 30:40 Most people are of the opinion that if you get an injection in the arm muscle then that's where the payload stays... the studies are very clear... they quickly get out into the recipient's bloodstream.

  2. 31:49 With the natural spread of these viruses up to 10's of thousands of virus particles are spread by coughing and sneezing on somebody... that's roughly the amount you would get exposed to... with the vaccines those numbers are significantly different... here we are talking about billions of genetic sequences being introduced into the body to make spike proteins... for Pfizer and Moderna it's ~ 13.1 billion... for Jansen and AstraZeneca it is ~50 billion.

  3. 32:20 For a virus to get into your cells it must find an ACE2 receptor... these vaccines don't have to find a receptor... the lipid nanoparticles can simply merge with your cell membrane... they don't have to look for any receptors and can release all of that genetic sequence into the cells.

  4. 32:49 What we are seeing with the vaccinated individuals is healthy people reacting... why?... because they are not getting exposed to 1000-10,000 virus particles from someone else, they are getting billions and if they have a functioning healthy body their immune system is looking at this and saying wow, we have just been massively infected and they mount an immune response using inflammation and blood-clotting,... so you release chemicals to kill the infected cells... that's why you get a runny nose, that's fluid being released... blood clotting is to wall off the invader so that it can't get out and so that it can't get nutrients so that it dies... so that inflammation and blood clotting is what your body should do, except that naturally we don't get infected with billions of these viruses.

  5. So healthy people are reacting to something that looks like a nuclear bomb went off in their body... they are reacting to it, producing a lot of inflammation a lot of blood-clotting and a lot of very adverse events to what appears to be an overwhelming infection in their body.... and you have seen this manifest with strokes and seizures, and heart disease, and miscarriages and deaths that we have never seen before in the history of mankind.

  6. 34:20 In the 1970s the MSM exposed lies told by Big-pharma and the FDA on the flu vaccine. At 25 deaths the US decided that something needed to be done. In 1976 25 deaths were enough for authorities to investigate. Yet in 2021 if 15,000 deaths weren't enough to ban a dangerous product, then the country clearly has a major problem.

  7. 35:00 Is there any evidence that these companies did animal studies before they went to the FDA for emergency use authorisation? There is a reason for doing animal studies. In other words, you don't experiment on people unless, of course, you happen to be Nazis. Why were these not done?

  8. 35:40 The CDC Vaers reporting system is showing more deaths and injuries from covid-19 vaccines than all other vaccines combined for the last 30 years. The problem is that these numbers may only be 1% to 10% of the real figures because it is so difficult and tedious for doctors to report adverse reactions.

  9. 36:00 For reporting adverse reactions to things like measles, mumps, rubella, also diphtheria and tetanus there is a tracking code... these are called computerised procedural criminology codes [or CPC]... there is no CPC code to enter into a computer system for reporting adverse reactions to any of these Covid-19 vaccines. These agencies have a legal obligation to track adverse events and yet there is no code to enable physicians to log an event.

  10. 37:19 These vaccines are still part of a clinical trial that lasts until 2023. When you are doing a clinical trial one of the most important things you need to do is to track adverse events.


  1. 38:00 Question. Have you seen any animal studies that have been produced or released by any of the current vaccine manufacturers before emergency use authorisation? Answer... The only animal studies that have been done are by independent scientists asking the questions that the vaccine companies should have been asking... which is... "what are the consequences in animals of the vaccines"? This independent research has shown that there has been damage to the brain and other body organs caused by these viruses and these vaccines that are called prion diseases. You can have mad cow disease or Alzheimer's in the brain amyloidosis disease in the heart which is another type of prion disease. These studies in animals have been very clear and very consistent. These products cause prion diseases, inflammation, blood clotting, inflammo-thrombotic diseases, plus real concerns about miscarriages and other many health problems and death. None of these trials has been done by the vaccine companies.

  2. 39:30 This animal research should have been done... it violates every treaty and code that we have ever had as human beings. There was one other time when animal research was abandoned by doing them on people first, and we prosecuted those people at the 1947 Nuremberg trials

  3. 39:50 One of the questions we had was, what happens if the vaccine gets into our blood? The effects are almost immediate... slides were shown showing that the red colouration of red blood cells disappears which means that the haemoglobin is no longer able to carry oxygen because the haemoglobin molecule has been damaged... this doesn't reverse... also the blood cells begin to clump together... this means that the damage makes the blood unable to carry the oxygen for use around the body, but also hinders the dual role of it returning CO2 back to our lungs.

  4. 45:05 It has been known for a long time that RNA or DNA when they are outside a cell, they are a form of prion. Human red blood cells are the only cells in the body that don't have a nucleus and they don't have ribosomes... all they have is haemoglobin to carry oxygen and CO2... so red blood cells cannot do anything with genetic codes that enter into it... the lipid nanoparticles would simply merge with the red blood cells... if the red blood cells behave like any other part of the body does that is outside of a cell, and that doesn't have a nucleus or ribosome, when RNA or DNA comes into contact with it, it acts like a prion and changes the protein structure. Haemoglobin is a protein... what appears to be happening is that these vaccines are leaking the eyes of the RNA or DNA from the vaccine into the red blood cell, having a prion effect on the haemoglobin molecule, and permanently changing the molecule so that it no longer has the same shape or configuration. As a result, it can't bind oxygen and it won't be able to transport CO2 back to the lungs.

  5. 46:10 Are the vaccines reprogramming the innate immune system?... what we have seen is that two of the critical steps for your immune system... the production of interferon [meaning it interferes with virus replication], and T-helper-T cells which are critical for helping to make antibodies are all suppressed. T-helper-T cells have 3 components that have to match up with the B cells that make antibodies. Only when all 3 match up does the signal get sent to your antibody system to make antibodies of a specific type, targeting a specific infection, and keep memory cells for that event. In the absence of those T-helper 2 cells being produced as they should, that system, even though it exists is going to be blunted.

  6. 47:30 The spike protein is a gain of function developed virus which is a bioweapon. By replicating that same sequence and putting it into a vaccine, it doesn't matter what mode is used to get it into the body it's still a bioweapon.

  7. 47:50 When you have people at an FDA meeting making a statement that we need to vaccinate children, but we won't know what happens to them until we vaccinate them, that's the experimental phase of a research program. It seems that the US doesn't have a problem experimenting on the elderly, police officers, first responders, doctors, nurses, the public and now apparently, on children as well.


  1. 48:50 If you were advising the Texas Health commissioner what would you recommend... when you are doing anything in science or medicine where there is a bad outcome you quit doing it. We don't keep repeating the things that cause a problem.

  2. 49:25 All the evidence shows that there is no statistical benefit to using these vaccines... the mass vaccination has caused pressure selection of these variants and produced significant adverse effects in recipients. The FDA has now admitted that they won't know what the vaccines will do to our children until we experiment on our children.

  3. 49:50 It's very clear... these products have done nothing to do with improving health. They need to be stopped, and the vaccine companies need to be held accountable for the damage they have caused. There are major questions as to why we are abusing all these codes and treaties. These questions need to be addressed.

  4. 50:10 The gain of function research needs to be stopped at least until the work can be done under some type of control where it can provide a benefit for mankind without harm. We need to hold people accountable that have been responsible for these actions as they have violated the countless treaties and codes.

  5. 50:53 There comes a time for people to be held accountable for things that they do.

  6. 51:30 Sum up

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Dr Richard Fleming Testifies
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  11. We highly recommend this podcast, Dr Mike Yeadon with James Delingpole:

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Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
05. Mai 2022

Gary... this one pretty much clinches it for me. If he isn't genuine then he is one hell of an actor. Also, why would Dr Fleming write this book when it puts him in very real danger of being killed for revealing the truth about these clot-shot toxins? He could make zillions sitting on his backside telling huge porkies for Mr Global. Also with all the vast resources and contacts and nous Reiner Fullmich and Judy Mikovits have between, then surely they would have found out well before now if he wasn't genuine. Cheers

Col PS Crikey, Gary... you had me a tad worried there for a while!!!

Gefällt mir
Gary Moller
Gary Moller
05. Mai 2022
Antwort an

🙂Sorry, Colin. Hey, thanks for the additional information and good points.

I've been following Dr Fleming for the last two years and he can't be faulted when to comes to what he says about the pandemic and COVID.

I like to think our readers are sensible people who can make up their own minds about what it truth and what is not.

Gefällt mir

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
05. Mai 2022

I've added a new section in response to questions about Dr Fleming's reputation.

Is Dr Fleming a target for character assassination?

Take a look and tell me what you think.

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
08. Mai 2022
Antwort an

Its a pleasure, and thanks for contributing to the discussion.

Gefällt mir

Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
04. Mai 2022

All good Marian... it was a long road but we got there in the end! It is such a comprehensive resource I thought it deserved that extra work in order to make all this information more readily accessible. It can be a huge task locating individual points in a testimony that lasts the lion's share of an hour. This is far and away the most damning and conclusive single presentation on the global clot-shot debacle that I have seen to date. However, because it is so comprehensive, many people will find it too daunting to tackle. Its exhaustive coverage, including the much needed history which provides context, almost becomes its own worst enemy. Hopefully the summary/transcript will help get around this. And th…

Gefällt mir
Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
17. Mai 2022
Antwort an

Gary... when I said...

"I have in mind two hugely respected people who are admirably suited to this task. "... ... one of them was you Gary. If you have time give me call for a chin wag on this subject one day soon... the time of day doesn't matter to me. Cheers Col

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
04. Mai 2022

The task now is to get this testimony spread to those who need it. This is where you, our readers can help.

Gefällt mir

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
04. Mai 2022

Philip, I've included the podcast in the links for further reading. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Gefällt mir
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