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We wouldn't dream of inflicting this on cattle

Updated: Mar 18

When it comes to obtaining help with detecting a load of bull, there can be no better person to turn to than one of NZ's most successful cattle breeders, Colin Maxwell, now semi-retired

Coming from a rural background myself, growing up in the South Waikato town of Putaruru, I have said this often:

If you want to know a thing or two about human health and nutrition, go and consult a rural vet and the farmer with the most ribbons from the A&P shows!

So, with that in mind, I have invited Colin to write a guest article from an animal breeder's perpective. Here it is:


We wouldn't Dream, of inflicting this on cattle

By Colin Maxwell

Indeed it is high time we pointed out to our many institutionalised imbeciles the likely generational effects of the toxic poisons that they foist on Kiwis in these mRNA gene 'therapies'. These are potentially disastrous in their impact on both the ovum and mitochondria.

It simply beggars belief that I hear zero discussion on this topic from people in high places, yet the repercussions of this are horrendous in terms of potential birth defects, miscarriages, stillbirths and infertility effects. Furthermore, these effects could well be generational.

I am aware of this enormous risk because I am a semi-retired cattle breeder who did a lot of work with multiple ovulation and embryo transfer technology earlier in my career. Come to think of it, there are a few other reasons too.

  1. Being mature enough to not give a flying toss as to what people think of my opinion

  2. Not be afraid to question official narratives

  3. Having no clue as to what self-censorship even means

  4. Having no axe to grind monetarily or job promotion wise

  5. In general, having zero to gain or lose from sharing a lifetime of knowledge and graduating from the school of life's experiences

This is an especially urgent topic to get out into the public forum given that the ovaries are one of the body's organs where these toxic s-proteins concentrate. A mammal's entire lifetime ovum stock forms around the 20 week age in the development of a fetus. This means that any female throughout the entire reproductive phase of their life run a dreadful risk of compromised fertility and birth defects in their offspring with just one single exposure to these toxins.

It was discovered early in 2021 in a Japanese study that the pathogenic spike proteins of these mRNA products do not stay in the intramuscular injection site in the shoulder and the local lymph nodes. Initially, the researchers were unaware that they were inoculating with a dangerous toxin. We are most certainly aware of this now and also that these toxins rapidly circulate throughout the body, potentially attacking the ovaries, liver, neurological tissue and many other organs.

There is nothing groundbreaking in any of this, barely even biology 101 level knowledge. Sadly, it gets worse because all of our mitochondria are inherited from our mother, i.e., the ovum.

This involves simple mechanics: when the sperm penetrates the female ovum, the mitochondria from the male sperm are left behind on the tail and don't even enter the fertilised ovum. This is particularly tragic news on so many counts for the general health of both sexes as our mitochondria are not only particularly susceptible to toxins, but they also play a huge role in shielding us from all manner of diseases and keeping potentially cancerous cells at bay.

So too, this toxic damage to mitochondria is a disaster waiting to happen from the point of view of breaking down nutrients and generating energy-rich molecules for our cells: also, for cellular respiration, these biochemical reactions take place in the mitochondria.

Functions of Mitochondria

The essential function of mitochondria is to produce energy through oxidative phosphorylation. It is also involved in the following processes:

  • Regulates the metabolic activity of the cell

  • Promotes the growth of new cells and cell multiplication

  • Helps in detoxifying ammonia in the liver cells

  • Plays a vital role in apoptosis or programmed cell death

  • Responsible for building certain parts of the blood and various hormones like testosterone and oestrogen

  • Helps in maintaining an adequate concentration of calcium ions within the compartments of the cell

  • It is also involved in various cellular activities like cellular differentiation, cell signalling, cell senescence, controlling the cell cycle and also in cell growth.

Abnormalities in mitochondria can lead to mood disorders, neurodegeneration, cardiac problems, and cancer, to name a few.

Disorders Associated With Mitochondria

Any irregularity in mitochondria function can directly affect human health, but it is often difficult to identify because symptoms differ from person to person. Disorders of the mitochondria can be severe; in some cases, it can even cause an organ to fail.

The risk of death from the much less lethal wild coronavirus variants is now close to a big fat statistical zero, and the truth is slowly filtering out. We have been sold a lethal toxic crock that is exponentially more dangerous than the wild virus, even when based on the massively underreported adverse reactions. If the true numbers of reactions could be captured, then the risk from the toxic gene therapies climbs multiples again compared to the minuscule risk from a virus that is about as challenging as the common cold.

The fact is that there has never been a vaccine developed for an RNA type respiratory virus in mammals that has an efficacy of more than 20%; most are even less. Find an honest Vet and ask him. Vets love selling these rubbish products for turnover, but they know full well that they are next door to useless. RNA type viruses are so hugely mutagenic that these vaccines always end up chasing their tail, and it is preposterous to suggest they could be used as a tool to help reach any measure of herd immunity.

Any leaky vaccine has precisely the opposite effect: they end up being detrimental to herd immunity because they beg the virus to become more innovative and to mutate to evade these shockingly weak products. Ask Geert Vanden Bossche and Luc Montagnier: they predicted well before the rollout even began that these products would be far more dangerous than the wild virus ever was and that the long health term risks were completely outrageous.

These iconic scientists also warned about the carnage that would result from Antibody-Dependent Enhancement [ADE]. The real damage from this effect will arrive with a vengeance once the boosters really start to kick in.

'Our' MO'H' will continue to endeavour to pass these deaths off as covid deaths. The truth will come out eventually, though, that almost all deaths they try to label as 'from' or 'with' Covid will be caused by either the cumulative poisonous s-proteins in the jabs, the destructive derangement of the patient's immune system, or a debilitating combination of these two effects.

Del Bigtree [3-minute mark] did a great job of illustrating how this derangement of our immune systems leaves the jabbed as easy prey to the wild virus when they do happen to encounter it:

Furthermore, these jabs are also highly dangerous because they are an injected pathogen that quickly travels to multiple parts of the body. In nature, pathogens never present in this way. They always invade in a very localised fashion. Humans immune systems were never designed to deal with an assault that could spread to multiple sites practically simultaneously.

This effect can become even more critical because inoculators routinely don't even bother to aspirate the syringe. Unfortunately, this means that a few hapless victims will take a load of toxin directly into the bloodstream. Failing to aspirate could explain why some people die within a short time after receiving the jab.

I cannot stress the risk from this toxic mRNA lunacy enough, especially now that our country is so utterly idiotic as to be jabbing children whilst our insane academia is busy cheering for this insane carnage to continue.

The immediate looming disasters that await humanity regarding these toxic effects, in general, are bad enough. However, the added likely future and intergenerational damage from poisoned ovum and mitochondria are a monumental risk that, as a farmer, I would never in my wildest dreams even consider subjecting on livestock.

The fact that our Govt and institutions go along with this psychopathic debacle can only be explained by one simple, tragic hypothesis: they are invested in Mr Global's program of corporate-funded genocide and treason.

Colin Maxwell

Here's his farm, now sold but worth looking at to get an idea of the history and current operation:



NZ risks being locked into this mRNA technology if we are not careful. Where is the debate? What are the ethical issues? What about the sanctity of the human body? Is it ethical to fiddle with a person's DNA: the DNA of the unborn? DNA is your "Godscript".

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56 comentários

Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
04 de abr. de 2022

What excellent points you make, Phillip and Jim.

The problem as I see it is that we now witness a multi-faceted 'legacy' from the NZ clot-shot rollout. This makes it a very complex task to unravel what is going on and to determine exactly what is causing these deaths.

IOW are mortalities and morbidities from, with, or 'fwith' Covid or are they not related to Covid at all, but instead from the clot-shot rollout basically wrecking the natural immune systems of these unfortunate recipients. Clearly, authorities blatantly choose any scenario they like to hide the real cause as they spin data in order to suit their maximum continued clot-shot agendas.

International data increasingly points to the fact that immune system…

04 de abr. de 2022
Respondendo a

Yep, Absolutely!! 😃👍


Philip Hayward
03 de abr. de 2022

"...RNA type viruses are so hugely mutagenic that these vaccines always end up chasing their tail, and it is preposterous to suggest they could be used as a tool to help reach any measure of herd immunity.

Any leaky vaccine has precisely the opposite effect: they end up being detrimental to herd immunity because they beg the virus to become more innovative and to mutate to evade these shockingly weak products. Ask Geert Vanden Bossche..."

I just finished listening to a long podcast with Geert VanDenBossche that has horrific implications if he is correct.

I have been aware of his name as someone who is vilified by the establishment as a “fringe” speculative-theory veterinary virology specialist.

But tonight I “got”…

Philip Hayward
04 de abr. de 2022
Respondendo a

Actually it is not about ability to physically distance, it always was a "mistake" by the establishment to ignore and shut down information that spread was actually by buildup of aerosolized virus in indoors air. So the solution always was ventilation, not distancing, sanitizing, contact tracing etc.

NZ has the following advantages against aerosol buildup indoors.

Mild temperature range meaning we use a lot more fresh air indoors than places where the outdoors air is uncomfortably hot or cold. We also simply spend more time outdoors and do more of our socializing and activities outdoors and semi al fresco.

Prevalence of breezy weather and windy weather which creates "accidental" ventilation; along with this is that our traditional houses manage to…


13 de mar. de 2022

Colin, have you or Guy or Gary heard any more about the govt passing the COVID 19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 on April 1st?...which basically guarantees zero rights for unvaccinated or not-up-to-date-vaccinated people...and gives the govt the right to lock us down with mandates at any time, in perpetuity!... DTNZ tried to find the contents of the Bill on govt website, but of course the trail went nowhere :/


Gary Moller
Gary Moller
10 de mar. de 2022

Colin, I was talking to one of my sisters about this "bullying" thing: It was once called "debating". I wonder if this is still taught and practiced in schools? It should be.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
11 de mar. de 2022
Respondendo a

Polite but robust debate is now regarded as bullying. Debating an issue includes being able to put yourself into the opposing side's shoes.


Paul Scott
Paul Scott
10 de mar. de 2022

So keep your passport clean of any marks folks, As Harry Vox says, our sperm is going to be worth a million dollars each shot.

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